Interview with the Vampire: Carry On - Discussion Thread

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alright, ragingsilent! here's the discussion thread for our upcoming story. let's discuss the plot and everything we need to get the story moving along.

oookkkk..perhaps we can really describe the characters emotions? agreed?smile....for example, louis...i know aout cassandra....but, how sad he is n all.being lonely n that...

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i was thinking that this story could take place shortly after the place where louis ends the story that he's telling to malloy. you know, he leaves after telling armand that he rejects his offer to join him. since there isn't anything about him between that huge gap of time until the present day where he meets Lestat again and gets interviewed by Malloy.

yes note taken....

and since that is mentioned, i agreeyes

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'cause i always wondered what happened during that time. louis probably tells malloy what happened in the book, but not the movie. anyways, maybe we can have louis decide and return to new orleans, his old hometown. he hasn't been there in years, so there won't be any mortals there to honestly recognize him.

as for cassandra, she was born and raised in new orleans and the general louisiana area. before louis decides to come back of course.

yes..i understand what ur saying....and i think u have a good idea goinsmile....*salutes*big grin

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laughing so silly and corny to salute...esp. to a person no less like me! laughing

is there anything else that i need to bring you up to date about, like cassandra?

saddun bag me mon amisad...eek! cruel!

hmmmm jus a brief description of her wud prolly helpsmile.jus a short one..dont spend too long on it.

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cruel, yes. fun...HELL YEAH! eek! laughing rock

Name: Cassandra Black
Age: about 24-26
Race: Human or Meta-Human
Personality: intellect, bit sensitive, strong willed, compassionate/caring
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Black (w/ blue streaks?)
Clothes: elegant and casual dresses and ware of the time period
Occupation: (what should it be?)
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Powers: (have i told you about her powers yet?)
Played/Voiced By: Charlize Theron (or someone like that)

should i include a background, short history about her or explain later or as we go along with the story as we need it?


hmmmmm well, i think this is enough for nowsmile....when the time comes closer to writing the story, then that info wil come in usesmile

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hmmm...that should be my middle name now...devil laughing j/k

alright, now we shall discuss how we want to start the story and all. of course, we're going to have it take place sometime when louis is returning to new orleans. story from his perspective, not pov. you know what i mean?

eek! i think it should...

yes i sure do...

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where exactly should the story start? the voyage home from europe or when the ship docks at the coast of new orleans? basically, he'll be brooding about all that has happened to him in his vampire life and of course, mourning the loss of claudia. and if you like, you can have the honors of starting the first story bit when we get to it.

perhaps.....the ship docking at n.o?

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ship docks at coast near new orleans, louis boards off, heads towards his old hometown, the whole time brooding over claudia and his vampire life, and then finding out what changes new orleans has gone through since he left...btw, he won't meet cassie until a bit later, i guess. if you want.

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alright, i have given you the quickie on how the first bit is going to go down, so you can have the honor of starting the story off with a blast! since we aren't online at the same time anymore, just post stuff about our story here. leave a message and i'll respond to it. make the story planning and posting go quicker. savvy, jenni?

yep,smile completely understood, Chrisbig grin...

now, to start the storysmile...

The night air was crisp, fresh and soothing against my skin. I stepped off the boat, and stood on the docks, my eyes slowly drifting above. The clouds were dark, heavy and thick, swirling across the mystical sky. Through the dim of the clouds, I swear I could see the angelic face of my dear Claudia, her face burning with sorrow as her sapphire eyes cried softly to my heart. Slowly, I turned away, my heart deep with ache, my mind recalling the sweet of her voice. I urged my feet along, as my eyes surveyed the glittering moon above.

I thought of Lestat, the dark prince of the world, and at the remembrance of his fate, I almost showed mercy, yet the memory of him would forever haunt my dreams. I shook away his face, his eyes poisoning my soul. I slowly continued my steps, my eyes looking eagerly around to see the world I once knew, the old world of my human days. The truth of my old life was a bittersweet song. I so longed to see the sun, to know the brilliant shades of the glistening dawn.

- ok, so here's my first part, (sorry it's so small) messed.....if you want, you can change some things that you don't like smile...

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Good work, Jenni! thumb up didn't know that we were going to do the story from louis's pov. but that's okay. i'm cool with that happy

after we decide a title for this story, i'll take your story bit and make a new thread for it that will be the story thread. alright? cool

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here are some title suggestions from me:

love after dark
dark rose
black rose
blood (red) rose
my immortal
feeling strangely fine
scar tissue
fortune faded
under this skin
dare you to move
open your eyes
falling into grace
away from the sun
when the sun goes down
this road i'm on
maybe tomorrow

well...that's all i got for now...i'll try to come up with more if you dont' like those... also, some of these titles can have metaphoric meanings to the story and all.

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My persistant foot steps lead me towards the epicenter of a now bustling metropolis filled with blinding lights that shone like the sun from my distant memories of my mortal days. The once neglected and peaceful streets of New Orleans was now occupied by many life forms filled with joy and lust for the harmonious, yet pitchy tones, of the local town's musicians and for the buzz of the celebration that made their living soul's dance and sway about the obstacles of other party goers. I could never recall my quiet, old hometown being this full of life and yet, grind against my nerves like so when the waves of song bounced off the earthened toned walls to my delicate ears. Then again, it has been over three hundred years since I had last set foot upon this land of the free called America.

Author's Commentary (to Jenni)

Well, that's my story bit for now, too. Let me know what you think and also what could happen right after this bit. As for my idea of what could happen next, is that Louis walks further into town, exploring and feeding his inner curiosity to learn more. Also, since it's crowded, he would briefly meet Cassandra, if you please. Maybe, Louis would accidentally bump into her or see some rude drunk bump into her, causing her to drop her belongings of whatever she was carrying. So, then, he goes over and lends a helping hand. Cassandra grabs things up in a rush, thanks him, and then hurries off to wherever she may be going.

Remember, this first encounter is brief, so Louis won't fall for her right away, after all, Claudia had passed away recently. She's just some stranger he happens to see and help. Since Cassandra has a unique hair color, that would catch Louis' eyes. As a minor detail, he would take in her beauty and scent, but nothing beyond that. Building respect, trust, and a bond will come later. For now, this is just a brief encounter. So, what do you make of this, do you agree?

thanks boppyhappy.......messedwhoops.....sorry about can change it if you wantyes.......or, maybe we can have the story from different peoples point of viewssmile

yes understood..

*claps* very nice story bit boppythumb up.........and as for titles....i like 'love afer dark' smile

also, recently, i haven't had time to write my story bit, but, i am taking i your suggestions, and will get started on the story as soon as

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love after dark and crimson rose sound lovely to me for a title. can't wait to hear your next bit! happy

switching pov's...maybe...i don't know. i think we'll just stick to louis for now. is that okay? unless that conflicts with your story bit that you mentioned...

ooh! eek! lithium! i love that song by nirvana rock

yes....yep, so it's one of those options for a title.

big grin

no, no...that's coolsmile.....I just didn't know if you were happy with my louis p.o.v, so I came up with that suggestion as a compromise. nevermindhappy

big grinme tooyes

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i would love to call our story "crimson rose". more vampire sounding like and dark love like. am i right? it has a nice ring is what i'm saying. i know the other title does to, but i had it pegged for the van helsing fic that i was going to work on for a prequel to the movie and all... btw, how are you coming along on your story bit? remember, it's not that hard and doesn't take that much time and don't overexert/kill yourself, trying to come up and type up a story bit. you don't have to make it as long as mine was.

I very much agree with youyes it does suit as a title for our storysmile

well, I've started a little bit of my story, but i plan to finish it nowsmile
hopefully it will be done.


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sounds fine to me. alright, i would like to run an idea by you first. before i post the story thread, we'll post our story bits here for now until we like what we got going and all for a time or just post our story bits here, approve and agree on them then i'll post them in the story thread. how does that sound?

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RagingSilent: That's quite alright, Jenni! I knew right away that he wasn't being a snob and acting more like the immortal he is. / Anyways, I hope you enjoy what I wrote here, for I got quite detailed into this scene and just had fun with my bit!

I watched the young woman go, gracefully making her way around the lively people occupying the bustling tavern towards the entrance to a street filled with party goers. My gaze was trained upon the ebony locks that complimented the wild streaks of midnight blue framing her face, soon becoming bewildered by such a unique sight. It puzzled me as to how her hair came to be like that. I knew that people could use special dyes to tint sheets of cloth and the like...but hair as well? Seems a little absurd to me...

As my subconscious continued to ponder this mystery, I finally got my feet to have the sense to move once more. I made my way through the crowd until I approached the wooden counter and found a place to sit upon one of the tall legged chairs. The lamps dangling from the low ceiling casted fire light down upon the shiney counter and reflecting it about, illuminating the counter area. Taverns were never this decent up until a century ago, depending on the location. I remembered them used to having rough wooden surfaces that have faded to a depressing shade of a greyish brown from being exposed to too much sunlight, no ceramic tiles covering the floors, and lamp lights were of few in supply, making the taverns of old, dim and grim in appearance.

I sat here patiently, as the bar tender made his way down the line of drunken customers requesting for something more or stronger than what they had just drained, talking in a slurred tone, jumbling their words here and there. As the man did so, every so often, he would shake his head in shame, probably at the sight of seeing how drunk some of these people were getting to wash their pain away or trying to out do someone in a fool's compeitition. Mentally, I sympathized with his empathy.

A moment passed, and the bar tender finally came round to me and asked me what I would like in a fake cheery tone which I could tell was underlined with exhaustion from the days work and that he didn't care much what I ordered as long as it provided him income for the night. Since he seemed tired, I decided not to bother looking at the menu posted on the wooden collum dividing the shelves behind him of mild and strong alcohol based beverages. I requested a mildly strong whiskey that would somewhat burn as it went down my throat. Although I haven't needed any liquids to sustain me other than blood for nearly two hundred years, I thought it would be nice to have a small celebration upon my grand, low profiled return to my beloved hometown of New Orleans.

The bar tender soon came back with my order and placed it before me, without much ceremony, so I paid him quickly as possible, to get him out of my sight and vice versa. I took the glass in one hand and took a small sip, for I wasn't used to dining on anything alcoholic nor a whiskey since I was mortal and wasting away my family's fortune and reputation by betting it all away and spending my evening's with local prostitudes. The golden brown liquid hardly stung at all as it poured down my esphophogus. I hardly had to concern myself with the after effects of a drink such as this, for I can no longer get drunk off of this like I used to. Soon, I was able to drain the mug with ease and in peace, for no one would disturb me. No prosititudes to select upon a whim and no vampire would follow me out of the bar as I made my way home.

that sounds like a great ideasmile

I think we should definitely do thathappy

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damn it woman! you didn't say which one you liked! and to think, i waited for over a day to hear a response like that! >,< laughing

whoops...sorry...embarrasment....the second optionyes..that sounds best...


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glad we got that cleared up big grin also, check out the story thread that i posted earlier. hope you like and are happy with it. i'll answer your questions in your new story bit and come up with mine later tonight or tomorrow. sound cool with you, jenni? happy

right now, savage garden's "i knew i loved you" song is playing on the fm 101.3, my boom box right now. not a bad song. depending on how many times i've heard it in a certain day. i was about to reread all of our story bits to date, and thought the song added a nice touch, background music to the story. cheesy sounding i know. i'm just being strange. as always. anyways...i'll post more content and so forth soon!

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Author's Commentary

I understand completely and I loved that you made that point in the story and commentary. Also, enjoyed reading your story bit. If I had done that scene, probably won't sound half as good as yours does. The intensity and pains of lost love and pains of getting hurt again. I'm not good at doing romance type of stories, but I'm doing my best. Although I love romance/drama fics/stories, it's hard to get the emotions, mentality, and love across just perfectly, smoothly. You know what I mean? By the way, your story bits are always perfectly fine, so I haven't any objections as of yet. So no need to worry your pretty little head off. lol

Although you mentioned some wonderful titles that could fit the story, I had my heart set with Crimson Rose. It makes so much, metaphorically. It's probably not necessary for me to explain the title for I know you would get it and all, besides we both write poems with tons of metaphors to spare! Since Crimson implies our story is a vampire story and Rose can symbolize love, I was thinking of making the rose seem symbolic. The rose bud is closed at first, symbolizing Louis and Cassandra's guardedness at attempting to love again. Then, the thorns could stand for their emotional defenses and stuff. Over time, as they get to know each other and fall in love, the flower will slowly blossom as their love does.

I was thinking that we could have roses in the story, in the sense that maybe Cassandra grows them in her garden and over the course of the story, the flower's condition will coordinate with their relationship. It will blossom when they are deeply in love and wilt to a degree when their relationship becomes rocky. A few weeks ago, when Mrs. Wong's Brit/Lit class, whom I T.A. for, was still reading Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, she explained the concepts in the story. How the whether can coordinate and foreshadow certain events in the story. I'm so glad that I remember that concept and for the fact that I'm taing for a brit/lit class. That class, I can do hw, chill and pick up tips for my stories and how to structure without actually have to take the class and do the assignments. When I had originally signed up for that t.a. class, I didn't realize the benefits at the time! What a glorious conceidence! How grand ^.^

As for your question about the remainder of the plot, I will unfold that to you, all in good time. Also, I need to provide you with more information about Cassandra, like a bit of her background, social class, her powers and how that effects her life, plus what she wears because of her powers. Earlier, when I had read your story bit where you introduced her, I forgot to reiterate to you that she is dressed from head to toe so that her skin is covered. Alot like Rogue from the X-Men movies, she needs to cover up so that she won't harm anyone. Cassie's powers are very similar to Rogue's, which her's was based from, but a different in some ways. For I didn't want to make her powers too similar to Marie's/Rogue's. Although she has deadly skin and could hurt people if they touch her bare skin, it won't hurt the undead. Like vampires for example, Louis would later learn this. *wink wink lol* Like Rogue, unable to have human contact hurts her emotionally and causes her to distant herself from others and careful who she falls for and for others around her, their safety. You with me so far, getting this all down? lol

I haven't completely worked out all of events in the story and mystery that surround her powers to coordinate with that time period and all. As in, I haven't gotten to the total significance of what her powers bring other than she founds out that she can find love with a vampire like Louis. Being able to touch him, would bring her such warmth to her heart and bring her closer to Louis. Since both of them are in such pains in their life, they are able to coop by supporting each other and providing comfort when they need it.

For the most part, the story will start out with Louis pining over lost loved ones and Cassandra pining over loss of touch and unable to get close to people. She's depressed at times, although she has a pretty cheerful, wonderful, strong spirit. But, even she has her breaking point. Louis happens to meet her again one night and provide comfort. So, their bond would start out like that. Louis comforting her and become friends, companions by night. In time, shortly, she would be able to return that compassion and support him. Aide him to heal a broken spirit and heart.

Also, they would learn more about her powers and somehow find a way for her to control it somewhat, I guess. Their relationship continues to deepen to the point that Louis falls for her, not quite true love yet, but very close. At one point, he touches her and she's elated that dream granted. So, like I said, the relationship is official from there. Becomes passionate. But their path in life and love is not all a smooth road, there will be some bumps to overcome, obstacles. Although, I'm not all sure what those obstacles are going to be yet. Sorry. Their relationship goes through some rough times towards the end. I already have ideas for how the story can end, but I don't want to spoil you just yet with it! Save that good ending for later. Let me know if you have any further questions on what I have just explained to you! ^.^

Note: I titled this post "Author's Commentary", so that you won't confuse this post with a story bit post!


yes sounds cool indeedbig grin

no,, i think the idea of a song to match our story is a great ideayes....*claps* for you Boppybig just depends on what, because,some songs can be corny..hehbig grin but others can suit quite wellsmile.....we'll just have to come up with a suitable songsmile

really?..happy....thanks a bunch for that Boppysmile.......embarrasmentembarrasment...that's nice of you to say.....

Boppy, you're a great writer, no matter what genre its about!

lol....*won't worry head off*...

hey, thas coolsmile.....and now that you explain your reasons behind the title "crimson rose" i completely agree with that as our choice for a fits so well.....especially because you explain, in full, the representation of their relationship as a rose, and the 'crimson' bit, referring to vampires....

the 'weather' idea is fantastic! the weather will match the moods of the characters....tiz a schweet schweet i will have to keep in mind for my next story bit, i'll also have to keep in mind the rose bit too..excellent ideas!!...

I'm so glad you explained that to me! more I won't have any trouble writing my bits.....i understand cassandras background now, and the reason behind her unique hair and as such....

thanks for your help Boppy!...much appreciated....

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no no no! eek! ack! don't take me seriously on that one! gah! imagine if that were our theme song! laughing idea though. try to think of one. just as a fundamental thing to think about. but not add to the story. i'll try to think of some themes, for fun. savvy?

*sorry that i had to delete some of your smilies. darn kmc policies limit amount of smilies in post.*

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as for certain parts/events in the plot that i'm unsure on, you can always help by filling in those unknown. help me brainstorm there. to add some filler into the unknown areas. want to make good, deep, will developed and rounded characters and story! glad to be of help too, jenni happy

sorry that i haven't done by new story bit yet. when i did that long commentary for you, didn't have much time to stay online after that. also, i won't be here sometime friday and won't be back until sunday or something. a trip to palo alto. girl scout business. i'll try to come up with my story bit soon, when i can. if not, i'll let you do one instead of me.

btw, is it okay if i'm in charge of posting the new story bits in the story thread? cause, i have a system and format that i like to go by when i post stories and all. yah dig?

yes...we just need a song with the right lyrics....theres heaps of, we'll find one...

no, no...that's oksmile

yes i can definitely do that...

when i write my next part, i'll start thinking of ideas for the story....


no, it's ok, i are busy with school work and as such....

yes that's cool.......and i think i would probably screw it it is best that you do itsmile


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I would prefer for the both of us to focus on Louis' POV, because for some reason it can sound better that way and I'm uneasy with the idea of switching the pov's around. Anyways, I do like your idea of Louis having a companion, but I don't really want him to appear all that weak. Yes, it would be more interesting if he had some relation to Cassandra. For example, he could be her older brother that's always around to support her emotionally when he's not working or a neighbor or something like that. Maybe, he can be a vampire or some meta-human like Cassandra, but different powers. I'm not quite sure yet. What do you think?

yes understood and accepted....

cool....and thankusmile..yes...good idea u give....
powers?...hmmm......that could worksmile....only, i reckon they should be less lethal than cassies....older bro sounds goodyes.....

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Yeah, the older brother is concerned for, considering her powers and how she's slowly becoming depressed because of them. He's gone for most of the day and/or night, and would like someone to be around for her when he's not. Stuff like that. He wants his sister to be happy and Louis just might be the answer, he finds out later and all. *Wink wink* laughing Anyways, do you have any input into the brother's statis before I create them?

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Cassandra's Older Brother

Name: Dorian Black
Age: 27-29
Occupation: (Works in City Hall of New Orleans - maybe...)
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Personality: hard working, supportive, leader (I guess...)
Eyes: Silver with fleaks of blue
Hair: shoulder length black hair, unruly bangs in face
Clothes: french suits for sp. occassions, casuals for home
Relations: Cassandra and their rest of their family back on their prop.
Powers: telekinetic (like X2's Jean Grey)
Power Tools: (none for now)
Quick Background: (unknown for now, just remember what i told you)

I like the description......
so, how bout my idea on how he will meet louis?.....
how does it sound?

BOPRecruit 16
As for how Dorian will meet Louis...over all, your idea sounds good. Is it okay if I finely tune it like...Dorian is getting off a hard day's work and goes to chill at the bar? He relaxes and worries about his sister at home. That sort of thing. He'll strike conversation with Louis, like you said, but he'll also voice his worries about her. Catching the vampire's interest. Since Louis' has sharp senses, we can probably have him able to tell that the two siblings look alike in some way, as in the eyes and hair a tad. Maybe, even smell similar, very minor detail. You know what I mean? Not purfume way...

laughing out loud...understood......

*smacks head*...i is ur turn to writemessed.....i was gettin confused and thinkin i was gun write the next bitmessed..anywho, u can carry on with ur bit as soon as u want tosmile...

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First, I've got to think of something to write next for I have no freakin' clue right now and I don't want Louis to meet Dorian this soon in the game. Two, I need to get going soon, bed time and all. Sorry about that. I just had enough time to talk to you, catch up, and talk the plot. I'll try to work on my story bit later today and all. That cool with you?

ok, thas coolsmile...

no, no...its oksmile...ive been caught up with it wil give me more time to finish my work....

tiz cool with mehappy...

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I would've been online sooner and able to work on my new story bit if my computer hadn't been screwed over royally from this retarded music site with music codes. miffed:

lol..s'ok..i can relatemessed....stupid program caused my comp to be screwed for an hrmessed.....msn wasnt workingsad...

eek!..have u heard seethers song 'fine again'?..schweet song...*drools*

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taught me to never trust programs that ask you to download stuff in order to view their material! mad man, i couldn't believe how much they mess up your comp.! miffed:

might've...but the station doesn't always mention the artist and song title...hate it when they do that. recently, i finally found out the name and artist of this song i really liked but the station always failed to say who it was for the longest time. i love stone temple pilot's "plush". have you heard it before?

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The celebration of this particular night was still flourishing in all of its harmonious wonder, as to what was so special about this evening, I had not a clue nor cared. As I made my way past zealous partygoers and the harsh bright lights shining down from the building's decorations, brought me to the realization that my hometown has evolved greatly since I had left its great shores of prosper. There were holidays celebrated and alterations in sense of fashion amongst the locals, that seemed pecular to me. I did recognize the gold trimmings on decorative, refined, french imported suits that I had once worn to a dinner party with Lestat. No matter, I would absorb the change in culture all in due time.

Familair, ancient, architecture and stone streets past my line of vision until I could see the way out of this depressingly chippper place and into the darkness beyond. Walking along a well troden dirt path that lead me towards massive fields of tall wheat and crop that was the country side of New Orleans. I could smell the sweetness of blooming flowers in the nearby gardens and the blossoms of new born fruit, preparing themselves to be harvested for the coming spring. Oh, how I missed the smell and atmosphere that the plantations brought out in my lifeless soul. I could not quite place my finger on what was so mystical about this place, from an immortal's perspective like mine, except that I felt free and my worries were put to rest for the moment.

The further I went, the more determined my pace became into reaching my unknown desitnation a few miles beyond the swamp to the left. A prickling sensation of fear, sprang up in the forefront of mind, trying to tell me something about that all too familair bog. But, I ignored it for I did not want it too mar this joyous serenity of temporary peace. Leaving the vapers of mist and the echoeing calls from the creatures of the night behind me, I spotted a barren field coming into my view. For miles around that field, there were many narled trees, branches weighed down my clumps of moss, patches of flowers and unkept grass, covering the premisce that was once known as Pointe du Lac.

Author's Commentary

There's new story bit at long last, sorry for the wait, Jenni! I hope it sounds okay and meshes, flows with the rest of the story. In this section of the story, I wanted Louis to walk past the old apartment that he used to share with Lestat and Claudia, but I forgot to add that in. But, I guess that's okay, he'll remember or see it later in the story. Minor detail though, doesn't need to be mentioned, really. Anyways, I wanted Louis to walk his way out of the busy city and into the country side, leading him to his old home of his mortal years, Pointe du Lac. I left off where I did, so that you can put your input on the place to for your story bit. Describe the place, have many memories wash over Louis as he examines the place, walking aimlessly about the old property and all. As to what happens next, I'm not quite sure. What I mean is that how and what do we want to happen between the time of this event and then transititioning it to the event where he finds a place to stay and sleep. Then, the next night or so, a bit of time passing, he gets to explore more of his hometown and later meeting the Black family, first Dorian and then Cassandra herself. How's that? Are we cool on that, Jenni?

lol...relax my friend..*pats your shoulder*...

I know!! same happens here.....reeeeeeeeeally annoying....especially if u want the song....

no nup..havent heard that one...

reply to authors commentary:....

nah,'s ok Boppysmile....I understand that you've had alot of work...

thanks for the'll get started on my bit as soon as I can....
I'm not too sure what to type is too early for him to meet Dorian?....maybe I'll write something else....

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i'm so glad that you haven't already started on and posted your story bit for i wasn't completely satisfied with how my new story bit came out. it doesn't seem to mesh all that well and there were certain things i left out.

also, a major thing or two that we left out and i can't believe i didn't realize this until a few days ago, we forgot to mention that louis might have luggage once he got off the ship from his travels and also the whereabouts of his coffin! >,< since we left that detail out by accident, how should we have louis stumble upon a place to stay in the morning and all? i do have a few ideas for where. we could just have him rent a nice apartment somewhere in new orleans. if he can't get a coffin, let's just say the room includes a four poster bed with heavy, velvet curtains. that way, it won't allow any sunlight in and he can always keep them drawn together. plus, have no one disturb him in his apartment. hmm...what do you think? don't just agree right away for i would like to hear your input. get some options on this dilemma of ours!

no expression uhhhh Boppy.....another problemmessed....arrrr sh!t!......
I was banned from the computer for the past few days, but before I was, I had saved your next story bit, and printed it out.....and I've written my next bitmessed.....

[email protected] this is a b!, you could write about the luggage ideas?.....just, I've already written about 3 paragraphsmessed..if I had only written one, then I would delete it and start over....but 3messed..heh......

sorry...I completely forgot bout the luggage toomessed....its very strange how we could forget

um..I'll post my next story bit now, and, if worst comes to worst, then I can always start over and write bout the luggage....


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i was just thinking now, maybe louis just left europe in a rush, as in to get away from the place that caused him so much misery.

ah already posted a new story bit....(i'll read it soon) there were a few story bits or points in the plot that i wanted to discuss with you before we moved onto a new bit or scratched out my recent one, previous one. well...i'll wait until you're online to tell you.

good thing we post our story bits here before making them final in the story thread! *phew*

oh, one more thing, after i read your new bit, i'll see if it meshs and makes me feel better for my crappy previous bit and work out the plot some more soon.

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although i wasn't all that proud of my previous bit, your's sounds splendid. i need not worry that i messed something royally up in the story and all. *phew* i guess mine and your's, keep those after all.

since i suggested in my previous post/comment that louis could've rushed in a hurry out of europe...maybe no luggage?

also, earlier, i was looking through quotes from interview and spotted one where louis gave the year he came back to new orleans. in 1988. the year my baby bro was born. cool. but we'll ingnore that for now.

in my early stages of planning this story, before i took you on to cowrite this, i had plans for louis not to mention cassandra at all in the interview. like he did it on purpose. maybe b/c she didn't want him to or he didn't feel the need for it. we can note that thing i just said or not. it's very minor though. well, what i'm trying to say is, that louis left that bit out of the interview with malloy. we could say that. and maybe somehow he's just explaining this all somehow. made good points in clarifiction. quite alright. as for the new ideas i mentioned that i was going to mention earlier....i was going to say them now but i'll wait.

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Oh, right! eek! Now I remember what I was going to tell you: theme song. Maybe some country songs. Like "The Chance" by Julie Roberts and/or "Let Me Let Go" by Faith Hill. Let me know if you would like links to those lyrics or have me post them here. Also, I would like to imagine Julie Roberts playing the lead female role of Cassandra Black. Is that okay, her or imagining someone for the role just for the heck and fun of it?

Julie Roberts

Image Source: Julie Roberts (Artist's Official Site)

*i know that there were a lot of pix to choose from to post of her, but i was very picky in the one i wanted to post. the one of her from her new single and music video, "the chance". i'll try to find more with a better angel and you can see her better*

*go to her official site, head to the music video section and watch "the chance", to get an idea of what she looks like and sounds like, voice. i know what her voice sounds like when she's not singing. she has a great voice. you should hear it. i need to buy her cd.*

yes that's a good idea.....and, maybe, he has someone who's already taken his belongings to a hotel room or something...eheh..just suggestion....


lol! thas truebig grin....good thing indeedy...

yes....thas cool...

splendid?embarrasment....thanks Boppy..... has seemed to work outhappyyes...

yes...that makes sense...cuz,. after all, this is our story, and altho tiz based on I.W.T.V....we can still alter it

BOPRecruit 16
hey jenni! how are you? cool

by the way, what do you think of having julie roberts playing cassandra black? also, i'm still debating on who to picture playing dorian, so many great choices too: will kemp, michael vartan... happy

alright, as since you are here, i'll run you by some ideas of mine that i mentioned to tell you earlier. as for louis' stuff, maybe he didn't bring anything back with him, just get the stuff he needs in new orleans or maybe the ship is still there for passengers who want to pick up their belongings before they leave on other business and all. how about that? also, what did you think about my suggestion as to where he stays in an apartment with a four poster bed, no coffin? let's talk about this topic first and then i'll run by the other ideas i had in mind.

um,heh..not too good....cureently sickmessed..

and you?smile....

eek!..shes pretty, and I could imagine her with black hairyes.....she would make a perfect cassieyes...damn confusion, everytime i read 'julie roberts', i think of juliA roberts.....eheh...

yes thas a good idea.....cuz, he wants to leave everything in his old life behind (including possessions) and start over again.....perhaps we can mention that, from his pov o course.,..

hmmmm that could be a good ideasmile,...a bed 'stead of a coffin....i like ithappy..and, if he does want to leave his old life behind, that would 'back that up' sorta speak......cuz he doesn't want to feel as though he is a vamp, the coffin would only bring up memories and such....

also, about the theme song...hmmmm just thinkin'*thinks* my opinion, I'm not too sure....maybe somethin slightly darker....not heavy metal or of....peaceful....but beautiful, and with good lyrics.....I'm not talkin 'sounds of the wild life' or sumthinbig grinlol.....just....not that i want this band....but Evanescencebig, just, that kinda song, with emotional lyrics, and good music in bakground.....sumthin like thatsmile..

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i was a bit sick last weekend, lack of sleep. hope you get better soon! happy thumb up i'm doing good myself, had a busy saturday, pretty much. snack shack at miller for the soccer team that raised money for cruise trip for girl scouts. and hours later, hung out at allie's, best friend house, talked halloween, hw, and stuff. fun fun fun. luke, my doggie can be so obnoxious when he wants too...laughing

i know, when i do google searches for about her, they site gets it confused with julia robers also. the names are too much alike, just that last letter in their first names...darn it! lol glad that you suppor my choice! ^.^ she has a beautiful, i recommend that you go to her site and watch or listen to "the chance". lovely song. the way it's sang and got a sad tone...*sniff* she's so pretty in it too!

yes, starting over is good...but i still worry over the stuff...hmm... sad

yup, the new bed symbolizes that he's making a new life for himself in the "modern" new orleans and changing a few of his ways, as a vampire. also, the bed will foreshadow his inner humanity and his close connection with mortals and cassandra in the near future of our story. also, the darkness of the curtains and within he sleeps, show depression and seperation from the world in certain ways and degrees. you know what i mean? sort of secluded from the world for now...

alright now, shall i have on to my next idea after you respond to this post?

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i was thinking dark, gothic, sad rock songs or stuff by that group, but i thought that country music made so much sense to be the theme for this story takes place in the south. lots of country comes from the south. make that connection and all mold with story. sad soft ballads like the chance by julie roberts. those sort of country songs. sorry, i'm really getttin' into country. it's uplifting and makes me feel better and cheery at times. thesedays at least.

thanks boppysmile....
lol.....sounds fun......i wish i could do as i pleased as you dosad.....i still get dragged around places.....crap that

*claps* very well supported idea boppy.....well done!,,...your reason behind the bed is incredibly deep.....good good....

yeah, that wud be gooood

RagingSilent, no...s'oksmile....i understand.....
some of the country lyrics can be good to listen toyes...


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yeah, my crew and i are going gothic this halloween! eek! it's going to be fabulous happy this tuesday, going shopping at target for shoes/boots and belts and then off to hot topic at valley fair for clothes and such. this will take place after school, get out early and all. normally, we'd go out and eat lunch to together, but we'll grab something at target as we shop. going to be so much fun and i can't wait to try the stuff on! eek! woot woot rock

why thank you jenni ^.^ wanted to have alot of imagery, foreshowing and symbolism in this story to make it turn out wonderful, sound very true to anne rice and all.

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i used to think it was stupid and corny...but not so much now. i thought it was so corny then, cause i have these crazy hicks in my class and all.... roll eyes (sarcastic) laughing and yeah...they love country, used to torture the lit class with it, and dance crazy to it...not pretty at all...*shiver* laughing lmao

normal ups and downs in life. yah dig? cool

big are u plannin' on wearing?smile....

big grinthas ok...yeah....i know what cha mean.....big grin

laughing out loud....i know what you mean....I haven't exactly had a liking to guess that's because I've kinda gone into rock past couple of years.....

laughingeheh.....wish i was there....

yes i understand....or should i say....digbig grin...

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i know eek! Happy Dance can't wait! i don't know exactly, have to see what's there. never been to a hot topic store before. but once i do, i'll let you know! too bad i won't be able to post pix of us in those when we do! sad

anyways, one of the things that i like about her books or at least vc1, is the imagery and deep emotions that really get to the readers and all.

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i was into rock during junior high. became a huge rock fan in high school and still am to this day, but with some country now this month. *ooh, "talk shows on mute" by incubus on the rock station! eek! *

some of the country artists i like: faith hill, martina mcbride, julie roberts, sara evans, etc. omg! have you ever heard "concrete angel" by martina mcbride and/or seen the music video? eek! it's so sad! made me cry everytime i saw it! sad


sadthat sux......ah well, descriptions are to be made theneek!...big grin....just as u saidbig grin....

*nods yes* (cant use too many smilies.eheh).....despite not having read the book, i still think anne rice must be an excellent author....the lines n IWTV were amazing.....very deep ad well thought out.....i kinda fell in love with some lines in the statements...

RagingSilent and ur radio mon amibig grin.....

no can't say i have.....

sad....awww..but emotional tiz goodhappy......shows you have a hearthappy

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i could try to draw us...but would just end up making fun of my buds! eek! laughing as usual! lol

i was going to just say all of her books in general, but couldn't say that since i've only seen the vc1 movie and read part of the first book. i agree with you on that totally, was trying to make that point...but it got lost on the way...duh to me! lol

BOPRecruit 16
i meant, pop during junior high! >,< not rock! laughing

yeah, i'm always got it on as i am online.

i cry when i watch one tree hill and dramatic tragedies or romances. i'm sensitive that way. would you like me to post the lyrics or provide a link to her site so that you can see the video?

lol.....big grin...heh...pooooor boppybig grin...*pats your head*...there there...


which reminds me....i should really hire that book out and read it....heh.

arrr i just got bitten by a mosquitomessed...crap i hate me right on the back of my neck.....sad

big grinnow that is confusion..... too...cept.....i listen to my cdsbig grin....i've collected alot over the years,..them being burnt songs and allbig grin....

eheh...movies can make everyone real emotional.....its happened to me im thinking to myself...'oh, god, dont start crying' my mum ALWAYS cries when she watches sad dont wanna do the same....big grin

*nods yes*...thanks..... that would help

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glory, bug bites can be a royal pain in the arse! mad

RagingSilent can say that again...big grin won't stop biting me now! I can't see where it is!

bah! stupid bug...

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Song: Concrete Angel
Artist: Martina McBride
Album: Greatest Hits (2001)
Written By: Stephanie Bentley, Rob Crossby
Lyrics - Source: Leo's Lyrics Database

She walks to school with the lunch
She packed
Nobody knows what she's
Holdin' back
Wearin' the same dress
She wore yesterday
She hides the bruises with linen
And lace

(oh oh)

The teacher wonders but she
Doesn't ask
It's hard to see the pain
Behind the mask
Bearing the burden
Of a secret storm
Sometimes she wishes she was
Never born

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where
She's loved
Concrete angel

Somebody cries in the middle
Of the night
The neighbors hear, but they turn
Out the lights
A fragile soul caught in the hands
Of fate
When morning comes
It'll be too late

Repeat Chorus

A statue stands in a shaded place
An angel girl with an upturned face
A name is written on a polished rock
A broken heart that the world forgot

Repeat Chorus


CMT.Com: Artist Main: Martina McBride - Go to the part of that page where it says "Music Videos" - Click on "More Videos" - On that page there should be a link to the full length version of "Concrete Angel" - If your too lazy to do that, here's the link:


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spray it with something later or put medicine on that bite!

ooo I really like the chorus and the last verse of concrete angelbig grin....

thanks a bunch for this boppysmile

sad....i hope i have some....

*searches for bug repellent*

crap mosquitos are evil face

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oh, no prob since it's for a good aussie friend of mine named jenni happy *hugs* hmm...some of it would make great for the story. topics and all. cassie's issues. yah know. enjoy the vid! hope it can be viewed from your comp.! eek!

BOPRecruit 16
at my house, i have this ointment that i use whenever i get a bugbite of any sort. makes it stop itchin. but still takes a while to go away...anyways...back to the story chat here....

big grin..*hugs back*....eheh...

big grini hope so comp is soooo

can i steal it from you?big grin....

eek! got completely off topic.....

so, what did you have planned for your next bit?

BOPRecruit 16
which program do you have so that you can view vidz on line? real, quick or windows media player?

BOPRecruit 16
no, and too bad! stick out tongue devil laughing

that's alright. just a tad here and there is fine.

did i already mention to you this one: we can have louis wander his old home for a bit, then go back to town to get a place to stay, sleeps, times pass - explored the town by night some, soon runs into dorian and eventually cassandra. we can brief some of this, as in we don't have to get into detail of what he explored in many paragraphs, just summarize style. you know? if i told you this one, i'll go on to the others.

btw, no exact idea for my new bit, just read that idea i put. and there are a few others...i think....

media player.....messed......its so crap..takes so long to load

BOPRecruit 16
i have a great comp., so i don't always have issues with windows media player. sux for you though! bwahahaha! evil face stick out tongue laughing

eek!.ok,, i think you did briefly tell me about this....
hmmmm......but, you seem to know what you're doingsmile...and what you're going to write next....

BOPRecruit 16
you can write that part if you want.

alright, so are we going to use the idea where he has no luggage or goes back to ship to get it? blink

which bit?....the meeting of dorian?...

hmmmm.....maybe no my opinion anyway, just as you said....he wants to start fresh, lifesmile

BOPRecruit 16
not yet, i meant where he leaves that spot where his home used to be and then walking into town and find a place to stay. take turns saying what he did over the past few days and then meeting dorian. we each get turns at that scene where he meets dorian. is that okay?

oh right. i guess. fine with me now.

yes, that workssmile....

yep, tiz okies.

cool coolthumb up

BOPRecruit 16
how and where shall louis meet dorian? in the bar like you mentioned or some place else like some event/party or runs into him at city hall were louis' catchin' up with politics/current events stuff?

um, well, since you designed Dorian, I think it would be cool if we could follow my idea and let him meet Louis in the bar....
dorain will start talkin to him.....louis wont respond much....but then dorain will make some mention of cassie...and BOOM...theres louis's attentionbig grin

BOPRecruit 16
it won't be in the name that captivates his attention, it will be more of in the way dorian describes his younger sister. some quality that louis remembers about her. what that quality is, i'm not quite sure. maybe her hair? blink also, louis won't find out that dorian is a mutant when they first meet. save that for later. for dorian doesn't use his powers in public, only at home is it safe.

oh, I know....taht would be
it would be like...

Dorian: so, have u seen that girl cassandra around here?
Louis:*eyes open wide*...tell me more!eek!...

lolbig grin...couldnt resist...but you know what i mean...

yes i think her hair is the best way to gosmile....after all, it was what caught louis's attention the

yes understood....

BOPRecruit 16
laughing tacky indeed. now we don't want that! eek!

louis will find out her name and what she's like, intriguing him ever more and maybe an early desire to meet this woman? to how cassandra and louis shall meet for the second time... blink i know what i would like to happen when louis and cassandra share their first kiss. very romantic and all. involves a party and dancing... anyways, yeah. any ideas as to how their second meeting should be?

big grin....

no...that would be

yes sounds good....perhaps, he could, well, not stalk her, but when he sees her, he becomes more and more interested in finding out bout her.....well, since you have the first kiss scene well planned, i will leave that bit for you...and, as for the second meeting....perhaps, after louis becomes friends with dorian, dorian will introduce louis to cassie, and louis is like 'i believe we've met before' that...but not so, or, maybe, they're out walking, (louis and dorian) and they happen to come across cassie, and so on....they talk.....and she remembers who louis

BOPRecruit 16
i like that line where he says "i believe we've met before", such a line that will make her blush and all...i guess big grin lol how about we go with your second idea, where dorian and louis are out for a walk and run into cassandra and so forth. then their third or fourth one can by, somewhere where cassandra is crying and he goes to comfort her. make connection and all, i guess. any objections to that, too soon or not?

lol....thanksbig grin.....yesheek!..i can imagine her

yes that sounds like the better idea.....yes....

and.yes would be schweet, cuz that's the comforting we all want to see happeningbig grin....

nup, no objections at allsmile.....cuz of their second meeting, i think that will bring them closer together, and they will chat and such.... .so for them to 'bond' or for cassie to be comforted by louis seems goodness for their 3rd of 4th meeting

BOPRecruit 16
shall i describe to you the romantic scene where louis and cassandra share their first kiss? i won't get too detailed, but i'll give you the highlights, jests.

yes it would be good to hear...however, i dont want to bother you, so, if you dont want to type it, it's coolsmile....

BOPRecruit 16
The First Kiss

Basically, there's some fancy ball going on at a mansion or nice plantation's mansion. Fine dining and ball room dancing. Louis and Cassandra spend a good part of the time talking as they dance. Whenever he gets close to her face as they dance, she tries to avoid her skin brushing against his. Maybe around this point, Louis doesn't know that she can't have skin contact. Or maybe he does, but has to hold back on certain urgues to touch and kiss her. They have a wonderful time at the ball, doing the waltz, dancing close, so utterly romantic. Maybe, if Louis does know she can't have skin contact, both of them are finding it extremely difficult not to express their supressed feelings for each other. A few hours later, when they go off to the side and somewhere private, they sit down to talk. Soon, it comes to the point where either Louis gives into temptation and leans forward and kisses her. Or, he could brush back a lock of her hair, Cassandra will be more caught off guard by his actions than by the sensation of touch and how her skin is not effecting him in a life threatening manner. Their eyes lock, he cups her face, and he kisses her. The kiss is soft, slow, where they aren't really rushing anything, just enjoying. Passionate, but not a deep kiss...yet (perhapes). A few seconds later or so, when they break apart, look at each other, than she realizes that he touched her and it brought no harm to him. Brings warmth to her heart, a single tear rolls down her cheek of joy. He whipes it away. Louis teases her a bit, she blushes and feels silly. Explains why she was crying and then they soon kiss again. It won't branch out into a make out session. Just gentle, soft, and emotionally passionate for a first. Now, how's that for a first kiss? ^.^

*claps* good good mon amihappy...very romanticnessnessbig grin....eheh..
but really.....very romantic and sweet.....I could not have imagined it any more perfectsmile.....i love stories with romantic moments like theseembarrasment...

Whoa...thats one big spoiler! messed

anyways, wat kind of story u guys making up?

It's a follow up of the movie (and book) of Interview With The Vampiresmile
GREAT moviebig grin...
It follows the story of Louis, it shows his feelings, and bits of his past.
It's called 'Crimson Rose,' (cleverly titled by Boppybig grin)
part of the story is posted in the multi author threadyes

BOPRecruit 16
i love reading and dreaming up romance stories, esp. fantasy type ones like your story! so thank you for the compliment! made my day after a semi crappie week happy *hugs*

BOPRecruit 16
hey nick! i made that note into a spoiler so that no one can read unless by choice. wanted to keep it hush hush somewhat.


oh, thanksbig grin...

big grinehehe.....weally?.......den its no problamoHappy Dance...

*hugs back*

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looks like you double posted, you could've edited the first one you know...unless your comp. was being a butt and all....laughing

yeah...mad....das de comp.....I try and type before de page is finished loading..big naturally, it has to be a lil shit n screw upmessed.

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i hate it when you try to post something and it won't! mad it gets stuck on the reply to post page and you keep pressing the post button and it ends up posting more than one of that post without your knowledge until you see it in the thread? i know you can edit it, but dammit! mad

anyways...back to story chat! cool

yes i evil face....*pats ur shoulder* eek!..calm down my friend...laughing out loud.....

yes..story chat....soooo.....have u started your bit yet?

BOPRecruit 16
dude, quit patting my shoulder! it's gettin' annoying, missy stick out tongue eek! laughing messed

sorry, been too busy this week for that. besides, i don't work on unless i'm online and at kmc here. then i go to work on making a new one. i'll try to this weekend or soon...sorry about the wait.

laughing out called me dude....then missy..

and i have to pat u on the shoulder! otherwise u wont calm down! and i just cant stand that crazynessstick out tonguebig grin..

no no..thas cooliessmile....

actually, i do that too....i onyl work on my bit wen im on de comp......ceot for dat time i was banned....boy that was a *****....

BOPRecruit 16
dude is my expression of "oh my god". stuff like that. than missy was missy. stupid! stick out tongue laughing

i dont' like it! it's annoying! stick out tongue messed

i'll try to work on my bit soon...was going to do it a few minutes ago...but later later. i think i'll make it short.

suuuuuure boppy......i believe eye....
*stops*... no expression

alright.....das cool...

BOPRecruit 16
i re read your previous bit. you know louis is brooding about his internal life? well, it's a good thing he became a vampire and lived this long or else he would not have met cassie! happy alright, i'll go back to page four where you had posted it and try to spend a bit of time adding my new bit. if it's short, sorry.

no, it's ok...

BOPRecruit 16
Recalling all of what has already come to pass, brought a sudden bitter taste to my palette that sliced a huge bitter knife through my reverie. The open mental wound of negativity brought forth my conscious, nagging me ever more, washing across my senses and cleansing me free of the pleasant, positive aura that brought forth the reminder of a familiar place. For now, the country side had lost it's sway upon me. The invisible shadows of the night come forth to claim my danmned soul once more. Drawing me further back into this oppression that I refer to as my eternal life. A sensation like this, makes my heart become increasing obsessed with my newly discovered addiction. An addiction to go on a journey that will allow some warmth and light back into my life. For now, I don't really care of how long this will take. I would like to at least make an attempt to redeem myself and not have to regret so much of my miserable immortality. To quit viewing this gift of neverevending life as a curse, but more as a blessing.

Author's Note: Shall I continue or would you like to add your new bit, a short one at that?

hmmm, well, you said so yourself that your bit would be short, so, i could keep going....just a short bit of my ownsmile_...

btw: nice story bit boppythumb up.....your describing words are excellenthappy.....

um,im just not too sure what to carry on with......meaning.....what shoudl happen next? briefly o course....louis buying clothes?....and extra things?...

BOPRecruit 16
well, i could go on for a bit longer, but you can continue on right now if you would like to. i can keep myself busy by exploring the hot topic site.

i know, thanks. i appreciate that. got some great writing done this week, woot woot rock laughing

if you do carry on, you can just have louis deciding to walk back to town cause he doesn't want to be around his old house anymore. he wanders through the streets with stores. gazing into windows maybe. looks for a place to stay and debates about it. stuff like that. finding a place to sleep for the night since morning is approaching. no mortal can see it coming so dark at that point in time in the morning, vampires like louis can sense it in the air, wheather, stuff like that. do you savvy on that?

oh yeah, one more thing. that bit about addiction to redemption, i kind added in a bit of an agent sands touch/tone to it. did you notice?

welly, right now i cantmessed.,ive got hw to do.....ive been workin on it while i was surfin kmc n such.....

so i got no timesad....

happy np...

yes thanks for the help....ill start as soon as i canhappy...

agent sands?blink....refresh my mind...whos that?messed

BOPRecruit 16
if you don't have the time right now, i could add on to my new bit and you can see it when you get back. make it easier for you to carry on for your new bit. so that way, you can focus on your hw and have more to work on and less explanation fro me. is that cool with you?

agent sands was johnny depp's character from "once upon a time in mexico" movie that was the last movie in the three part el mariachi movies made by robert rodriequiez who also makes the spy kids movies. anyways, i have been writing/typing up this saga of poems about that character called "forever in the dark". remember now?

oksmile...of u wanna add ur bit, then ok, thas cooliesbig grin,.tiz up to u.....

yes cool wit me...

ohhh...eheh..ive never seen that

BOPRecruit 16
As long as you're okay with it, I'll add on more to my new story bit, just so that I can ease your writer's pain when you carry on from mine. Anyways, that's okay. Have you been reading those poems?

alright, coolsmile....

poems?...which sorry?

BOPRecruit 16
as in my poems saga about agent sands called forever in the dark? my recent and eigth installment to it was called sympathetic hangover? to refresh your memory, go to my xanga site, left side module, click on "my website" under my profile pic, which leads you to my profile, scroll down until you find that collection of poems/story.

ohhhh lost.....

i did also post a poem in my short poems thread, u must of missed was about 3 posts above ur first post today...

BOPRecruit 16
Here's the link to my Agent Sands saga, Forever in the Dark (8 Chapters) by Sodapop Allerdyce

(By the way, I did see your new poem, I just didn't bother to read it. But, I will later.)

oh, ok....

BOPRecruit 16
Please read the saga and leave some nice reviews for one or most of them! happy Anyways, back to the story...or get back to it soon...

yeh alright....i see wen i get dun with this hw....

BOPRecruit 16
I'll try to add more to my bit, if I don't or say I'm not, then you can on right ahead and do your's, but please give me a heads up when you do. Just in case I change my mind about something or get a new idea for the story. Savvy?

BOPRecruit 16
No longer do I desire to remember such dark times and linger in a place that brings up the past. My soul is already burdened with enough regrets and griefs to last me a lifetime. In this current state of mind, I do not take well to additional pain and feel as though I could crumble under the pressure of it all. With a heavy heart, I turn my back upon this place of old, so that I can quit torturing myself so. These stubborn, yet determined, pair of feet begin to wind their way back down the way from which I had come, towards the still lively town. I breach the border of soft glowing lights and enter a section of the town that was known for its esquisite taste in fashion. Just beyond this lane, nearly consumed by darkness with the exception of a few decorative torch lights, lighting the way to their sources of refuge, were some lodgings that seemed welcoming to me. I cast my gaze skywards to catch a glimpse to discover which phase the evening was in, which I found to be slowly growing fainter. That sign showed to my sensitive eyes that the sun was soon to peak the horizon in a couple of hours, so I must find a place to stay or else I would burn to ashes. Ashes. Just when that horrid memory began to resurface of Claudia's demise, I diverted its access to the back burner's of my conscious and being to concentrate more on the matter at hand.

Author's Note: Alright, I have now added a new paragraph to my recent bit. You now have the right of way to carry on, Jenni!