WWE should the wrestling be real?

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Thunder God
i think that wrestling should be real i mean come on people wrestling is an actual sport so it should be real not acted out your opinion????im listining.....

i think wrestling is getting overrated and i think should be cancelled now.Wrestiling reached its peak ages ago and now is just full of pure crap and half the time they talk trash to each other and. its just turning out to be another crapy soap opera now nothing else. Oh and to answer your question it should have been real from the start.

When the events in a movie or play aren't real, are they any less entertaining?

no but thats not the question.

i think when people talk about wresterling they think of the WWE but what about the smaller groups like TNA i think that should get more publisity

Well here you make 2 contradictory statements that happen to have already been debated here: 'Wrestling is an actual sport' and 'It's all fake'.

I'll start by two remarks.

1) Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling exist, and are olympic sports.
2) You're asking for real deathmatches ???!!!

The kind of wrestling we're dealing with has always been an entertainment thing. Hence the question of whether it's an actual sport or not (because of all the scenography/theater aspect of it)

And yes the ring is a scene, a 3-dimension one as a matter of fact. Wrestlers have roles (the bad, the vicious, the cutie, etc.). It's a show, and if you ask a show to get real, if you ask actors of Shakespeare's tragedies to die at the end of their perfrmance, what happens next ?

The real wrestling sport exists. To exist, a sport must have rules. The rules define, initiate and terminate the sport. The two types of wrestling I evoked have some. They are actual sports that works well. Less show off, but at least it wouldn't be a butchery.

So Thunder God, the problem is that you're basing yourself on the assessment that the WWE wrestling is an actual sport, which is highly debatable. Some parts of it make it a sport, others make a simple performance just as what circus artists or comedians on stage do.
But you're asking the elements that make it an acting performance to get changed. Well IMHO that's pointless, for that would then be simple anything-goes deathmatches and the entertaining part would be clearly killed. It's not funny to watch 2 people kill each other slowly.

i dunno G.P maybe people would start liking 2 people seeing kill each other. and plus it lowers the population.

eek! You're right, I didn't consider it that way. definitely go for it !

laughing laughing laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud when will WWE get cancel. or maybe they should stop wrestling for a few weeks and let the writers and all the ppl involve with the matches think about where their story is heading.

Wrestling is like a giant circus that is on steroids, mixed with soap opera drama. I would like to see a paperview event with WWE wrestlers against real fighters. It would be all real. Staged in a ring so the wrestlers feel at home. have the top wrestlers, i dont know who they are, dont watch it. Anyway have 15 of the top wrestlers, against the five best boxers, 3 of the best wushu artists, the two top kick boxers, three top olympic style wrestlers, and two of the best wing chun fighters. Now this would be very entertaining. I would love to see the first wrestler try to body slam wushu artist.

No amount of steriods would save those useless WWE fools. That industry has been completely and utterly killed off, and its time to see its demise once and for all. Its totally tainted the name of 'real' wrestling, heck i hardly know if it even exists anymore.

Red Superfly
Heh, so how come when I go check ticketmaster for tickets every now and then, they are sold out?

Hardly a "dying" business.

Wrestling is always popular. It just isn't AS popular as it was about four years ago - when we had that Stone Cold/The Rock mainstream "boom" and the Monday Night Wars with DX and the nWo and some of the best storylines and characters.

Remember Hulk Hogan? Ultimate Warrior? Of course you do. Wrestling is constantly dipping and diving in popularity. It peaked when Hogan and Savage were around, dipped a bit, then had another boom with Stone Cold and Rock. It'll do it again. Wrestling fans have crappy attention spans - the promotors are constantly having to hook new fans because of the massive "turnover" (i.e. most fans grow tired of it quickly and move on - a new generation needs to be hooked).

There's always the loyal fans - they keep it alive when it's in it's "dip" - like at the moment. If guys like Randy Orton can pull off the next "Hogan/Rock" character - then you'll get all the mainstream trash tuning back in, it'll be cool again.

It ain't dying - it's just that the arenas tend to sell out a little slower than before.

As far as it being a sport - that's bull. It's a show. They go through pain, real pain, serious, excrutiating pain. It's still a show. A sport has some real competitive element - that does NOT include the backstage politics.

Haha fair enough actually, the tickets are always sold out. I guess i meant killed off with respect to the fan base. I know heaps who once watched it, but now cant stand it, like myself.

We're drifting...

I rule
I used to like wrestling even knowing it was fake. But I liked it better in the old days were they had DX, The New Age Outlaws, Mick Foley, ect... They had the hardcore matches, the entertaining hell in a cell matches, street fights, and all of the good matches beside stupid ass boring one on one matches like we got today in wrestling. Now its boring and not worth watching. It was better back then but now its boring.

I completely agree

I would've thought that as the years progressed, they'd come up with new ideas for matches. Unfortunately they're doing the exact opposite.

all i know is that i was never into wrestling and it is completly off my radar. However, back in the austin and mcmahon era i did get into it. I mean it was trying new things and diddnt spend the entire shows speaking. they semed to choose like 5 characters and only focus on them. Now there are countless wrestlers and the writing seems to be more reminscant of WcW than of WWF. this is just an opinion using knowledge from the six months i was a fan though, so i am probably wrong.

I was a fan in the old Hogan UW days, but I stop watching it when Hogan went to WCW and started the NWO thing.

But there was wrestler in the old days, 1940, Who challage JAck Dempsey (Former Heavyweight Champion) to a real fight.

Guess who won?>?> Yep Dempsey knock out the wrestler though the ropes, thus proving that most Wrestlers ant that tought I suppose. And this was a 40 something Dempsey that took out the wrestling star. I have my money on the boxer lol.

i use to watch it....with the nWo and when the Rock was in the nation it just blew up and you could not go anywhere without seeing a wrestling shirt...than a friend of mine got me into ECW and that was wrestling at its best than even that started to blowup and you started seeing ECW shirts and they were pretty much underground for most of there heyday but than they went bankrupt and i havent watched it since...if you ask me mcmahan completely ruined wrestling

i wish real wrestling would get more attention

wrestling sucks by balls its not real they get paid millions 4 acting out...now i wouldnt have a problem if they werent acting and were really fighting. But they dont they talk crap when they really actually love each other. I think they should make a real wrestling program hit big like ecw. now thats wrestling they dont even get paid nearly as much as the "pros" do.

you think ecw was real? Studio wrestling blows in every aspect. you actually lose intelligence for every minute you watch it. Maybe thats why kids are so damn stupid today, they just watch wrestling and get dumb. Well ok, i'm sorry. Wrestling cant take all the blame for the dumbining of kids. Rap takes the majority.

You forgot reality tv mate. That has to come into the equation.

dood reality t.v sucks but has any one seen backyard wrestling that things just mental

this is a reply to thunder god
WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment so either live with it get the f**k out

They should have an amateur wrestling match/tournament at a one- off PPV, (with the winner NOT predetermined) to see just who the BEST technical wrestler is.

Kurt would probably win, but others who could be in with a chance are:
Benoit, Flair, ???

I'd love to see them bring back the hardcore division, and get people like Ken shamrock and Dan Severn back, as well as maybe some others from UFC (tank, ortez, etc...)

WWE isn't sport!!!!!!

If it was real, it might be a sport.

At the moment, the best thing I can call it is pantomime.

THats why they should have an amateur wrestling contest - to find out who is truely the best

Ooooooooooh 04wayne....

They need to bring back the hardcore devision

Yes indeed, the WWE is scripted...but, I would just like to see you go up to people like Darren Drozdoff (crippled in a WWE ring and now in a wheel chair)...Chris Benoit (Disk in neck fractured into spinal column in WWE ring)...Adam Copeland (Edge) (Neck broken in WWE ring).. Stone Cold (Neck broken in WWE ring)...I would like to see you guys go up these people and tell them that the physical aspects within the ring dont have some realism involved...even I can tell you from experience...if you get chokeslammed onto a steel rampway etc, you're not going to be getting up and dancing a merry jig...

Secondly...some people believe that these guys dont deserve the money they get paid for this?...get real...do you understand just how much of their life is devoted to training their assess off and bringing people entertainment?

And thirdly...to anyone who believes that ALL wrestlers are pumped up on steriods...grow the fu*k up...I tell you what, If I was someone like chris benoit...or even Rico...guys who work their ass off...guys who, in chris benoit's case, worked their ass off for nearly half their life for the industry, and someone accused me of using steroids to get where I am...I would personally be so livid that I'd shit kick them straight to hell...

*end rant*

One more thing actually...people need to remember, that without Vince McMahon, wrestling wouldn't have seen the high points that it has over the years...without Vince MCMahon, there never would have been the characters of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock...sure, they were all good wrestlers, but it was thier gimmicks that gave them most of the hype and brang in the fans and sold the merchandise...Vince McMahon should be thanked for these things, not accused of ruining the business...after all, it was him and his father who revolutionised the industry.

If Wayne gets to you just tell him to....I don't know, he p!sses me off at school...

Yeah its ashame there not real I might actually watch WWF then. I perfer the the real kind of wrestling in the the Oylmpics.

That stuff is so boring

Well at least its not staged.. roll eyes (sarcastic)

kicks and punches should be fake but the moves and hitting with the chair is real.FINISHING MOVES SHOULD BE REAL!

I was reading that Hogan bio,

And he said he spared with the Great hard hitter George Forman(Yes the grill guy, But he ko Joe Frazer in 2 rounds, and gave Ali a bad beaten before he went down in the 8th round)

Well Foreman though a body shot at Hogan's belly, and Hogan said his whole body went numb, and If Foreman landed other shot like that, He would be DEAD.

I sure Foreman would bomb out all of these WWE guys like Rock, Stone Cold, ete in a few rounds.

IT IS MOSTLY REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It would be possible to have a sport mixed between real wrestling and WWE. You make them actually try to win but there is additional points that come with really fancy moves that bring the crowd into it. The championships would be between fighters who are both good and entertaining.

wrestling is real it is just scripted because its a tv show for entertainment

finally, someone with sense...I'd like to see people say it is fake after taking a choke slam...one piece of advice for people crazy enough to take one, DONT hold your breath as you go down, cause when you his the floor it'll hurt your chest like hell.

No because they're old and they'd get hurt to easy. Inferno matches would burn, shane jumoing from titantrons would kill him, and Undertaker would also be dead because of the buried alive match.

there is a trap door in the buried alive match. half the wrestlings real. i mean when you get slammed to the ground you cant not get hurt. but when they punch, chop, etc they make it look like they touch them

Go watch a Japanese Death Match and tell me that its not real.

The UFC and PRIDE are the best, as they are real.

Boxing has rich history, and I think boxing is the best combat sport,

UFC does make a close 2nd, though.

i think it should be real but it almost seems staged and not very random yet organized like it should be

I love those day when WCW and ECW invade WWF...

Some of it is Fake and Some of it is Real for Example when Kane fought Edge in the Cage that was real as you can tell when Kane head got busted. Plus it is a real sport. All fighting styles are consider as a sport.

I think that wrestling should keep all of the entertaining parts such as characters, promos, entrances, music, thrash talking etc.

And the only thing that should be real is the actually match. Not like UFC though. It's not hard to have a real wrestling match the way they do, make each other look good, and yet actually win or lose a match.

I did back yard wrestling with my cousin for 9 years. And our matches were real, they weren't all hardcore matches either. We had hardcore matches, we used real steel chairs. But with weapons there are serious dangers such as brain damage and

You have to actually have wrestled either backyard or professional to actually
understand just how dangerous making WWE or TNA real would be.

So with all of this said, it's probably better WWE and TNA stay entertainment
or else it would just be two ******* hugging each other, rolling around
on the ground for 5-30 minutes, *cough cough* "UFC" *cough cough* "gay"

According to me No its cheating.

rust removal

Yes, I think there is some reality in WWE. Otherwise its fake smile

I don't think it will work if you are going to have multiple shows every week. This would cause lots of injuries and we will not be seeing the top superstars competing every week which will only decrease the number of viewers.

I think 20% is real smile

It could work if you take a Japanese model.

You had WINGS and UFC that incorporated MMA and pro-style wrestling.

Why it will never work here is that the WWE is a billion dollar business and taking the chance on your star getting broken by a lower star is unacceptable.

A perfect example of what I'm talking about is Daniel Puder vs Kurt Angle in the Angle challenge.

If you haven't seen it go watch it... NOW!

Originally posted by SlipknoT
Go watch a Japanese Death Match and tell me that its not real.
I thought I was the only one who watched those. And man those things get fricking brutal! Happy Dance

The question is actually incorrect. There is nothing opaque in WWE nowadays.You can know the behind the scenes of every wwe segment on YouTube and know that they are all actually scripted.

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