Good news /Bad news......

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This is my Good news / Bad news thread . big grin

Feel free to add your own wink

bad news : my mother is coming for a visit this coming weekend . she'll be here for 3 very loooooong days . schmoll

good news : she's not staying with me big grin

even better news : after thinking about moving back here to NC from NJ , she's decided against it clapwoo-hoo

Drinks are on me wineill need em this weekend and to celebrate her leaving on the 3rd day wink

I take you and your mother don't get along? laughing out loud

Good news: I'm going to go to Oregon to visit my step grandma

Bad news: When I come home there will be a butt load of homework waiting for me

Dr. Strangelove
Good news: college is great, and I got a IBM Windows XP lap top.

Bad news: math problems

if you only knew....

well, good luck

The good news: I'm having a great summer happy
The bad news: School starts in like two weeks cry
The ugly news: I took enriched french no expression


Good news: my cat stopped farting
Bad News: my toilet is breaking

Raven Guardia
Good news > I'm gonna be in 12th grade, one of the best years in school.

Bad news> lots of stress of applying for college,getting good grades and less KMC meaning less time talking to my Favorite people sad

Good news: Eleventh grade baby droolio
Horrific news: Early AP exams sick

Dr. Strangelove
Your cat farts?

Royal Knight
good news>...

bad news> rather not say

like a fcuking bomb

informative laughing out loud

Dr. Strangelove
Thats funny my cat doesn't fart but god does she talk.

good news - the holidays are almost here
bad news - they only last one week messed
the horrific news - the major exams start on the 1st day after the hols cry
The traumatic news - i've not touched my books for 8 months messed

mine whines yes

good news: i'm going on vacation for six weeks in december through january Happy Dance

bad news: it's 108 days away mad

Good news: I'm on KMC
Bad news: in a few hours I wont

Dr. Strangelove
My cat whines too, and she growls a lot while sounding like a dove.

Good News: I found a dollar today!
Bad News: I spent $29

Darth Revan
Good news: I saw the Oregon Caves this weekend, very cool. thumb up
Bad news: Upon exiting, I found that I had cut my finger somehow. So it's only a matter of time before the park service comes after me for bleeding on their cave and ships me off to some island in the south pacific for no reason...

eek! gangrene!

bad news . i jus had a panic attak in a shop and have another fuking headache
good news im of to the beach tomoro

huh GOOD NEWS: I... dont have any eek!

bad news: school starts tomorrow sad

:9 ihve another 2 weeks til scholl

sad tomorrow I start and then.. another two years till Im gone from this place happy


good news: i'm not bored
bad news: i'm at school

Good news: there are alot of good movies on TV today
Bad news: I'm so ****ing tired

here goes then:

Good News: its nearly time for me to leave the UK and move to New Zealand, i dont like were i live now at all.

Bad News: I have to leave all my friends and people ive grown up with behind. This is going to suck, it will suck vigourously.

Good news: I have no school
Bad news: I have to go back to school next year.

Darth Revan

good news i quit my job
bad news i was just about to get a raise

good news : its my sisters birthday

bad news :im getting sick

Mine does...all the time no expression

Agent Elrond
Good News: Only one more year to live live Scott

Bad news: Me and him will be in the same school this year

Good news: none
Bad news: I go home later this week, which means less time on KMC cuz I don't got a computer and school starts on the 30th.cry

I hate my life no expression

Silver Stardust
Good news: I start college this year.
Better news: I don't start until September 20th.
Bad news: Most of my friends have left for college already sad

good news: i'm getting free food tomorro

bad news: my mother is bringing it to me

Good News: im going to a volunteering conference soon, FREE FOOD!!! big grin

Bad News: my grandma is sick sad

bad news: hockey's gramma is sick

good news:everybody's here for him

laughing out loud yea, same here... my mom got me a book called rock hard apps (obviously as in applications)

Good news: I got $20 for feeding my friends pets
Bad News: one of them died

gramma? laughing out loud

no expression

good news - my toilet is working once more

bad news - i need to dye my haiur agian but i have no money

There is a joke about this... here it is

"Did ya hear I got married?"

"Oh, that's good."

"No, that's bad! She's ugly!"

"Oh, that's bad."

"No, that's good! She's rich."

"Oh, that's good!"

"No, that's bad! She won't give me a cent."

"Oh, that's bad."

"No, that's good! She bought me servants and a big house"

"Oh, that's good."

"No, that's bad! The house burnt down."

"Oh, that's bad."

"No, that's good! She was in it."

Silver Stardust
Senior year is GREAT...just be sure that you get college apps in as early as possible (and make sure they get everything, I didn't get into my first choice college partly because my school didn't send everything when they were supposed to), and don't let your grades slip -- because you can get rejected from a college after being accepted if you screw around. I know people it's happened to.

Good News: I've been spending A LOT more time with my boyfriend!!! shifty

Bad News: It's only because he lost his job...sad

"Mad Eye" Moody

OWNAGE laughing

Agent Elrond
good news: I have my road test
bad news: I have my road test

good news. i'm studying my PHd in london.
bad news, i'm studying.

good news. I'm having a booze up on saturday
Bad news. i have huge essay to learn off by heart in one day

Bad news : i have a terrible headache and cant find my headache medicinecrying

Good news : eek! Bryers Icecream is on sale and i have coupons

Canadian Moose
Good news - Shellie is a completely adorable, beautiful woman

Bad News - She's married sad

Samurai Guy
Good Idea: Looking for Easter Eggs on Easter Morning.
Bad Idea: Looking for Easter Eggs on Christmas Morning.

...oh. I read it wrong. Sorry.

Bad news : my head still hurtssad

Good news : i found my meds happy

Scott > embarrasment

Scott > laughing

Mr Parker
Yeah shellie has the weirdest relationship with her mom that I have ever heard of.Like she said,if only you knew.Her relationship with her mom is something I thought only happened in the movies,I never thought it ever happened in real life.yeah that weird. eek!

right shel?


Mr Parker
Arent you honered that YOU are the lucky one to have that honor of having the kind of mom that I thought you only found in the movies? big grin

Good news:GTA: SA as much as I feel as always, which usually leads me to forget to eat lunch, and I get a headache by dinner from not eating
Bad News:I need a haircut cuz my hair is ridiculously long for me, I'm broke.

Bad news : she's still my mom

Good news : You can have her...then YOu'LL be the honored one stick out tongue

good news - friday is tomoro- we get to have fireworks and jaket potatos
bad news - still means skool and work

Mr Parker
Good news : You can have her...then YOu'LL be the honored one stick out tongue
big grin laughing out loud laughing out loud

Mr Parker
so whats the special occassion with the fireworks? smile

Good News: Night is slowly coming
Bad News: I'm already exhausted

Jackie Malfoy
Ok good news!Bush won!Bad news:We can't debate about bush and kerry anymore!See you around!JM

Good news > im having a great weekend thus far big grin

Bad news > my back hurts erm

lil bitchiness
Good news :

Bad news : Im straight edge.

the good: I might be drum major next year!
the bad: One of my best friends is trying out for the same position.

Drum major, nice
Don't be a hard-ass or I'll get teh trumpet section to rebel!
Ahh the rebelious trumpets...

Good News: I get to go to Florida! big grin
Bad News: I don't get to go until after Christmas sad

good news: i am currently chilling out doing nothing
bad news: i have hardly any money

Good news: I finally finished buying my gf her gifts for our upcomming one year anniversery.

Bad news: Christmas is still ahead of us.

Good News: im listening to the Latyrx album thumbup

Bad News: i feel sick sad

Good news: The Depression is over

Bad News: World War 2 has begun and the enemies are the Nazis

good news: exams will be over on december 10th
bad news: exams start a week tomorrow

Jackie Malfoy
Good news:Thanksgiving is coming!

Bad news:Half of thanksgiving I will be spending with my mom and stepfather.JM

Good News: I'm in love wif Silver_Blaze

Bad News: My so called 'Friend' is trying to break us up weep

Good News: Im still listening to Latyrx

Bad News: I have too much homework

Good News: WWII ended

Bad News: ummmm i cant think of any.

Good News: Im still listening to Latyrx

Bad News: wwIII will begin

Good news: The Russians have won the revolution

Bad News: Communisim begins

Good News: I'm off work
Better News: I got new headphones
Bad News: I didn't get much sleep, and I have work 5 out of the 7 days next week. mad

hmmm no good news...
and no bad news...

Good News: I get to listen to music in the middle of the night now
Bad News:WWIII will begin because of that a$$hole Bush in the white house.

bad news...i have drunk to much bloody tea...

Good News: I get to go to Florida soon
Bad News: I'm afraid of planes

Good News: WWI is over

Bad news: A lot of Casualties

Good News: I survived WWI

Bad News: as we were coming back home, i sat on my left testicle sad

no expression

Good News: Americans Are in WWII

Even Better News: Pearl harbour was blown away....... Just kidding thats bad news right???? confused no expression

Awws she is a so called 'Friend' she's just got to deal with that not everything runs around her little life >=/

Good news: I have fallen in love with the most wonderful girl in my eyes Lone_Dragon love And nothing is ever gonna break us up!

Bad news: Apart from my loves 'Friend' trying stuff... I suppose i'm gonna have to get a job streight after Xmas so i can keep my income going confused

Good news: The guy I like thinks I m pretty
Bad news: I m not doing to well in school, my stupid phobias have come back,I m on medicane.

fever red
Good news: Antoinette has a positive, life-embracing attitude
Bad News: she's having a challenging time

Good news: i have $14084 sitting on my desk and is all going to chairity

Bad News: Its monoply Money

Good News: i gave 2 speeches today and got A's happy

Bad News: i have discovered KMC is a Fascist organization...

Good news: Kmc is a fascist organization

Bad news: A revolt might happen.

good news: im the leader of the KMC Fascist revolution

bad news: Shadow King might be against me

fever red
Good News: I thrive on chaos
Bad News: I'll work to instigate this revolution, but I'll be of no assistance to eithor side

Good news: i will not be apart of this Revolution

Bad news: the revolution will be over less than a day so why fight.

good news: i was trying out for varsity basketball and i was definately in the top 5 ppl there and kicked major ass

bad news: coach said that although i was one of the best ppl there, he doenst want me on his team because im too short

Bad news > my mother is in town looking for a job so she can move back mad sad

Good news > Ive plenty of Rum & Coke and April is coming up soon happy

Bad news - I'm at work, have a stinking cold and I'm just in process of splitting up with someone sad

Good news - Theres beer in my fridge for me when I finish work and APRIL!

Jackie Malfoy
Ok good news my boyfriend is coming out of jail tomorrow.Bad news I can't vist him today!jm sad laughing

Da Moose
Good news: I found my pants.

Bad News: Baylin is wearing them.

bad news > its raining and a miserible outside sad

good news > ive good music to listen to happy

Jackie Malfoy
What kind of music are you listening to Shellie?jmmusic

Guns n Roses: Patience

Good news Ive more Guns n Roses songs to listen too smile

Bad news> I want some more 3 doors down and have a hard time getting it sad

Good news - I am wearing Moose' funky pants rock

Bad news - Here's a pic so people will know Moose has some serious taste issues... stick out tongue

Da Moose
My pants... love

Bad news : its gonna be cold tomorrow and the rest of the week sad

good news: no snow big grin

Bad news - With a certain someone around there is no bad news!

Good news - A certain someone is around! love

bad news > Im tired and my feet hurt from working all night sad

good news > Ill see my best friend in the morning love

bad news > ....i dont think ive got any confused

good news > i dont have any bad news big grin

bad news > I have to work a 12 hour shift tomorrow *sighs* my poor feet.

good news > Ill talk to my best friend before I go to work love

bad news > I have to work today 3pm- closing

good news > I hear its sunny in England where a friend lives today

The Biker Scout
bad news is- Himo -kun has a bad rash on his arse.

good nes is - Maynard's rash is gone.

The Biker Scout

bad news > Its been a week since Ive talked to my best friend and may be another week before I do so again cry

good news > Im planing a trip to see him soon love

Piggle Humsy
Good News: My sis is gonna be away for the weekend

Bad News: I'll miss her cry

Good news:: I'm going to the races this weekend.

Bad news:: I have to deal with people I don't care for there.

Good News: I'm going to London to stay with my brother eek!

Bad News: I have no baby to look after disgust

Revernd Maynard
Good news: I'm naked

Bad news: no one is around to see it glare

Good News:Maynard is naked

Bad News: I'm not around to see it stick out tongue

Good news: Just got back from a karate Compation.

Bad News: Kneee is extreamly swollen

Piggle Humsy
Good News : I love Ice Cream

Bad News: There Isn't any wahwah

Revernd Maynard
Good news: there is something naked outside

bad news: its my dog..........droolio

Originally posted by Revernd Maynard
Good news: there is something naked outside

bad news: its my dog..........droolio

Good News: Im realllllly far away from maynard

Bad news: He can teleport.. What the f**k?

Revernd Maynard
Good news: ma name aint maynard

Bad news: i wish it was cry

Piggle Humsy
Good News: I have 1 day to live

Bad News: I was told that yesterday.... confused

Revernd Maynard
Good news: i have to poop

bad news: the bathroom is taken

Good News: I just watched the Fellowship of the Ring love

Bad News: Boromir dies weep cry

Piggle Humsy
Originally posted by Fianna
Good News: I just watched the Fellowship of the Ring love

Bad News: Boromir dies weep cry

thanks for ruining it for me!


stick out tongue

Originally posted by Piggle Humsy
thanks for ruining it for me!


stick out tongue laughing out loud had to find out's better this way crybaby

Ms Flower
bad news : Im mad at my mom

good news : she goes to bed soon

Good News: I just got a new haircut and I received lots of compliments at work today.

Bad News: I work at a prison as a guard.

Darth Macabre
Good news: Im going home sooner then I thought.

Bad news: Im only going home for the funeral of my aunt.

Bad News: I can't trust you.

Good News: I can trust her.

Ken Kenobi
Good News: I may be quitting my job and going back to my old one.

Bad News: I miss my g/f. sad

good news: I am talking to my sister

bad news: she lives 45 minutes away and i have no car

Good news: I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

Bad News: Priceless.

good news: I love girls

bad news: they dont love me sad

^^^^ you will find one, trust me

good news: I can feed myself!big grin

bad news: its not very good foodsad

Maya Zurak

Ms Chelle
Bad News: Ive gained 2 lbs.

Good news: I bought a new seat for my bike so I can ride more.

Lord Knightfa11
Good news: I finally unlocked all the characters in super smash brothers 64.

Bad news: I just found out my brother is a ness whore.

Rogue Jedi
Good news: I bought a kickass new black hoodie

Bad news: My dinner tasted like cardboard

Bad News: My caretaker wants to wash me

Good News: I have cut the water supply from the basement.

Good news: I'm in love

Bad news: He can't love me back.