William Kemp

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BOPRecruit 16
In my opinion, this guy is one of the hottiest celebs other than Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and so forth:



Date of Birth: June 29, 1977 in Hertfordshire, England, UK

Actor - filmography
(2000s) (1990s)

Van Helsing (2004/II) (VG) .... Velkan/The Wolf Man
Van Helsing (2004) .... Velkan
Mindhunters (2004) .... Rafe Perry
Car Man: An Auto-Erotic Thriller, The (2001) (TV) .... Angelo
... aka Car Man, The (2001) (TV) (UK: short title)
Swan Lake (1996) (TV) (as William Kemp)

Himself - filmography

Van Helsing: Behind the Screams (2004) (V) .... Himself
Van Helsing: The Man and the Monsters (2004) (TV) .... Himself/Velkan

(played Prince Velkan Valerious/the Wolfman in Van Helsing)



Will Kemp - Imdb Stats - Filmography

Will Kemp.Org - News & Images

Will Kemp Japanese Fan Site - Images

vanhelsing_photo_gallery - Images

oh my gosh big grin
I thought he was cute in the movie but this is........ blink WOOOOOOOW

hes cuuute love

BOPRecruit 16

Yeah...*sigh*...so fine...love Amazing...he looks younger in this picture of him from the van helsing premiere. Just a simple hair cut made the difference. Shed off a few years. Longer hair made him look....wow...love

ooh my goooooooood I love that picbig grin thx!!smile
he has beautiful eyes, doesn't hesmile

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he's definitely breathtaking...*sigh* man is it hard to find good sites with pix of him...i'll try to post more soon! ^.^

ok thanks!!

BOPRecruit 16
http://willkemp.fc2web.com/img/mis/premire/170603thehulk_6_lfi.jpg http://willkemp.fc2web.com/img/mis/premire/190503theinlaws_5_lfi.jpg http://us.ent4.yimg.com/movies.yahoo.com/images/hv/photo/movie_pix/universal_pictures/van_helsing/will_kemp/nothugh.jpg http://www.willkemp.org/wk_comic_con_1x.jpg http://www.willkemp.org/wk_comic_con_2.jpg

(for the best source and variety of will kemp pictures, go to the last link listed in the first post of this thread!)

bad ritchie
I thought William Kempe was the guy who morris danced from London to Norwich in the sixteenth century after falling out with Shakespeare.

alright in BOPrecruits pictures the third one down look slike hugh jackman kinda

BOPRecruit 16
yeah, he kind of does! happy both are handsome cool

BOPRecruit 16
William Kemp in the GAP Commercials

http://www.willkemp.org/gap_vogue_1.jpg http://www.willkemp.org/gap_lucky_1204.jpg
http://www.willkemp.org/gap_2005_B.jpg http://www.willkemp.org/vanityfair2_gap_1205.jpg
(Image Source: WillKemp.Org - Photo Galleries - The GAP Campaigns - See More Photos!)

Note: William Kemp's next movie is "Brothers of the Head" (2005)

wow he's pretty hot droolio

he is! yes
i just realised... laughing

BOPRecruit 16
i just drool everytime i see those gap commercials! eek! love can't wait to learn more about the new movie he's in!

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