Adam Levine

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Does n e one like Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5?I think hes sooo HOT!! Hes got a sexy voice too!!!! eek! does n e one adree?

hot chocolate
Yes, He's pure hotness! love His voice Is hypnotizing! He's so goregous! <3<3<3<3

hes ok lookin.

OK lookin'?? Thats one HAWTT guy right there!!! and sweet too!! Perrrfect!

w8 here we go

lil bitchiness
I like him waaaay better with hair. yes

he looks younger with hair but either way hes hot haha

lil bitchiness
Yeah, hes a hottie. He sings good too, what a bonus huh? happy

hehehe i luv his voice
has a mystery innit

His voice makes me melt like a popsical on the 4th of july!!

Princess Re
eh.....he's ugly

no he aint

hot chocolate

UGLY!!!!??? Whaaaaaaaaa? He's so fit! How could you think not? Happy Dance

ewww messed


i think he's hott..

finally someones making sense big grin

Hey i hust signed up to this form it is so good to find people that actully love Adam Levine.
I think Adam is soooo... HOT he has a sexy smile and his voice is amazing. I also love maroon 5 they are so cool i just love thier music, one day i would love to meet them.
bye for now
p.s did i mention that Adam is so sexy i'd love to makeout with him love rock big grin

he is cute... but have you seen the size of his noggen

he has a huge head on his shoulders

Adam Levine is sooooo fit!! droolio

I think he's ok but he looks better with hair rather then the shaved head look.


hes hot, never seen him with longer hair before but he looks better with hair...

I agreee adam is sooooooo sexy hot cute. reading reading reading

omg this is so kool! you guys love adam too! im obsessed.. i want to meet him soo bad... but isnt one of yous in love with someone else?? ^o)

adam is what keeps me rolling on floor laughing

hes nothin special and his voice is really annoying..nothin special about his voice either..sorry but I just dont like him

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