Venom vs. Carnage: To The Death

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i wrote this, and wanted to know what you guys thought. It's a short fanfic, but i thought it turned out pretty good.

Venom vs. Carnage: To The Death

They were having dreams. Dreams of their worst enemies. Dreams of how their worst enemies...are their own family.

The fires blazed, as a slender, shadowy figure arose from the ground. "Venom!!", screamed Carnage, "You've done this for the last time! Let us see what color you really bleed!!"
"Be our guest! We will suck out your spine from your rotting corpse!"

The two symbiotes, born and bred from the same material, battle it out in a cataclysmic clash leaving none alive.

"Face it, Carnage! You're our spawn. That means--"
"NOTHING!" said Carnage as he sent five symbiote-blades soaring in the air towards Venom.
Venom's spider-sense went off. He did a backflip, dodging four of them. "Haha, missed-- ARRGH" he exclaimed, as the last one clipped him in the arm.

Laying there quiet and still as if dead, Venom eyes slowly shut. As Carnage approaches him, he feels a boost of ego, turns around, and starts to walk away.
"Hah! Too easy!" he thought to himself.
"Wrong move!" said Venom as he jumped up and slashed Carnage in the back with his claws, sending him sprawling across the pavement. Venom leapt high through the air, catching Carnage with his bare hand.

He slowly held Carnage's head up to his and whispered, "I am your with it!" Carnage's eyes slowly lit up, then burned with anger.
"NOOOOO!!!" screamed Carnage at the top of his lungs. "I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH IT! YOU ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE MY FAMILY!!"

Carnage broke Venom's grip and jumped through the air, sending tentacles flying from his hands towards Venom. Venom tried to dodge them, but they were coming too fast. One caught him around the neck and tightened it's grip.
"My turn!" Carnage yanked Venom into the air and met him with lethal blow to the face.

Venom fell. Eddie Brock fell. They fell. To the ground, breaking the asphalt on impact. On the verge of death...cold and broken. Carnage creeped up to the body, lying in a tattered mess.
"Goodbye, Eddie." said Carnage. "You always were my father..."

Carnage changed back into Cletus Kasady, turned, and walked away.

"Stop..." said Venom weakly. He didn't.

A rock shifted. Cletus heard it, and looked out of the corner of his eye, and slowly turned around.

"I SAID STOP!" yelled Venom as he burst out of the hole and soared through the air towards Kasady with his fist ready to strike. The Carnage symbiote overtook Kasady just in time to get smashed by Venom's blow.

THWAP! THOCK! CRUNCH! THUD! For miles all you could hear was the sound of Venom's fists laying into Carnage...and the sound of breaking and cruching asphalt.

"No longer will we have these dreams!" exclaimed Venom as he landed the final punch to Carnage's jaw. "No more!"

Venom stood silently over Carnage's body. Catching his breath. Venom slowly changed back into Eddie Brock. Eddie stood over the body of a bloody, defeated adversary....and son.

"No more...", said Brock, "Goodbye, Cletus."

As Eddie Brock turned to return home, he looked, and all that he could see for miles was fire and destruction. Fire and destruction that was caused by him and his bitter hatred towards an enemy...towards a son.

The End.

good story. dont stop there, tho, keep writing!

dont worry, there will be a part two...i hope confused

about what... didn't you just "kill" Carnage...

its called a twist. no one knows for sure if i did or not.

ummm...great story so far.

Though, one small flaw would be Venom Sensing Carnages attack. If Carnage attacked by sending flying spikes of his own Symbiote....then Venom's spidersense wouldn't be tripped off.

The two symbiotes can sense eachother, but they can also shut themselves down so they can't be detected.

love the story

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