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Anybody want to talk about this one?

Comes out in a few weeks, stars Kim Basinger as a woman calling a guy on his cell phone and claiming that she is going to be killed, along with several of her family members. If his cell phone goes dead, then she does, too. If that tagline in itself doesn't have you sprinting through the streets to your nearest theater, nothing will. wink

I wished that for once this year they actually had the cohonas to make a movie like this rated R. I guess the cash flow comes first in Hollywood, sigh.... I think it would be a lot better for a movie like this if they let a lot of stuff go, adding on to the creepiness.

Don't know too much about it, so I could be off.

"Speed" with a cell phone, eh?

I'm there. Can't go wrong with Jason Statham.

Tired Hiker
I'm thinking of seeing this today. I don't know.

hmmmm sounds like crap sad

Boy was I wrong. I watched maybe 1/2 of this shitfest before I decided that when I LAUGH more than I "Oooh" and "Ahh" in a supposed action flick, that's not a good sign.

This was a horrible, horrible movie.

Norma Jean
Kim Basinger makes me mad. erm

i seen it tis a good movie

Bzzt, wrong answer.

Mr Parker
sure is,one of my favorites of the 2004 year. thumb up

Why? Er, how? It was so incredibly stupid and haggard?

Some people like that quality in movies.

Those are considered qualities? How ironic.

I have it one my TiVo Haven't seen it yet thou.

OMG I loved this movie bag

..nobody else likes it?

I thought it was great and funy in some scenes laughing out loud

I also believe that Cellular was one of the best movies of 2004. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. David R Ellis did a wonderful job in his freshman perfrmance as a director. His new film with Sam Jackson, called, "Snakes on a PLane". not quite sure about that one. I am sure if Jackson signed on, it must have something great in its script.

Or the screenplay called for a lot of "Mother F*cker"s.

Oh god....such a b ad movie.....oh god........I wanted to rip my eyeballs out while watching it. No acvtually it is jsut stupid and boring....bad movie yes

some ppl make their points but urs bardock is simply stupid, explain why its so bad? roll eyes (sarcastic)

I thought the perfomance was great, kim basinger might not be my favorite actress but I thought the plot was great

It was decent, I suppose....I like William H. Macy's character

yeah he was cool

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