The Future

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This story is set in the way future, even I havn't decided the time yet, let alone the title, so for right now its aptly called The Future. I don't know much about the plot yet because its still in the works and i got revelations in workin on too. All i can say is there will be a timeline from 2004 until the year my story is set in. Look for it soon guys.

Heres a timeline of 2004-2023. I'll do 2023- about 2050 later.

2004- John Kerry becomes the 44th president of the United States

2006- All of China is whiped out in a nuclear accident. But was it an accident?

2008- John Kerry reelected

2010- Bombs go off all over Washington D.C., killing John Kerry and about 500,000 people.

2010- John Edwards becomes the new President, 45th

2012- John Edwards reelected, World Terror Alert is on Severe, Bombings going on every day in various cities. No one is caught responsible yet.

2013- NASA builds the first moon colony. 1,000,000 people inhabit it.

2014- Intelligence forces pick up plans for a high powered nuclear missle capable of destroying North America

2015- Plans for Mars colonies begin. The moon population is now 15,000,000.

2016- Heather Thatcher becomes the first ever woman president, number 46.

2017- A new rocket is finished and is launched for Mars. It can safely arrive there in 1 month and carry 100 passengers

2020- Heather Thatcher reelected. Colonies thriving on the moon and mars

2022- Nuclear bomb dropped in Kansas. United States oblilterated and 2/3 of all life on earth is destroyed.

Heres a little bit about what the attack was like

From California to Maine a resounding BOOM was heard. Every human ear in the United States heard it. Almost instantly afterward, a wave of heat exceding 20000 degrees F. swept across the nation, instantly torching all Humans to ashes and boiling both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The steam in the air made the whole planet Earth a tropical hell. Temperatures acceded 300 degrees F. because of the effect of the steam trapping in sunlight. The Earth was uninhabitalbe. The Moon and Mars were the only options for the moment.

2023- What is left on earth is relocated to Mars. Research teams begin designing technology to inhabit other livable planets galaxy's away.

that's pretty good.and usually I don't een like this kind of stuff!

Dude, if you can gte a story out of this, and I'm sure you can, it will be awesome!

Thanks guys!!! The story that I will write will be way after the 2000's. I thought that a timeline leading up to the beginning of the story would help everyone sort out the events. This story just sorta popped into my head and I wasn't expecting such good replies! Thanks again, heres more...

2024- An official Constitution is set up for the Moon. Heres a little of what the Moon will be like...

It will be divided into two sides- Togaea, literally "to earth" is the side that will always face Earth and Tovaca, "to vacant space" will be the side that always faces space. Depending on the moon phase, Togaea and Tovaca can have total light, half light, or no light. Tovaca and Togaea will each be governed by a Governor, and then the Prine Minister will rule over them. Individual moon cities will have a Head. A year on the moon is 29 days one year, 30 days the other year. All measurements will be the same as Earth, accept the year length. Hours, days, meters, litres, will all still be used. The other difference is this. The Earth year 2024, precise date April 23, 2024, will be known as The First Day, that is, the first day of official government on another planet. The Earth year 2024 will become the Moon Year 1. After 29 days, Moon Year 2 will come about. Thrity days later, Moon Year 3 will occur, and so on. THe Governor of Tovaca is Chance Bishop and the Governor of Togaea is Donald Resfuld. The Prime Minister is Josef Overstawn.

More about the Government later guys. Gotta go, storm coming!! Sorry that was so short, more later, though. Peace!

Obviously, Prime Minister Overstawn has power over the two Governors of the Moon and thus basically controls the Moon. While the creation of water on the Moon is still under way, what water is left on Earth is being divided up between Mars, who will soon have a government, and the Moon, which is receiving the majority. Most of the Moon is under bubbles to keep in oxygen. Soon, a Machine with the capability to create a suitable atmosphere will be established. When this happens, the bubbles will be eliminated from the Moon and Mars, and Inhabitation of Venus can begin.
Prime Minister Overstawn can create laws and whatnot, but they must be approved by both Governors before they can be placed into effect. This system proves to be very succesful.

2026- An official Government is set up on Mars, on January 29, 2026, even though about only a quarter of the Surface is inhabited. The system functions just like the Moon, accept that there are approx. 8 Martian Provinces, each with a Governor. The Prime Minister is Tony Mishtoll. A Martian day is equal to an Earth day, but there are 687 days in a year. Therefore, if you are 40 on Earth, you will be about 21 on Mars, and 494 on the Moon. Also, there are only three months on Mars, Ein'nes, Zevines, and Dreines. Each lasts 229 Matrian Days. Trade between the Moon and Mars is regulated by the Interplanetary Trade Federation, ITF, from both the Moon and Mars.

2028- One of the Martian Governors is assassinated, causing a giant panic. The culprit, found out to be one of the Moon's disgruntled Gravity Ball players, was sentenced to 60 years on Phobos, one of the two Prison planets of Mars.

2034- Tensions build between the Moon and Mars as each is accusing the other of smuggling precious stones from each planet.

By the way, its time to explain the currency of the planets. The Lunar currency is as follows- 1 Galor (the Lunar dollar) is equal to 10 Rolens. A Rolen is equal to a 10 pebbles. Because there are a limited supply of trees on the Moon, while they are being brought up from Earth, the Galor, Rolen, and Pebble will all be made of Moonstone.
On Mars, a Bribb (Martian dollar) is equal to 5 Allons. An Allon is equal to 20 Broons. Bribbs, Allons, and Broons are all maed out of iron found in great supply on Mars.

2040- The Moon and Mars are thriving as independent planets, and tensions have lessened.

2043- Prime Minister Overstawn dies at the age of 989 Moon Years, 80 Earth Years, and 42 Matian Years. He is replaced by Ober Ubenhoff.

2044- The Martian goverment uncovers some files that reveal Ubenhoff's criminal records.

October 24, 2045- Moon year- 259, Martian Date- Dreines, 10, a Martian Governor is killed while in the care of Ubenhoff. Mars declares war on the Moon and Martian Lunar War I begins.

Martian Lunar War I isn't one of the major wars in history. In fact, hardly any fighting takes place. Heres a timeline of the major events in MLW I. Oh yea, the MLW I started in Ein'nes 10, not Dreines 10. Sorry.

November 4, 2045- A fleet of Martian fighter ships bombard the Moon city of Lunos with a new type of bomb, the Compression Bomb. THis bomb is smaller than a marble, but when it is dropped from a great height and hits something, it expands to great proportions and wipes out everything in a 1000 km zone.

November 10, 2045- In response to the attack on Lunos, undercover Moon Soldiers on Mars blow off the top of Olympus Mons, causing a landslide of immense proportions. This landslide wipes out the city of Olympus Mons as well as several other small cities.

December 15, 2045- Martian and Lunar fleets meet above Earth. The Lunar forces scrape by a victory, but not without heavy losses

January- April 2045- Several small and minor battles ensue for these months, but nothing significant takes place.

April 24, 2046- Moon Year 272, Martian Year- Drienes 10, Ubenhoff makes a statement in front of the Martian Governors that the man who was killed under his care commited suicide, and that all officials of the Moon are innocent. Peace is made between the Moon and Mars by way of the Interplanetary Act. This act, in addition to making peace between the two warring planets, sets up a committee, called the Interplanetary Board, or just the Board, made up of 100 Lunar and 100 Martian members. If war is to be declared, then at least 75 Lunar and 75 Martian members must vote for it. The purpose of the Board is to regulate peace between the planets and nothing else. Mars must pay the Moon 1,000,000,000 Bribbs, or 500,000 Galors. Martian Lunar War I comes to an end

Wow, this sounds awesome. Very well thought out too. Must have taken you a while to make the timeline. A story from this should be cool.

I can't wait to see what happens next, and your not even in the story!

Actually Hotsauce, the story i am wirting takes place lloonngg aftet this, but i was plannign on writing a few short stories on the major events in this timeline. Thanks, tho. Oh yea, 1,000,000,000 Bribbs equals 500,000,000 Galors, not 500,000 Galors. My mistake.

2047- A board member is caught stealing from the Board fund. He is sent to Phobos to serve 10 years.

2052- Scientists on a the Moon develop a "floating City", so to speak, that will havor just above the Moon. The city is called Rein.

2055- Scientists on the Moon have developed an atmosphere genreator that takes in the Carbon Dioxide in the air and converts it into oxygen and nitrogen. This creates an atmostphere when combined with a moisture producing Machine.

March 27, 2055- Moon year 383, Martian Year- Zevines 16- The first city on the moon is established without a bubble and with an atmosphere. The city is called Achievmenia.

2060- An atmosphere machine is sent to Venus to clear up the clouds that make it uninhabitable. Prime Minister Mishtoll dies and is replaced by Joseph Rebel. Mars is now half inhabited and there are 20 provinces.

2062- Another atmosphere machine issent to Mercury to create an atmosphere.

2063- A catastrophe occurs. The atmosphere machine at Achievemenia malfunctions and 1/2 of the people in the city die. Scientists begin searching for a flaw. BOth atmosphere machine sent to Venus and Mercury will remain inactive.

2065- Scientists on Mars develop an atmosphere machine that, if it fails, will have a backup supply while the regular one gathers up the remaining atmosphere to get it running again. This self sustaining machine is proven affective in one Martian City.

2067- Two of the new machines are sent to Venus and Mercury. Mars and the Moon are beginning to use them in their cities.

More later!

wow, good. keep going. oh yeah, and have you figured out wut the actual story is going to be about yet?

not quite yet, but im gettin there! lol.

keep going!!!

Captain REX
Interesting thus far...

i dont like to much reading

Good constructive post...

Stealth Agent
its ok ermm

sike nah its good im interested

Lets just pretend that all that made sense and we'll move on. Okay? Okay.

2080- Things have progressed well. Venus and Mercury now have atmospheres similar to Earth's old one. Plans for inhabitation begin. The Moon's Prime Minister is Jakub Normnt and Mars' Prime Minister is Rudelo Vicci.

2085- The first people walk on Venus.

2086- The first people walk on Mercury .

2090- The first colonies have been set up on both Venus and Mercury. The day to draw up a government draws closer.

Sorry about the length but I gotta go now. More later!

sorry its been awhile my friend. You seem to have had your work cut out for you here. You been creating all sorts of wild and crazy stories, like this one, man its awesome, very well thought out! Except going to mercury...? Its like uberhot there, how's an atmosphere function there? I would go with inhabiting moons first, then try for planets. But mercury? I mean its like a zillion degrees there.

uberhot... he he he.... anyway, you should write the rest, im gonna read it

ill try to soon. thanks for the responses!!

I agree with hotsauce! I had an idea for this sort of thing, but I started in the year 3000, which is where your's looks like it may start. And their were colonies on mars and the moon and other various places along with aliens coming and the resources on Earth were all just about used up. Mine would concentrate more on the religious aspect how has religion changed in 1000 years! Actually i think my idea's kind of neat, its actually based on the Egyptian god system. As well as mostly everything having an Egyptian feel to it, seeing as how moons and Mars aren't exactly flooded with water... so there ya go.

Dude, I'm still waiting for the rest of the story!

hey guys i looked back over this story.. finally... haha and i noticed a lotta things wrong so once i get back on track im gonna try and fix them or start over if i have to. well ill try and post things as soon as i can. sorry for the long wait! peace out.

Ok, to start, I'm gonna start over... kinda. First of all, Im gonna write the story by highlighting various time periods of this "Future" and writing about those for a while. No telling how long this will go on for. Second, I'm gonna start over... kinda. A lot of ideas, like the actual year in Moon years, Martian years, and Earth years, well, I'm not gonna go crazy on. It's too tedious. Third, the basic ideas, destruction of Earth's atmostphere, colonization of planets (but maybe not Mercury smile ), and all the wars I will keep, because its good stuff. Look for the beginning of the story real soon!

OK, here we go. Here is the first OFFICIAL post of The Future...

The sun had begun to creep above the horizon, it's large orange shape was growing increasingly higher above the trees. It's light reflected off a metallic looking building known as the CTI, or the Center for Terrorism Intelligence. The light from the sun also reflected off of another object made of metal, traveling down the isolated highway towrd this building. It was a car, a 2006 Toyota Camry to be exact. This car pulled into the small parking lot in front of the building. A medium sized man with long, dirty blonde hair and a good build walked out of the parked car and into the building.
First, here's some background info. The year is 2007. Not much has changed since 2005. George W. Bush is still President, although Vice President Dick Cheney fell ill with a fatal stroke in March of 2006, and died a few days later. Osama bin Laden has been caught, finally!! On September 27, 2006, soldiers in Afganistan pulled into a small town, and they observed a man whom they knew to be offiliated with Osama. They immediatly arrested the man, and he gave away the secret location to Osama's hideout. The man vanished from custody and is presumed dead. Osama is currently facing trials in the USA.
Scientists have developed a vaccine for AIDS, which kills off the old and new strains of the virus. However, there was a HUGE SARS breakout in 2007. The global outbreak killed approximately 25,000,000 people in all 7 continents. The outbreak was eventually contained with breakthroughs in medicines and the discovery of the host animal.
Now, in late 2007, the man who steped out of his car carries with him the most important file report that the world has ever seen. It contains the exact time and date of a planned terrorist bombing in the middle of Kansas. The bomb is an advanced form of a hydrogen bomb, manufactured in the USA and sold to terrorits by a scientist named E. Terry Mutz.
This man, named Adam Hollitzer, carried the report down a marble hallway and knocked on a wooden door labeled: "Luitenant General Marshall D. Briggs".
The door opens and Adam comes face to face with an masked, armed gunman. General Briggs is behind him on the desk, and he's dead...

That's all I got for now. Look for even more later!

And so it begins...

Lol. Good start. The only thing I can say is watch out for your tense. You went from past to present in the actual story. Also look out for grammatical errors, although I didn't see many.

Like I said, good. Keep going.

yea, i have a big problem with tense, so im probly gonna start over differently. look for more later, and thanks for the advice

OK, this is it. I am now officially starting The Future right here. Ignore the last post that I made, it was kinda random. The story starts in 2040, and scientists have just finished colonizing about 1/4 of the Moon. There is a lot of war on the Earth. The Israeli-Palestinian War sprouted into WWIII, btu other wars are being fought too. Japan and China have been locked in war since 2027, and Russia is in deadly nuclear was with the U.S. once again. All in all, the future global war situation is dismal and bleak. The story begins at the CIA Building, downtown Chicago, where a planned mass-bomb dropping is supposedly supposed to take place sometime within the end of the year 2040. The Future will not be a continuous story, it will most likely jump around the time-line. The main character of this "Chapter" is Ross Duncan, top CIA agent investigating the bomb threats. His superior is Gen. E.W. Newman, who disagrees with the threats. The President is currently Jimmy Terris, and this is his first term. There is no longer a vice President in America, and there is only one body of Congress. The Constitution has been revised at the Continental Convention of 2030. Don Ruckingburd, top NASA engineer/ astrounaut is heading the project of Moon colonization, Project "Silver Horizon". So far, things have proceeded smoothly, with only 6 deaths since the project began in 2015...

The first part will come tomorow...

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