AICN Episode III Video Post

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I found the following article on this afternoon ... was anyone able to catch the video while it was up ?? If so, can someone host it and repost. Must of been something legit for them to pull it so fast .. right ?? huh

EP3: Clip from the Movie?
Tue, Aug 17, 04 11:05:16 AM EDT

AICN posted a sweet video clip saying it was from Episode III, then retracting it saying that it was from a video game. They've updated the story again, now suggesting it is not from a game or ROTS but something else to be announced this week. Our guess it is from the Episode III preview on the Star Wars Bonus Disc coming to DVD next month, though the fact that it is still online makes us wonder if it is legit at all, considering Lucas' now familiar heavy hand.
The clip shows Clonetroopers landing on a forest planet in gunships and shooting lasers at unknown enemies. It is about the quality of an animatic and must be seen no matter what it is for. Nice!

Sith Master X
Hmm maybe, I dunno, but I don't trust anything coming from AICN unfortunately. sad After all, it was them who said that Episode 3 was going to be called "The Creeping Fear." lol

But still that was interesting. Someone with that video please?

Jedi Priestess
This has been revealed to be a vid shot from a video game. And I saw it yesterday downloaded it and then deleted it because it was indeed crap.

Si, senorita.

I saw it, and it is pretty crude and crappy.


Jodo kast
it is not from ep 3 .The clones are the versions from ep 2.

ok. 2 things for sure:

1. it isnt any game footage
2. It isnt final scenes of ROTS

it could be some animatics tho. they took the old troopers, cause maybe the design of the new ones werent decided yet. remember, animatics are done even before shooting starts.

Jedi Priestess
hmmmmm, Ive read several places that it was going to be game footage....odd

Darth Malik
It is game footage it's from Star Wars Battlefront games coming out in the UK the same day as the OT DVD box set, The scene is from the opening credits displaying all of the units on different planets the planet on the clip is Kashyyyk, trust me i've been lucky enough to play some of it, oh and by the way it's great

heh, there isnt any gma engine out there that can render such a quality in real time. As Darth Malik said, it coulb be an intro video. they are prerendered.

That would be what she meant, Nomen.

Seriously- don't trust AICN.

I think it is just an animatic. If you watch the Ep. 2 animatics, they are of a similar quality, just not quite as good.

I don't think it's an intro movie to a game, since it seems a bit empty and lifeless.

The only thing that I know for sure is that AICN is as bad as Supershadow.

I've seen it too and its star wars battle front, it tells you that when you download it smokin'

Well, I thought that at one point too, but go to the page that has the link, and look under it. It says something like footage from sw: battlefront. Then look below that, and you see another update that says it is not from sw: battlefront, and since the link to the download was made before they made that update, well, it doesn't count. The real point, however, is that none of what is on that site should be taken as a fact. In a little while we'll know what that footage is.

i don't. ;-)

well, its crap whatever it is.
that we are all agreed on.

if that was an actual movie clip i would have to stay home on may19
roll eyes (sarcastic)

well someone mentioned at the time it 'surfaced' that it was actually a peice of footage used by a smal firm trying to demonstrate their software at Sigraph his year. Now I'm trying to verify (or otherwise) his sotry as a good mate of mine works for a big firm that are there and if theres anything like this been shown he'll have seen it. But of course when you need him he's not
My thoughts are this on the footage itself. If this was a fan piece or a cut scene from a game I'd be pleased enough but there is no way i can see thiss being real for a very good reason. Forget teh clone troopers jumping out of the transport its actually the background that looks fake to much like soemthing filmed by a fan. There is no epic quality you see on lucas's recent work. Plus compare a clone footage piece from AOTC and you'll see teh 'colour' of the actual footage is all wrong.
thats my views for what they are worth.
Sorry for the terrible typos as well but I cut the end of my finger off yesterday and its bugggered up my typing...LOL


damn, sorry to hear that...i guess i will handle my battery with much caution from now on.


thanks PVS... yeah those batteries are killers smile beware the dark side! I think it must have been a sith laptop....LOL


I cut my finger on a plaster once, the ironey of it!!!!, still pretty sure its battlefront, its way too similar to what ive seen of the game, cant wait for that, ARC's oh yes smokin'

either way it's garbage, and not worth worrying too much about.....i found it hilariously amusing, but it's not some exiciting tidbit from ep's way to big for me to post it on my connection in any case....and not worth the effort....

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