the matrix rebooted

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the matrix is now a role playing game and evreybody plays but a hacking orginization called the movement has tooken control of certain people that dont do what they tell them to do now one person lenny bryer must stop the movement by using codes which enable him to use telekinesis, fire ball, body control, foce feild , zoom view(to see very far away), but since he has used these he is being chased by the police which are now trained good agents

to be continued: laughing out loud

The Ones
Very good, keep working on it

wow, sounds cool if you can make it into a story.

Chapter 1

alarm; wake up wake up wake up wake up

lenny; im up

alarm wake up wake u..

lenny gets up and looks at the alarm and closes his eyes and out of nowhere he throws it against the wall.

lenny; woah how the hell did i do that
i better see the doctor or psichitrist or my mom, no defintaly psichiatrist

lenny arives at at PSIchiatrist office

lenny; docter today i just threw a clock at the wall

docter; iget that

lenny; i threw it with my mind like telekinesis.....

all of a sudden lenny faints and wakes up in a ware house then walls come out of the ground

lenny; woah

a man walks up

man; lenny you up for some training

should i make chapter 2

The Ones
yes but try and make your chapters longer

lenny; what are you talking about

man; stand still lenny

lenny; what

man the stabs lenny in the arm with a needele

(lenny now knows of his past from the fluid in the needle so
this is what happened during his past)

lenny; there about to set off the bomb in ten seconds i must find a way
to stop it

just then he said got it and threw the bomb far off in the way of the japenise

lenny; whew

he then wakes up with the psi chiatrist in front of him

doctor; you pased out

lenny; i can use telekinesis

doctor whispers in his shirt he knows send them in

end of part 1 of 3 for this chapter

lenny; what are you saying

then agents come in and shoot lenny in the head

with a trankulizer dart

The Ones
huh blink huh


What the Hell was that!?

MC Mike
Try to make this more organized. Write it on a sheet of paper until you got a lot, then type it out while changing small things. That's a nice way of doing things. big grin

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