Exactly how many movies are there?

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I was just wandering how many movies are there? How many movies have been made to date. I mean all of them, even those terrible movies you catch on showtime late at night with no name actors and three dollar special effects. Or even, yeah the skin flicks.

I would guess about 3 million. anyone else?

Oh thats a good question. I looked on google but it just comes up with "list of every worst movie in the world" and it also came up with a link to this thread

I'm guessing 12 million

Mr Zero
I just did a quick count and there are exactly 4 movies.

5 if you count the silent era.

I'm guessing 3 million

5 movies?

there prolly isnt a full list out.. theres so many small time independent film makers that get films made but dont really get out much.. like im sure none of you have heard of the film called 18 made a couple years ago

yep there are more movies made that will never be acknowledged by more than a handfull of people, than there are well known movies.

Neo Baggins

Man i wish i could count higher than ten

The IMDb apparently categorizes them numerically. I looked up 2007 releases, and "Spiderman 3" has the number 413,300 (which I'm prepared to accept as one of the latest additions). If that's anything to go by, it's considerably less than we all suspected, because the IMDb has EVERYTHING, even TV series, right on down to the most obscure of them.

True, they don't have the cable TV show I worked on in college, or any of the short movies I shot on video with friends over the years...but I'd hardly want to count them anyway.

MC Mike
A million, maybe 4 million at most. erm

Even if IMDb has almost all the American works, I seriously doubt it includes every single movie worldwide (think for instance of how many movies Bollywood has produced over the years...)

^ I agree with G.P on that perspective. If you going to count movies, then you got to include the rest of the world. Plus, don't forget that there a thousands and thousands of films that are lost or remain under restoration and have never been seen in ages.

Good point. I didn't even think about Bollywood (but then, it exists outside my little world, and therefore isn't worth normal consideration). The Hindu population numbers in the hundreds of millions, though, so it must be a pretty lucrative industry.

In fact--where do I sign up?

EDIT: for the record, the IMDb lists more than US features (in fact, I believe its origins are in the UK). But yeah, there have to be many more little-known second- and third-world productions still out of its domain.

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