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I was thinking maybe in the 'News & Question' Forum there should be a NOTE thing of all the codes. For glow, center, and all of those things so ppl dont have to ask ppl... jsut a helpful thought

Jedi Priestess
why cant people just click the help link above? Its all right there...

is it really?! i figured the help botton was full of stuff that i didn't even need help with... like on all of my computer things....

umm... i dont see anything in there...

lil bitchiness
Its a nice idea thumb up

I'll move this to News and Questions for you, and Raz will be able to help you when he comes online happy

When I asked how to do it Raz promised that he was going to produce an "advanced" forum-codes page.

I still found out when another kind punter here showed me how to do it...SEE:

Yahoooooo !!!!

Mind you, if you use multiple nested tags you have to be careful about the nesting or they will either not do what you want or they will not work at all !

Agent Elrond
Here's all the tags I know
For all these, place to close it. Name of color, size number, ect are not neaded

Makes smile, can use #smiliename# instead

Makes text bold

Makes text italics

Makes text underlined

Makes text color of hex number or name

Makes text glow color of hex number or name

Makes text blury

Reverses text/makes it backwards

Changes font type

Changes font size

Makes a quote box

Makes a hyperlink

Text Goes Here
Makes a hyperlink with text link

URL of img
makes a pic a hyperlink

Makes an email link

Text u want to appear

Makes a list with asteriks

Makes list with letters

Makes list with numbers

Makes PHP (whatever that is)

makes texts centered

hope this help

nope..it's ridiculous. If people can't press the help button to find out, then they'll still make new threads about it...with or without a note. Take the sig making for example wink....

but dexx, then you don't have the pleasure of helping people out sad

no I think its a great idea it would help new member as we would like to call them n00bs so it would be alot easier and then older members wont get annoyed with having to fullfill their dutys to the community to answer all those "n00b" questions they can just give the link or tell them to log on to this forum to get to the thread

I like answering their questions sad

though sometimes I do think that the search function should be more clearly seen

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.