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Hey guys! I've been real busy recently with moving back into college and training to be an Orientation Leader but I thought I'd stop by and say hi.

Anyway, the whole group of us went to a comedy club in Portland where there was an Improv show (sort of like Who's Line is it Anyway?). I got called on stage! eek! I had to pretend to murder one of the actors and then I had to take his place and do improv myself starting off where they were in the middle of the skit (replacing the guy I killed). When I was given my cue, I ran on stage and lunged for the guy's leg. I chewed at his ankle, killing him in the process. In the skit we were playing a board game and one of the actors was preparing to roll dice. I quickly stepped forward and suggested they used my dice since they were bigger (sexual induendo with hand gestures). There was several other things that I did that were pretty good as well. I give myself an A for my improv skills (I got really good crowd reaction btw). I really want to apply for a job there now. eek!

Cool, what does it pay?

thumbupgo for it

Improv is great laughing

thats pretty sweet.....i always thought about going to chicago's second city to do improv...thats where farley, belushi, murray, candy and a bunch of other comedians learned there craft

Nice, a job would be a great idea thumb up

I think it pays pretty well but its sort of out of my way. erm

But I would love to do it so bad.

Hey dude. If you want it bad enough, you'll get it. I wish you luck wink

Well its about a 45 min - 1 hour drive while I'm a full time college student. Maybe next summer (if I remember that long).

thats not to far of a drive

Lord Soth
Ah, Improvised Theatre.....there should be a class for that

go for it. give it all ya got.

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