what i did today

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I went to class...breezed through all my classes

Then, i went to wal*mart...yes wal*mart...the demon spawn store...and purchased seat covers for the front seats in my jeep...now i know that i could have shelled out the hundreds and hundreds of dollars for new REAL seats...however, consider this;

1) i didnt NEED new seats...i just liked the covers
2) they were $30 for BOTH
3) they actually match my interior very well, but give it a little bit more stlye over the original.

heres my gripe...they dont fit quite perfectly...so its noticable that theres a cover on it...im thinking of some kind of quick stiching job to make it fit more snug...but that'll be someday in the future...

maybe i'll get some pix n y'all can tell me what you think...
the covers are black w/a wide strip of mech going down the middle...
the interior of my jeep is a light gray, dark gray pattern...n it got old for me so i changed it.


i was sleeping all day yes

reduced to walmart no

actually, it seems like that will work out pretty swell, once you can get them to fit right big grin

WALLY WORLD eek! happy

i hate that placeerm

Royal Knight
there is a wal-mart supercenter about 4 blocks from my house...

I don't like wal-mart..but since it is right there I shop there sometimes

lol at Jerm

Phoenix Song
me too eek!

I love making threads about what i did that day big grin

yeah its nice...and as for the whole wal*mart thing...yeah i dont like it that much...but they do have some nice things once an a while...such as my seat covers stick out tongue

k heres the seat covers! i took pix stick out tongue

and another pic

nah, that doesn't look too horrible, it would fool me big grin

not if u saw it for real...i jus need a really big rubber band to put around at the base of the seat so that it holds that crease section in place where the two cushions meet

I went to my first day at work.. I work at a petstore... and it was pretty fun

Wal Mart sucks. You go in to buy one thing and you end up coming out with 5. A few days ago I went into buy Predator, and I ended up getting that, and Saving Private Ryand D-Day edition, a lord of the rings action figure, soda and chips.

I went to the movies today to see Alien Vs. Predator, then Walmart and bought Finding Nemo(Big transition from Alien Vs. Predator huh?lol) and them Pizza Hut and then home.

Did you like Alien vs. Predator?

it was funny

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