Darkcrown is back!

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Muahahahahaha! I have returned. smile I feel so fat and I feel so sad. Like I carrying an extra 75 pounds. sad


I still smoke too. sad

..... smokin'

"in the name of Allah, ill smoke you in Arabic"
- MC Juice

no expression

just came back? feel fat? so am i! but i definitely stoped smoking.

hi darkcrown happy

I'm a ****ing size three! mad

ranting watch it im a 3

and im perfecty fit thank you miffed

I know. I used to be a -1 and I'm not used to all of this extra flubber. sad

If you dont like it then just lose weight

Raven Guardia
ewwww u smoke....no offesne but how can u stand to smoke...its looks so disgustining and just blicky.

Phoenix Song
I'm a 1 smart

"Gewd 4 U" boat

Sun Ce
i agree with that, my mum smokes and i can't stand being near her, and shes my MUM!!!, shes all i got too, but smoke is just a bad thing, it stinks and is bad for your health, its just stupid smoking really erm

I know, I trying to quit. boat

Sun Ce
u shoulden't have started, i know loads of ppl who smoke to act hard, but its stupid and just really sad that ppl will harm there bodys to act cool or hard erm

I started smoking because I was stressed out and a friend told me that smoking helped clam ones nerves...... I'm not talking to that ***** anymore. Smokings not bad compaired to what one of my friends does, she sniffs Crack. Honestly, the things you'll find in a middle school.


Sun Ce
i'm sorry to hear about your friends sad, my friends are safe at least, but then again i don't have many friends in real life tho sad

TSO, it's easy to make friends but you never get to meet them. One of my online buddys is named Phate. I never met him though. He's a hacker. smile

Sun Ce
well i have close online friends, and i think they are better than my real life friends sad which they are...., all my friends treat me crap anyway, like talking abotu me behind my back and calling me names all the time, its just not what i would call a friend is it sad

I know what you mean. All of my real life friends talk behind my back except for one. His mom hates me though so we don't talk much. My online friends are as follows:

Phate, Red Dragon, My Insanity, Inner Pentagram, STFUPB, Tea, and Integra

Sun Ce
i don't know them, but here are my friends on kmc

Raven Guardia
golden moon
teen titan#1fan
samurai girl
rad 1
shadow fox
silver tears

i may have all them, but i have about 2 friends in real life, and they are always mean to me and, well my life sux's most of the time....cry

I have no friends on KMC and most of my friends don't have internet. I'm alone in a world of overpopulation. ....cry

Sun Ce
well i will be your friend i guess on kmc, i mean all i got is kmc friends, and no real life friends, so u wanna be friends?

I'm not sad about having no KMC friends, I just don't know how to make friends. I'm fine but thanks.

*Goes into corner and crys* Im sooo alone! ....cry

Sun Ce
are u saying u don't want me to be your friend, because guess what u just made 1 erm, don't be upset, i'm sorry if i said anything before that might have upset u sweetie sad

MC Mike
That's not a good sign. erm I have loads of friends in real life, and a good amount on here too. You should try making more friends in real life erm

Sun Ce
well i don't think i get along really, like i'm an outsider to them, its only because i never talked in school, but i guess i will never have any friends sad

Your friends are idiots......You dont smoke ciggarets to relax, you smoke weed.

Sun Ce
nah u don't smoke at all, u just get a nice chair like mine, and lye there, just falling asleep laughing out loud

If your friends call you names and talk behind your back, then why do you consider them your friends, I'd be mad if my friends did that

Sun Ce
its my life m8 not yours, they still talk to me, so thats all i need, kinda sad really but i guess u have no right to say it yourself, anyway i'm going to bed so later dudes

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