Howard The Duck to be re-issued in theaters next year!

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I've heard that George Lucas is planning on re-issuing his famous flop " Howard The Duck" into theaters next year in a special edition featuring a CGI altered Howard, a new voice such as Robin Williams or Gilbert Godfried or Rodney Dangerfield, never-before-seen footage, enhanched special effects and remastered soundtrack, it's coming fall 2005.

I do love the movie, it's one of my all time faves since i was a child.

sounds like an awful lot of time,money and work for such an awful movie

Primitive Screwhead #1
Well, if someone actually took the time to release a special edition of Showgirls like they did... I guess this shouldn't be too shocking. Still, it is a waste of time if they do.

i;m not saying it's shocking just depressing

I love this movie, it's campy good fun.

Mr Zero
I bet this is a "George cant leave anything alone" style joke - but how great would that be if it was true - one of the best comic book adaptations ever and a kickass fun movie with a great Villain, some good jokes and that chick that played Beverly laying around in her panties.

It's going to be a box office smash, and it's pretty much guarentead to sweep up the oscars.

Thats cool. I really like this movie although I don't think they need to change Howard's voice though I thought it was fine the way it was.

Jedi Priestess
blink surely this is a rumour

I guess this will be "the version of Howard the Duck he always invisioned"?

Can't wait for the "American Graffiti" redux!

"This is Howard The Duck The Way The world was MENT TO SEE IT!!!!!"

I dont think the world was meant to witness howard the duck period. why not waste time and money in re-releasing good movies. You know, movies that not just a small cult following find entertaining.

How about re-releasing Army Of Darkness. evil face

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