What Happend to the good ol Movie's

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There is no shame in having some popcorn and soda during a movie. This has been the tradition of Cinema history since it's birth. I mean back when people dressed in suits and ties to go to movies,they still got some popcorn.

I do however, have an annoyance with how movie theaters have introduced entire eatery's in their theaters. I mean popcorn and candy is one thing, but if you need to stuff your face with a side of nacho's a hotdaog, a main course of hamburgers and then a desert of chicken tenders, and top it off with popcorn and soda, you should not be allowed in a movie theater. This is terrible. There is a loews cinema where i live. on the first level there is a star bucks, a bakery, a cid's cafe, not to mention the the food you can buy at the concession stand. on the second level there is a bar, and an exotix dining eatery. I think this is sinful, and seems to be the trend of newer cinema's.

What is up with the VIP seating, yeah if you pay an additional 15 dollars you can sit in leather seats with hard wood floors. Do we really need all of this shit to enjoy a movie? does it make the experience more enjoyable, i did it it made me feel broke. What happend to the good ol days when we could go into a simple darkend cinema With a few fancy lights and movie posters, and maybe a couple Arcades? You know one thing i love about the movies was the smell of Cinema's Yeah it is cliche, but you know what i mean. Theaters always had that distinct cinema smell that let you know you were at the movies. Now you are riddled with a thousand and one smells, of jfriend,and re fried junk foods.

Dont get me wrong going to these Super Cinema's can be an experience, but i fell like i am walking through a wolrd of commercialism and advertisments when i go to these places. It is like going to disney land going to these places, and like paying disney land prices.

I ususaly get a large Soda, Medium pocorn, Nachoes, and a bag of resese peices.

Mr Zero
Anyone who chews, drinks, doesn't switch off there stupid ****ing cell phone with its stupid ****ing ringtone or TALKS whilst in a cinema needs to get bitchslapped.

Take your nostalgia for the good old days and poke it - i want comfort and silence and lots of it.

I got ina fight with this guy who brought a laser pointer to the movies...he dosent have a laser pointer anymore

I hate when someone thats sitting close to me in the cinema is smoking or telling stupit jokes during the movies, that has happend a few times lately


Mr Zero

I swear - going to see a flick is becoming more and more an exercise in restraint.

God bless the plasma screen.

People who bring toddlers to horror movies need to die

I think you confuse me wanting to go to a movie and not be baraded with advertisments of a thousand and one commercial products with nostalgia.

Popcorn,candy and soda is cool. those are simple snacks that have been apart of the movie atmosphere from the beginning. However when you have to take a number and wait for your food to be cooked and prepared, that is entirely another matter. I also agree that kids under the age of three should not be allowed to be taken into any film, kiddie or not.

Fair call. Cellphones should be made to be turned off, otherwise chuck out the fool who has his going off. We dont go to the movies for a gourmet meal, id only pay extra money for comfier seats, which is understandable should the movie be 2 hours or more.
I guess the age of traditional movie watching has taken a real slide, however so has most things when you think about it. Even dating, nowadays people hook up via a random text message. I think thats a load of crap !!

Dario Argento

big gay kirk
I got kicked out of a cinema for telling someone to shut up... he was having a conversation on his mobile.... telling someone else what was happening in the film!!!!!! I complained to the manager, and he told me I was banned!! So I complained to the head office, received an apology, and a free family ticket.... I eat popcorn, and I drink diet pepsi... I sometimes take sweets in, but I smuggle them in from outside... I resent paying over a quid and a half for a bag of maltesers that would cost eighty pence in a newsagent....

I think they should have separate theaters for moviegoers under 21. That way they can have their own theater where they can:

1) Laugh at sh*t that's not even funny.
2) Talk during the important parts (that they don't even know aren't important).
3) Laugh when someone drops a popcorn kernel to the ground and two people try to reach for it.
4) Say cool phrases like, "Oh, sh*t!" or "That sucked!" as many times as they want to and as loud as they want to
5) Answer their stupid cell phones (already mentioned in this thread). BTW, how come people who bring their cell phones into movies always have the same ring? You know, the trademark ring you associate with a cell phone based on movies and commercials? Because they're not intelligent or creative enough to change it.
6) Come in 20 minutes late and cause a ruckus trying to get 5 people to go down a row of seats with only 3 seats available.
7) Stick their feet up and over the seat in front of them so it's resting on your head.
8) Cry during the movie because their parents won't give them the popcorn fast enough (young kids)...

...without anyone complaining.

Yeah. Going to the movies tests my temper more than anything. I think in every movie I've been to little kids always start crying at the good parts so I can't hear a word. We went to see AvP and this stupid kid talked throughout the whole thing! I think one of the worst things was when we went to see The Day After Tomorrow and this guy behind us kept coughing. It was disgusting because it sounded like he had a cold and was hacking stuff up! I couldn't hear half of the movie. I was about ready to go back there and hit him over the head. I mean, if you're THAT sick you shouldn't even go to the freaking movie. And whoever said that they should have separate theaters for people under 21 you're wrong because I'm 13 and I don't talk during movies at all, but my dad (who's almost 42) always talks really loud during movies. That drives me nuts too because Dad always sits next to me and talks throughout the whole movie. *sigh*

The Redeemer
Cinema going these days has become a total chore IMO...impersonal service, uncomfortable seating, overpriced junk food and projectionists that could'nt project themselves on a toilet bowl never mind a 70mm screen...

Little wonder that I'm investing in a decent home cinema system for Christmas...and finally dumping my battered old Dolby Surround one. 5.1...DTS...DD...all in one's sitting room? Stuff the popcorn!!!

Jedi Priestess
errrrrrrrrrrrr comfort and silence would be the good old days Zero messed

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