A [star wars] Suggestion

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All this whinging is getting a little overboard. So how about we come up with an idea to fix it.

a 'Thread Directory' seems the most logical choice just like they have on the Star Wars forums.

I suggest that you grant ME emergency powers. After this crisis has been dealt, I shall retire.

i think a mod should post a "ALL NOOBS READ PLEASE" thread. it should be sticked. and delete/close every stupid thread

Darth Sauron
I think you should all just stop making pathetic threads like this.


indeed, and this thread is a prime target for closing

queeq/ush any mods who read this, it is getting out of hand.
all bickering aside, newbies are going to jump right to this forum
without bothering to read the welcome threads. this will only get
worse in the coming months. someones gotta nip it in the bud.
we need a newbie sticky folder.

in fact, i think it just plains sucks,
but its obviously not going to end until these
noobs get their "im too lazy to check the rules"
sticky folder.

dont think of it as rewarding the annoying noobs,
think of it as doing the loyal KMC peeps a big BIG favor.

please please please

and batman, you could have posted this on
one of the other "drama threads"

Darth Sauron
You know, kmc has become a VERY anti new member place.....

And i have to say, you dont even give them the slightest chance

was that aimed at me? if so

.........................read my words before you judge me.

for the last time, check my reg. date.
june 2004....what does that make me!?!?!?

thats right, a newbie

there are new members coming in all the time.
the reason they are not annoying is that they
survey this forum, and make logical decisions of
what is appropriate and what is not.
why is that such an unreasonable requirement.

Ghetto Goblin
ok, ok, OK, PVS i want you to leave this forum and cool down for just today, i don't like it when your here, and when your angry or frustrated.

this place has slown down so much (and the bad threads have speed up) that you won't miss anything. just some advice. i am not a counseler, just to let you know.

Ghetto Goblin
you can stay i'm just saying that MAYBE you should just cool down.

ahh screw it, ill just cut and paste READ CAREFULLY

im not sure that this thread is appropriate...ok it isnt,
but you noobs dont know what you are doing to yourselves.
up till now you have been priviledged to see images posted which we non-wealthy SW fans want to see. those people ran a risk by doing so, thus the barage of "thank you" posts. they dont come here because its their job, they come here because they enjoy it, and enjoy giving...sharing, get it?

and some of you jerks are screwing it all up, just to prove some point pertaining to "newbies vs veterans" and how veterans take themselves too seriously, and blah blah blah. the end result of this battle WILL be that the newbies will win, and the veterans will leave for greener pastures. and you will have to post your own images.

no more "can someone tell me where i can find a pic of blah blah" because it wont be here.

you are shooting yourselves in the foot, and biting the hand that feeds you. i know i word it dramatically, but bottom line is its true.

I AM A NEWBIE!!!!look at my reg. date, its june. thats barely over 2 months ive been here. so dont give me any "newbies unite" crap because its all just a bunch of cornya$$ BS. grow up, and use this forum for which it is meant.

follow the rules which are CLEARLY outlined. and no, i doubt the mods are going to mail you a printed copy of the rules at your request, you just have to go to the welcome forum and read them.

thats the last time i for one will attempt to reason.
its sound advice, i suggest you take it.
swallow your pride and give up your little war.
self esteem should be gained OFFline, ok?



so i guess that is unreasonable?
impossible even?

GG, i was only angry at that Pragar narc tattle tale candy a$$----whoa
*deep breath* you know.... that guy

no anger here....frustration yes, but nothing to bring my blood pressure up.

Darth Sauron
Not aimed at any in particular...but this was just disgusting.....

Ghetto Goblin
just thought i'd say it, i dunno.

yeah, people were harsh on the guy.
you seemed pretty upset by it.
if it makes you feel better, i got a PM from him
after the thread was shut down:

Darth Sauron
I was upset by it, man everyone was way to harsh on him.

and i mean everyone.

hey, i didnt call him names and personally attack him like OTHERS...whose names i wont mention.

so dont throw me into whatever catagory your thinking of.

Darth Sauron
I never mentioned you.

well, i was part of everyone...

oh what the hell, this is stupid. your point is taken.

people need to NOT attack people. name calling is not the way

to get a message across. but sauron, neither is ignoring the problem.

being too kind will lead to this forum looking like an irc chat room.
we need order here. thats the only reason you and me are able to sign'on here and get the info we need, order

The question in that thread has got to be the funniest thing that I've read all week.

But seriously people. At this point, we are fighting for the sake of fighting. We are acting like a political rapid-response team would. Some people are making good points, but they know that what they say will not have an effect. In the end, the only way to win battles like these, is to deny the fighting in the first place. Do not respond to the stupid posts. Do not try and defend yourself for hours. Just ignore it.

This started when about 3 new dumb threads were started, but the reaction to it has created over a dozen stupid threads.

I am not taking any one side. There must be no sides, no partisanship. Just move on with your lives.

Go ahead, keep fighting. Do you know how foolish it looks when someone writes "please don't continue this; no matter what you say, it will just escalate matters at hand," then someone responds: "Yeah that's true, but I have to let everyone know MY opinion." That's called EGO. Does anyone have the courage to deny their ego for once? And don't respond to that question if you want to get the right answer. smile

Many people are really starting to leave this forum. It has to end, or no one will be left. If no one responds to a clueless noob, d'ya know what happens? He goes away. If he is so hopeless that you feel like you must make fun of his flaws, then you are not interested in helping him; rather, you just want to inflate your own ego. It sounds foolish to simply ignore a problem, but that IS sometimes the correct solution.

*And if anyone responds to this post, then they are proving my point more effectively than even I can.*

i have a better suggestion for ending stupid threads evil face

Darth Sauron
Well, ii can understand you get the pathetic attention seeking people sometimes (we have one in lotr now)

But you cant judge every new member because some spoil it


now sauron, before you laugh, check here:


i'd say it worked like a charm

Darth Sauron
Yeah i use ebaumsworld against them too stick out tongue

Ghetto Goblin
i go there too.

hey, PVS, can i use that once or twice on a couple threads that i hate.

they belong to ebaumsworld, so do with them as
you wish.....but the south park ones are my own creation,
please leave them be

by the way, if you have not noticed, that turtle troll is now banned
Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

its time to do the dance of joy!!!

Moving to the Q&A forum.

Ok i say this now YES I AM A NEWB but i dont go posting stupid crap like YODA FARTED or anything i just keep stuff to my self...I give advice to all other newbs..KEEP CRAP TO YOURSELF!! and u wont get bashed at all..

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