What Did You Do!!!!!!!!

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JOHNNY WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!!!!!!!! YOU CUT YOUR HAIR AND SHAVED NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sry Im really going spaztic over this I was im my room with my tv on all the sudden I hear up for best male actor for POTC Johnny Depp I run over to see...that!!! and he wasnt doing he normal mumble talk which I personally love and it just didnt seem like him then after the guy was done talking to him he just stood there and looked pissed off. Maybe hes mad that the hairdresser cut his hair wrong and thats why it looks like...that!!!! mad I think I may go cry now or still go spaztic Im not sure. And he doesnt even think he'll win!!!!! mad mad mad miffed crybaby

i think he cut it for the movie he is filming....

What one theres too many hes gonna be in. The girl thats 13 that wanted to meet him was so embarresed and Johnnys just like who are you and why are you here now we have like 2 seconds before the things starting. And if you look at the people in the adience (sp) they all look ticked off I dont know why, but its funny.

omg i was soooo jelous of her. johnny didnt seem too upset but i dont like that girl at all. johnny betta win thats all i gotta say, he also should be wearing eyeliner (but thats just me). he is so hott no matter what, i think he looks sooooo sexy right now (i didnt recognize him at first either, i was like that looks like johnny in the background and i was like omg it is!). omg they just said everyones favorite elf and i ran into the door frame trying to get to the tv and it turns out it wasnt Orlando bloom but it was will ferrel(sp?) has anyone seen orlando?

I thought he looked great -swoon.

Same, falls off of chair

the girl was Keisha Caslte Hughes from Whale Rider which is the best movie and he had mentioned before how much he loved the movie i quote
"I love your work" it's exactly what he said to her when they met... ya

well wat is he gunna say " i no u love me but you and that stupid whale movie suck"???? i mean pleez... that was the only thing he could say even if he hated the movie.... mayb he didnt even see it wat do we know....


i reckon johnny looked alrite, and he didnt have to say he hated keisha castle-hughes's movie, he just didnt have to say he liked, so i doubt he was lying-if that makes sense.lol. I like her, i think shes a veyr good actor, and i mean, how good is that-she got nominated 4 best actress or sumthing and she ONLY 13!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought it looked kinda aight actually.... well Johnny looks fine always! hehe stick out tongue love

WHALE RIDER WAS NOT A STUPID MOVIE FU.CK MOOK!!!! can't believe you said that why? why? WHY?!?!??!?!???!!?!??! besides she's an amazing actress, academy award at 13??? beat that pooper... although... she did call him Johnny Deep, retard hehehe

he did like the movie, a lot.

I thought he looked great, he could wear a trashbag for all I care and he'd still look sexy, I think the new look makes him look younger...its crybaby in 2004 laughing out loud

#1fan Sparrow
Where did you guys see johnny Depp every one is talking about it at school does his hair look ugly?

alright... he.... was.... at.... the....academy awards A.K.A. THE OSCARS ( wink ) he cut his hair, the stuff that grows out of your scalp, some people (human beings) feel that his hair is ugly (ugly meaning unattractive e.g. Pamela Anderson Lee)

here is a picture (photograph, still image of someone or something)

p.s. sorry about the bitchiness i'm in a really bad mood

Captian Rogue
I LOVE HIS HAIR CUT, in the newspaper yesterday, it said..."(though we're not sure about Johnny's 21 Jump Street haircut)" ...lol laughing out loud ...i actually like his hair cut...

i reckon he looks pretty hot though my mum thoght he looked sick lookin

looove the fringeeek!eek!:love

that is how jhonny looked like in the good old days....

Arrgh it doesnt matter what his hair is like. HE IS THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE. I dont care about da hair. He is hot no matter what. So Hmph yes

i like his hair cut!
it looked very cute..
that makes him much more sexy!!
i like johnny!!!
it doesn't matter what he is wearing, what his hair cut is.
he is soooooo good looking....
aaaaahbig grinbig grinbig grin

Yea my mom thought it was funny lookin.... i was like yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa. sure mom you think that now...and she was like well he could've gotten a better hair cut, it looks like his mom cut it. i was like his moms right there and she probably didn't. and then i looked at it and RAN to my room so i could look at him in peace. Sometimes i say that he looks funny but it's his hair. this is NOT one of those times.

P.S. Just to clear something up. when i say he looks funny but it's his hair. i mean sometimes his hair looks greecy or whatever but his face is ALWAYS sexy. If you say anything different i will hunt you down and destroy you!

Shaved hair,long hair,middleish hair-who cares? He's still talented and SOOOO sexy!
My personal fav is the pic below!

Kate xx

I like it but not especially... then again if you show me ANY pic of him i'll start droolin. like i could fill a swimming pool. like the ones in the Olympics the big ones. but i swim and i'm going to gross myself out cuz next time i get in a pool i'll think about drool and go throw up! (ew)

Why will ya throw up?

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