Cant wait for The Munsters can you?

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Mr Parker
With the announcement that the boards posted that The Munsters is going to be made into a movie,I am so excited.I have been wondering when they would make a movie out of that show.That is one of my favorite tv shows of all time,how about you? anybody else big fans of that show and looking forward to the movie? The only thing I am concerned about is I think they should make it into a black and white film like Tim Burton did with Ed Wood.I think it works good when its in black and white like it was in the 60's but in color,I dont think that show worked very well when they made tv movies and tv shows out of it in the 70's and 80's.So I hope they stick to the black and white version for the movie.

Mr Zero
Fred Gwynne will be imposible to replace.

no there is absolutely no reason this film should be made no

With the morbidly unfunny Wayans gang behind this one, I would explect plenty of black and white contrast in this potential fecal fest.

But........they've already made this into a movie confused

Two of em'..................

I've seen them.............

The first movie was when they moved away from transelvania and to america................

In the second one it was christmas an Eddie was down........

Why are they making another one? they've already made two..............

Forget it! The minute I saw the name Wayans Brothers on the titled I know this film will suck major *bleeeep*

The Wayans are going to Hell for making worthless dumbass movies.

Mr Parker
Like I said,they were only tv movies. They have never released a theatrical version of it though.I agree that Fred Gwynn will be hard to top as Herman Munster.The guy who plays that role has his work cut out for him.So does the actor who plays Grampa.Al Lewis will be tough to replace as well.

Jedi Priestess
oh god is nothing sacred anymore?

Im not too exited with that movie, mr parker. I loved the tv show too, but only remembering the results of other tv shows becoming movies( mission impossible, charlie anges, lost in space, starky and hutch, etc) i have a bad felling about that movie. Specially with the wyans brothers in the project.

hey the original mission impossible movie was good. MASH was a god movie too, but the Munsters is one of the wrost movie ideas ever.

Agreed.Wayans making this film, makes the movie already horrible.

Hear, hear. All they need is to put Rob Schneider in it to make it a more repellent concept.

ragesRemorse, "M*A*S*H" was a movie BEFORE it was a TV show; that makes it a little different.

yeah,your right but it still should count for somthing. I sont know if star trek counts, but it should. Hey Pee wee hermen movie rocked smile lol yeah t.v shows shouldnt be turned into movies,but i still think it could work if done right.

It counts; the first "Star Trek" series ran from 1966-69. The first ST movie didn't premiere until 1979. Really, though, "Star Trek" kinda counts both ways, since additional TV series have come about in response to the popularity of the films (and the existing series).

"The Pee-Wee Herman Show" (1981) is a little different circumstance. It was taped as an HBO special; an hour-long performance of his comedy act (I had it on VHS for a time; there were several celebrities in his audience!). When the movie "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" premiered in 1985, it was a hit (though it bore no similarity to the plot or additional characters from the special).

Naturally, TV execs couldn't wait to exploit the concept by turning into a kids' show (without the "adult" references of its predecessor). "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" ran from 1986-1990, coincidentally ending with the Paul Reubens's indecent exposure scandal.

While we're on the subject, here are some other shows that should never have been turned into movies:

"Car 54, Where are You?" (1994)
"Dragnet" (1987)--not horrible, but could have been done much better
"The Flintstones" (1994)
"The Avengers" (1998)
"Lost in Space" (1998)

Just to name a few....

yeah i just wasnt sure if Star trek should have counted seeing how it was just as strongly a literature universe as it was on television. Hey man, that Pee wee hermen show on HBO kicks ass LOL PEE wee gets stoned smile I just thought it was necessary since it was a great flick, and was ounce a strange strange kids show. Wasnt it originally a travelling comedy show?

I forgot about drgnet, yeah that movie is a pure classic movie, great cheesesmile

I think the Pee-Wee show travelled, yeah, but I'm not was cool, though. I especially liked seeing young Phil Hartman and Edie McClurg in it.

Thinking back on "Dragnet" (1987), it definitely had its moments, but they all seem to revolve around Hanks's and Aykroyd's performances. Aykroyd, I believe, was something of a Jack Webb fan, and though his portrayal was comically stodgy, you could tell he did it as a "born 30 years too late" tribute to Webb's unforgettable Joe Friday.

First there was "The Munsters" (which was good), then there was the first "real" movie in 1966 - "Munster Go Home" (which was great). Then came the 1981 TV movie sequel "Munsters Revenge" (which was I'll admit poorly done). Then in 1988 came the TV remake "The Munsters Today" (which was awesome in my opinion - although a lot of die hard fans of the original show didn't like it).

The two TV movies that came after that were "The Munsters Scary Little Xmas" then "Here Come The Munsters". Both were just ok in my opinion.

If the makers of this new film stick with the format of the original show, keep the continuety and 'steal the feel' of "The Munsters Today" then it will be worth watching - again only in my opinion.

I have enjoyed all incarnations of The Munsters to date and recently just saw the colour pilot. I also recently just saw "The Mini-Munsters" cartoon, which was kinda like Hanna-Barbara's early take on "The Addams Family".

I am looking forward to seeing what this new "Munsters" movie will look like. Just remember what being brought to the big screen done for the Addams Family, which had previously failed with its original cast reunion movie remake in 1977.

Ciao, cheerio, peace - Scottish Lad

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