girly situation

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let's say you know this guy. let's say you like said guy and he knows about it. let's say you want guy to ask you out, start dating and be his girl exclusively. the situation... he asked your best girl-friend out instead of you. worse thing is it didn't work. now he wants to ask you out. what would you do?

don't go out with him. He only sees you as second best.

Mr Zero
**** him in his stupid ass.

get him laid and never talk to him after that... if he asked why "he was horrible"

Mr Zero>> straight to the point... i like that.

but what if you really really dig him, would it change the situation?

if you really like him, and think you can trust him, then go for it

and be forever known as a ho

get him laid..? i like you already.

you do know that is the reason he's trying to get with you anyways, right? would you still do it then?


dont just lay him, make him work for it, that's how you find out if he really likes you, or just wants to get into your pants.

hump 'em and dump 'em! smokin'

good answer angel

ooooooo drink alot of non acholic drinks and act like a drunk german turoist


Mr Zero
No - had his chance, blew his chance.

i'm a "one shot is all you got" kinda guy.

I am however happy to see someone use the phrase "what if you really really dig him" as if it's the 60's man!

i'm a retro kinda guy laughing


okay, lemme revise the situation... let's say your girfriend know that you like him and still went out with him despite the fact that you confessed to her that you really really dig him (phrase dedicated to Zero). and now that he is asking you out, she's going berserk about it.

say "i aint no leftovers Frankie" (double negative used against my better judgment) and walk away.

Mr Zero
Bad friend, Shouldnta gone out with him in the first place.

Made bed - now laying in it.

**** her in her stupid ass.

This is easy.

You should ask your best girlfriend if she still has feelings for this guy and if she doesn't mind you dating him.
Because if she does still have feelings or would mind you dating him, you won't lose just a guy if things don't go like you want them to go, but also your best girlfriend.
After all, if things don't work out, you can always count on your girlfriend for support.
If you don't know what to do, just follow your heart, it might not be the best thing, but you'll at least have followed your desires.

Btw: the guy could be only after a one night stand.It's been statistically proved that 85% of man dating, also wanna have a go at the girl's best friend.

go out with him, ignore your friend cause she had her chance, and see if it works
everyone deserves a 2nd chance smile

nut him sqaure on teh nose

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