The best/most fun game youve ever played.

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Unreal Tournament 2004! this game is just the best damn game ever made. Ive had it for about 3 months now, and I have never got bored of this game. Awesome... Perfect... The Best game ever created.

Royal Knight
best game that i have ever played?

that is a tough one...hmm

maybe GTA or Ninja Gaiden

I'd like to add GTA:Vice City

MC Mike
GTA 3, Doom 3, or UT2004. big grin

Half Life 2 might get there though. smile

Into the Void
Earthworm Jim.

or most other Sega Genisis games I own for that matter.

UT 2004 kicks ass, but my absoulte favorite RPG games were the Final Fantasy ones, long rpgs with lots of sidequests, great stuff!

Of course, like UT, nothing beats first person shooters! Jedi Outcast was my absolute favorite.

Twisted Metal: Black, 4 player mode is awesome laughing out loud

You know you're pretty good at a game when you win a 3v1 (being the 1, of course stick out tongue) happy

Most fun I ever had with a game?

Legend of Zelda for the NES

definatly one of them, i keep playing and cant get bored of it.

also Deus Ex, whats a legend of a videogame.

most fun?
Probably Call of Duty or CS.

um...........most fun......prob gta vice city or DDR MAX


I would have to say neverwinter nights or smash brothers

Final Fantasy 6 was the most fun I ever had playing a game.

Im sure I am going to love HL2... if it ever gets released.


Vice City or Dynasty Warriors.

There aint nothing better than driving/riding a drop-top/red hair straight through a pack of demented Triads/Chinese feudal troops and blasting/hacking their heads off with a chainsaw/broad sword smokin'

Half Life 2 will probably be one of my favs smile

Mario 64... true genius.. redefined a genre and is still trying to be copied to this day. I've never taken the time to fully beat a game the way I did for mario 64 smile

ScarFace Clone
Vice City:GTA and Metal Gear Solid 1&2

The next MG for ps2 will be impressive yes

final fantasyX was the best experience i have had in video games.

Otherwise GTA 3 was one of the most memorable and addictive. Other games that have left great memories above others are

Silent hill
Mario 64
The suffering
Aliens vs predator2

FFX was good also

Doom 3
Alien vs. Predator 2
Call of Duty

call of duty was bad ass, that reminds to list ghost recon , and the medal of honor series as some of the funnest games i have played.

Original Doom
Doom 3
Red Alert 1

Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
Metal Gear Solid on Psone
Rainbow six 3(online)

Mortal Kombat Deception is gonna rock all fighting games

ScarFace Clone
Yeah once agin i agree with leatherface

Gta seires
mario kart 64
psi opps
street fight series

Dead or Alive Online has potential to beat it... erm big grin

Funnest multiplayer:
Crash Bash big grin PS 1
CTR on PS 1
C&C Generals
Time Splitters 2

just at the top of my head big grin

Seriously daubt that MK Deception will live up to MK2 and trilogy, but it still looks cool enough

Some other games I really enjoyed...

Final Fantasy XI
Metal Gear Solid
Mario 64
F Zero
Half Life
Counter Strike
Doom 3
Far Cry
Silent Hill
Resident Evil 2
Metroid Prime

far cry defo

defaintly. Deadly alliance rocked major stripper ass. The interchangable fighting styles was an amazing addition to fighting games.

Red Alert 1 was a hell of a lot of fun.

I also enjoyed mario 64.

i would have to say Phantasy Star brought me and my friends over to my house to play that together...and with the multiplayer options we all play at the same we play has its moments but we can never play therefore i must say that PSO can easily kill off FFXI anyday

Most of my favorite games are RPG's. First, I liked Final Fantasy, but then I played a demo of a game and I LIKED IT!!! I then heard it was a rare game and then saw it on amazon for $20.00. I got it then I played, and played, and played, and played, and played, till I beat it, and this game is........XENOGEARS!!!!! This will ALWAYS stay as my best game ever. This game kept me REALLY busy and I never stopped playing it. The game took me 92 hours to beat and I had all my guys be in the upper 80's to lower 90's for levels. After seeing the ending anime cutscene(despite the "awful" dubbing), I clapped and I decided to make it my #1 game of all time. Oh yeah, I remember getting this game Feb. 26th because on my account on amazon, it say's, then I beat it on April Fool's Day. LOL, funny huh?

So in conclusion, I still like Final Fantasy of course, with 7 being my second best game of all time and 9 being the third.

Gory Game Lover
Red 3.

MK Deception rocks! i went to a game show with some friends and they had this there, some of the old characters like baraka are back, and some of the MK3 crew like Kabal, and the levels are now more interactive, great game cant wait till its released.

Also WarioWare Inc on the GBA is exceptionally good fun, the game i played the most at the show.

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