First R-Rated Movie you ever saw in Theatres

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Neo Baggins
What was your first movie that you saw in theatres and how old were you?

Stormy Day
Harold and Kumar

Mr Zero
are you saying you are old enough for R rated baldy?

Neo Baggins

by the way, mine is The Matrix Reloaded

Neo Baggins
after that i saw more like

The Matrix Revolutions
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and sommore but i cant remember

Freddy's Dead, when I was 6 messed

i think mine was terminator 2 when i was like 7

scary movie

I have no idea... I know the first R rated film I've seen at home was Childs Play 3. I believe I was in 1st grade.

Under Siege big grin in the theater... around 7

a few Jason movies and freddy Caugar on tape at home earlier around 5 and IT

Major Knight
OMG Matrix reloaded was rated R. oh yea thats american rating system for yea. your guy's movie are always rated R. here its like pg 13 or 14

Neo Baggins
oh, really

i watched an 18 something urban legends at the cinema at 11'oclock at nite when i was 15 ...

In australia most of the movies u all are sayying arnt r rated blink especially not matrix reloaded

Jedi Priestess
MASH in 1970 when I was 9 and it was by little sis and I went into the wrong theatre.....WOW eek! what an eyeful we got! wink I think we left early because we were embarressed. messed


dawn of the dead was my first 18 movie i went to

Predator, eith my uncle when I was about 7, actually now that I think about it , I remeber seeing Cujo at the drive in as one of my earliest memories.

Major Knight
same thing with canada, are movie rating is alot easier. like even a blood bath movie like sleepy hollow is only pg 14 but in america its rated R.

When i was three ,my mom could not find a babysitter and she had to bring me too blue velvet ,i did not cry or scream i just sat there watching that classic movie............

Agent Elrond
The Patriot, I think. I saw it with my dad on my b-day. I think that's the first R movie for me

In my country if your not sixteen then you can't get into that movie, even with a parent because it's illegal. So I haven't been into any yet.

The first R-rated movie I ever saw was probably about 10 minutes after our cable TV was installed when I was about 8 years old.

I distinctly remember the first R-rated movie I saw in a theater. It was "Raw Deal", starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and my sister and brother-in-law took me to see it on my 16th birthday. I remember feeling nervous about it; that they might kick me out if they found out that I wasn't 17 yet, and that these two weren't my legal guardians.

The movie sucked, by the way.

The first R movie I saw in theathers was Robocop. The image of Murphy getting gun down will forever be stuck in my head! I was only 13!

Royal Knight
The first R rated film I have seen was Terminator 1

Major Knight
i dont even remember my first one, i remember watching tons of R rated movies when i was like 4 and no joke, i would always watch the vamp movie and any other horror films. thats y i dont like mutch horror films now.

El Toro
Mine was basic instincts. We snuck in after another movie..(i think it was free willy). but we missed all the sex. it was only years later until i saw da entire movie.

The Excorcist re-release

I was underage, so I bought tickets for Chicken Run and snuck into the different theatre big grin

I think my first was Eraser. My dad took me to see it when I was like 10.

I think Blade was the 1st R movie that I saw in theaters.

Lord Soth
In Theatres: Matrix Reloaded-16
Altogether: Halloween-7

LOL @ that. I guess you saw Free Willy twice!

Mine was a movie I am very proud to admit it was my first R-rated film in a theater: Hellraiser when I was 11 1/2. Saw it by myself and bought the ticket at the ticket booth and everything. 'Nuff said.

My first in theaters was I believe The Pashion of the Christ

Wow, what an extreme way to enter the world of R-rated films.
Not exactly Broadcast News, huh?

Braveheart, i was 8

Silence of the Lambs....

Good. God. What a bad...idea...

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