Why yesterday sucked

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Yesterday, I had the power for my house for all of 3 hours...reason being, a small, very random powerful storm ripped my neighborhood apart...almost. I've got some pictures to share (disclaimer: most of the damage was done by a small downdraft, we think...we're not sure)

first one: I don't know where the feck the trunk of this tree is blink

here's another one, comparing the size of one of the trees to a house...the guy who lives there later tells me, "We planned on taking that tree down anyways laughing out loud

this tree's trunk just snapped...(tree swing! :eeksmile

your neighbourhood got owned stick out tongue

could this be possible....that jeremy finally made a pointless thread eek!

this has a point happy

Flying High
woah......trees everyware...

Jedi Priestess
spearbabe, looks like KS in the springtime....good thing it wasnt a tornado or it could have been your house! messed

Moo Cow
that happened to my old neiborhood once, but not quite as bad, it was actually kind of good because our neighbors used to stay up till 3 in the morning o their trampoline that was right next to my window, and when the storm hit, it blew away their trampoline, and made a big hole right in the middle of it eek!

Darth Revan
There was a windstorm here once. Some guy got killed by a falling tree... no expression

Flying High
there was an electric storm a couple of days ago here...

Sun Ce
i have been having storms every day, its because i got the tail to hurricane charlie tho sad, still i love thunder storms happy, the cracks of thunder is cool

Geez Jeremy, no wonder the power went out when I was at Adrian's. The cops sealed off vine street at the turn into my neighborhood. Thankfully I didn't lose any powersmile

Agent Elrond
man, I hate it when I lose power. It sucks. The damage I saw reminds me of a storm that hit my area two years ago. It was a nasty storm that knock down trees, up-rooted them, and ripped the trucks off. A very powerful storm

Silver Stardust
Heh, storms like that happen here around Chicago on a regular basis...doesn't really bother me anymore happy Then again, I'm used to tornados randomly popping up...

I'm pretty sure that losing power for over 15 hours and so much damage, that there's a point.... like he said, look at the damage, I don't think this is just any pointless thread roll eyes (sarcastic)

Heh... you ol' tornado vet stick out tongue

hot DAMN...

cry trees should never be killed cry

you have a purdyful nieghborhood though yes

mine has like 6 trees in it and it smells like weed and stale beer erm

oh wot a bugger

That is one big ass tree that reminds me of when this tree fell down by my grandpas shed i was walking past where usally you see a big opening i walked passed it then walked back and was like holy shit cause this big ass tress was covering everyinch of were we walked to go to the shed

storms are awesome

My dads friend has a house that has a creek in the backyeard and when it rains sometimes it floods out back. We had this huge storm and it rained all day. The creek over flowed and it was so bad it colpsed there pool. When it was all done the whole backyard had three feet of water. It wasnt just like a part of there backyard, it was the WHOLE backyard in 3 feet of water.

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