Quick Reservoir Dogs Question

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Near the end with the 'triangle of death', who shoots nice guy eddie? cause i did slow mo and the shot to him was impossible..help?

Red Superfly
I also ponderred this. The triangle of death simply doesn't work.

The only thing I can come up with is that Mr.Pink shot Eddie.

A fairly conclusive discussion of it here.

I'm inclined to agree that Mr. White's second shot tagged Eddie, though he starts to fall a split second before White fires.

thanks smile

thats a cool site RIS...I have a question I'll ask here..at work me and my co-worker have a on going discussion that seems to come up from time to time about when Mr. brown gets shot in the head and dies. my co-worker believes totally that Mr. Orange shot Mr. Brown and not the cops I am starting to think he is right...what do you guys think about this?

he also thinks Mr. White is gay though I told him he talks about his ex Alabama he thinks he's in the closet.

I don't think Mr. Orange shot Mr. Brown...unless his gun went off accidentally (like Vincent's did) while they were on the run. Also, remember that Mr. Pink asked about Mr. Brown:

O: "Where's uh, Brown?"

W: "Dead."

O: "How'd he die?"

W: "How the f*** do you think? The cops shot him!"

White would have said noticed if Orange had shot Brown (unless he put him out of his misery while White was double-gunning the cop car). Plus, Freddy was still a loyal cop until he shot that woman (just as a shocked reaction, of course); I don't see him shooting Brown out of a sense of duty (unlike when he shot that monster Mr. Blond).

As to whether Mr. White is gay: not a chance. Mr. White said the reason he left Alabama was because of the sexual tension between them ("You push that man-woman thing long enough, and it gets to ya after a while,"wink. If he is (was), he hid it very well.

Interesting theory that Mr. White may be gay. There was one part about Mr. White that really bothered me:

When Mr. Orange tells him that he is indeed the rat, Mr. White lets out an agonizing screech. Huh?

It hurts him. It hurts him? It shouldn't hurt. This guy's heart should be as hard as old Bubble Yum by now. But when this cop f***s him, it hurts. The pain is what made him act like a first year thief.

White. roll eyes (sarcastic)

lol!! nicely put!

I think though it hurts him because he just shot one of his oldest buddy's over him..which is why my friend insists he's gay.

I kind wonder though if orange might have shot brown so white wouldn't get away and he wouldn't have to go with him to the hide out know it was surrounded by cops.

Check out my explanation. cool


I'm da man! stick out tongue

That was funny, BizarroEd. Did you notice that the "screech" was audible when Mr. White whispers that joke to Mr. Orange near the beginning? Orange laughs, and you can hear that strained groaning on top of it.

You did catch where I was going with that, right?

After all, he was wearing white...

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