Alternate Endings/Beginnings, Prolouges, Epoilouges, and More

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Neo Baggins
Write your alternate ending to any movie but specify what movie the alternate ending is to in the subject or can even write prolouges, epoilouges, or alternate beginings.

Alternate beginning to "The Animal";

ROB SCHNEIDER: Okay everyone, welcome to the first day of shooting! A lot of people are saying that my "Deuce Bigalow" movie was the most insipid and lame project I've been attached to yet, but we hope to prove them wrong with this new film, "The Animal". If all goes well, we'll follow it up every couple of years with a newer, more nonsensical unfunny fart movie.

CREW: Yayyy!

GAFFER ("accidently" drops light from its stand): Lookout, Rob!

ROB SCHNEIDER: Aiieeeee! (crunch)

MOVIE FANS 13-17: Nooo!


my alternate ending for the first HARRY POTTER:

Harry:where am i?
Satan:you're in HELL!!!!!
Harry:are you SURE I'm in the right place?
Satan*looks at list*you ARE George Bush right?
Satan:then who are you?!
HArry:I'm harry potter.
Satan:*looks at list*oh you're in the wrong place.*snaps*
HArry:am I in the right place?
God:I don't know ARE you?
Harry:*rolls eyes*yes I am.
God:this place is too good for you!you disrespected me now you must pay!!!*lightning*
Satan:you disrespected him didn't you?


Mr Zero
Alternate beginning to the Terminator franchise.

Human Resistance fighter: "Well - the good news is that we have worked out how to identify the terminators using dogs, and that John Connor has agreed to be our leader"

Crowd: "Yay!!"

HRF: "But the bad news is that we live in a bunker and time travel is friggin impossible - so we are ****ed."

Crowd: " Aw... )-: "

The End.

To moulin rouge

Satine:I'm dying

Christian: Tru loves Kiss will save you.

Kisses her, SAtine starts to glow, becomes normal again, They both stand up.

Satine: All you need is Love!

They Kiss, the end!


Mr Zero
WTF? Your alternate ending to Moulin Rouge is that Satine becomes radioactive?

laughing out loud

That would have been awesome! Then Satine mutates into a 100-foot tall Amazon with five arms, and she goes on a rampage through Paris!


thats right!

Its all about radioactive huge women!

Yeah, after all, you do like Jessica Simpson.

OOOO SNAP! All that plastic surgeory is bound to f*** you up when you get older.

Could you imagine if Moulin Rouge ended HAPPILY?! Ok, most jessica simpson lovers will just take their favorite movie and make everything happy in the end. Let's see how this would work out:


Jack: don't let go..
Rose: I'll never let go Jack.. I'll never let go
*Jack sinks to the bottom of the ocean, Rose cries*
*Jack comes back up*
Rose: Uh.. Jack?
Jack: I was just kidding, I love you.
Rose: Um. Ok, but the ship is still sinking.
Jack: No, they were just kidding too!
Dead bodies and drowning passengers: We're ALL ok!
Rose: I love you Jack..
Jack: Love you too Rose, I also love that we're alive in water temperatures that can range down to as much as 50 below zero
Dead bodies and drowning passengers: *laugh*
Rose: oh, what a kidder!

.... sick

Stormy Day
Altertane beginning to "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen"....

movie opens
movie ends

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