LotR vs. PotC

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I am so angrymad! Pirates of the Caribbean had I think 5 nominations for the Oscars, and because of Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean didn't win ANY! I was sure that POTC would atleast win one of them.
Man, I wish Johnny Depp could win Best Actor for POTC, and he didn't, ohh well... Maybe next year.....roll eyes (sarcastic)

Any comments?

Your not the only one who was disapointed

I was so glad lotr won 11 oscars, and if johnny depp had won best actor that would have been the iceing on the cake, but I don't think it's because of lotr potc didn't win, they didn't choose to be nominated and other films were there too you know.
And they still get 40 grand for being nominated, and the academy rarely go for comical performances. -trust me I'm a movie expert. smile

I agree, i dont think LOTR took chances away from POTC, i think it was only in 2 of the same catagories anyway.

why didn't johnny depp win?
But think about it, it took until rotk for it to get so many awards, so maybe the potc sequels will carry out the same effect.

yeah thats what i was thinking, but i felt horrible when sean penn won. JOHNNY DESERVED IT!


I think that POTC should have won for best visual effects. like rotk was good but some of it looked fake. i think all the sceletons(can't spell. bad day, long night, tired) were really awsome. they should have won that one. but NOOOOOOOO!

It's because POTC and LOTR were in all the categories together but ONE!
And why didn't Johnny win the award for best actor?
But I'm sure that he will win it next year, he has a great oscar-type movie, thats coming up!

well conserning visual effects, lotr had much much more in it than potc so i think they deserved that award and just because lotr was in the same catagory doesnt mean it took chances away from lotr

well lotr developed a lot of new special effects for the film, for instance they created a program to make fire so anytime they needed fire, thy would just program the computer, that's one of the reasons they one

I agree that rotK deserved every last one but you see there were other catergories that PotC was nominated in that RotK weren't so, you can't just blame RotK for that.

Sure, Johnny didn't win best leading actor but the fact that he was nominated was enough.

Sean Penn deserved it.


Captian Rogue
FINALLY THE DAMN KIWI'S DID SOMETHIN RIGHT...:LOL: LOL, sorry, it's just that us Auzzie's are always bagging those Kiwi's...lol laughing out loud

I think POTC should have definetly one the make-up award, johnny looked so fabulous in POTC, they make-up artists tottally transformed him, i had no idea it was him, well i did, but you know...
BUt seriously, it was bloody awsome, they realllllly deserved it, no way did LOTR deserve it, POTC make-up was ten times better, seriously!!!!!

I repeat, POTC didn't have a chance because it was in all of the categories with LOTR exept one!!!!!
I hate LOTR!!!!!

johnny depp loves lotr, in the baftas he was well pleased they won the orange vote award, ha ha.

I think lotr deserved make up because of the magnificent job done on the orcs and the elves looked amazing and elegant. LOTR deserved all that it got. Everyone who was awarded was awarded justly.

Grow up you immature dork.

Return of the King was a phenomenal movie that ended a three part trilogy and Pirates of the Caribbean looks like the beginning of a series now, maybe they'll win more awards in the future.

I'm not bashing PotC, in fact, I loved PotC (especially the sword fighting scene in the Blacksmith shop) and I still appreciate it for its good work.

But RotK deserved more and the majority of the Oscar voters thought so also, and if you're not happy about that, put it up with the Oscar members not us.

Again -


*agrees entirely with OYEA*

*agrees entirely with Kit*

Whoo...I'm not so bold. But that's the sort of thing in my mind. Sorry, OYEA, I didn't see his post...soo... *agrees with OYEA and Kit*

i swear if rotk was made a year earlier or later, potc would have won all the other things like makeup and whatnot. but for mystic river sean penn won best actor. i knew johnny wouldn't win cos those guys always pick the "moving" or "hard", emotion roles. but johnny was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well, we'll have to see how the sequel goes........

That's the spirit beaujay1 smile

well no point in could have's and should haves. I think that potc will hopefully win more awards after the sequels like rotk, so realy isn't this topic answered?

Grow up you immature dork.

Return of the King was a phenomenal movie that ended a three part trilogy and Pirates of the Caribbean looks like the beginning of a series now, maybe they'll win more awards in the future.

I'm not bashing PotC, in fact, I loved PotC (especially the sword fighting scene in the Blacksmith shop) and I still appreciate it for its good work.

But RotK deserved more and the majority of the Oscar voters thought so also, and if you're not happy about that, put it up with the Oscar members not us.

Again -


OK, you "cool" kitoky, and the people that agree with him(or her)! Just because you're freaks about LOTR, like me with POTC,that dosen't mean that you could just call me an "immature dork"! Oh wow, you're so mature, you like movies with elf's and hobits! Now that is what I call immature, atleast pirates were real! I can like whatever I like and thats just up to me!
I made this forum, it's for people that have their own comments, not for people (or creatures, hey maybe you're an elf) that disagree and call eachother names!
If you don't like my forum, then leave!

You GROW UP, LOTR freak!

I got too mad to quote!

I don't mean GROW UP, because you like LOTR, I mean stop disagreeing and calling everyone names, thats immature!
I still think LOTR is artistic, and like the shots they did, but if i like POTC more, that's my problem!

slightly off topic but yes pirates were real, but were walking skeletons.

I think not

lol, OYEA! big grin

And Slonik9, POTC is my second fave movie. (LOTR is really 1, after all)

You didn't make the forum. Maybe the thread, though. And Kit did have his own opinion. So there. Don't contradict yourself! And...don't triple post. Just edit.

And if you're so hyped up about the name-calling issue, then why did you call us freaks? Will stop ranting.

Then why did you quote "I HATE LOTR AARRRRRRGH!' if you like LotR's artistic-ness? Hmmm?

Oh and yeah, walking skeletons, woooooo.

I didn't say LotR was 'real' it's a fantasy, and to us it does seem real. So each of us have our own prespectives but you don't have to bash LotR like that, we don't bash PotC, you shouldn't bash LotR. And you know what, when you put up a thread that involves things like LotR, we HAVE to check it out.

*nods head*

Wow. I completely and totally agree w/ EVERYTHING you said. Pirates deserved to win something..... (don't get me wrong, I love LOTR to death) Johnny Depp definately deserved to win best actor. Johnny was AMAZING. Sean Penn is on my hate list for life. (JK)

Well....I agree that Johnny Depp getting nominated was super cool :woot: and I was actually cheering for Depp but I wasn't surprised when Sean Penn got it, and hey, Johnny was cheering for him 100%.

Perhaps Johnny could win leading actor in future projects. smile You never know.

Yea, i mean now that everyone saw how great he was in POTC and the attention that movie got, maybe he will get more role sand more Oscar nominations. Hooray!

sorry, I meant to say thread, I messed up!

I was just streching it, I didn't mean it like "OH, I hate LOTR If had the chance I would ruin the whole movie ect...) I was just like "ohhh, I hate LOTR!" as in a funny way, I really don't know how to explain it, but I hope you know what I mean.orliluv4life, said it the same way, it says "Sean Penn is on my hate list for life. (JK)
So the problem is. You got angry at me for saying "I hate LOTR", and you called me an immature dork, and I got upset.

oh yeah, the sceleten thing. Well, we don't know what happens when we get cursed, do we? (we turn into sceletons! AHHH!)
and sorry orli, for using you as an example...

Atleast spell it right. S-K-E-L-E-T-O-N-S,

I think Elves are more likely to have existed than being cursed and turning into a skeleton...*rolls eyes*

well no offence...but maybe lotr won because it deserved to win more.....

and hey! PJ didnt win anything until after rotk.....and theres potc sequel(s) coming....so maybe....next time they will have no worthy competition

Dude and another thing, you're whining about how RotK took all the oscars from PotC?!? Last year and the year before LotR: FotR and TT were against major competition like Chicago for example. We didn't make a fuss because RotK didn't win all the oscars, sure I was disappointed but I didn't go and blame Chicago now did I?


JRR tolkien was a genious..he created a literary world rivaled by none other....he created something that has moved,inspired.....and just generally made people love it for the last what was it...50 years.....

so.....in 2053 call me up....see if POTC is still around....ok?

and still having obsessive ppl reading the books if any happen to be made... sorry Chris, I had to add my thoughts. And now I must go to bed...and turn off the computer before power outage occurs... and...umm...I'm done now...wink

Discos - OI, there is a reason that POTC DIDNT win.....

Discos - *high five*......f*ck yah!

Hey Discos...that's really immature and irregular...'f*ck yah' ?

erm .. embarrasment i dont think sean penn deserved to win
he's a good actor, i just thot he over-acted in the film .. too much is too much ... you could tell that he was acting..

Fallen Jedi
yes, i agree sean penn did deserve to win. johhny depp deserved that oscar nomination though.

i think johnny did a great job in POTC but i didnt really expect him to win

i think ROTK deserved all of those oscars it was a amazing movie a great way to end a fantastic trilogy smile

well, we do have a skeloton under, our skin and everything, so they do exist!

thats true, kit, discos, is the real immature one, not me or you, we just have our own little thoughts. wink

Mr Parker
Yeah I agree.justice was not done.

I think POTC shouls have won for best make-up!

hmmm.... i love potc but i dunno... rotk was sumthin special...
i think the make up in rotk was better... those orcs in that stuff!? o fcourse the pirates and so on wreent bad wink

Are you getting somewhere with this?


And buried dammit!

There are men in LotR! Tolkien wrote his stories as a second history of our world, how the men originated, why there's little people...

pirate Pirates did not win anything b/c if they know that therer is a sequal comming out they tend to not give any oscars to it. See... fellowship and Two towers did not win any b/c there was still a third one comming out. and starwars... episide one and two did not win anything... eather because it did not deserve it ( which is a possibility) or b/c there is still episode 3 comming out summer 2006. everyone knew that LOTR would win everything... but pirates has a second chance!!! Not that Pirates was not one of the best movies ever but LOTR should have won b/c it deserved to!!!
*. I agree with OrlandoOYEA!!! Everyone got the awards that they deserved! yes

RotK wasn't awarded that much because of how good it was, it was awarded because it ended a whole trilogy.

I think JOHNNY DEPP should of won best actor but LOTR did deserve the visual effects award

Happy B-day to ME! 14

jack's dudess
happy birthday!!


rotk has won what it deserved....such a great movie.... but potc was good.... but not rotk good good...if ye get what i mean....

I think ppl are angry because you blamed lotr slonik, it's no good that you say you were joking now, because it isn't really comeing across like that in the thread tis all.
It doesn't help calling lotr fans freaks, in all honesty I'm offended by that remark, and lotr can't be blamed because it wasn't up against potc aka johnny depp when he was nominated (who by the way gets 40 grand for being nominated) and I don't even think johnny depp was bothered, he was happy to be nominated.

to kit - have you fallen out with disco's you used to be a kind of duo.

Who's angry at who? And kit, called me an immature dork first, but now everyone forgot about it, me and kit, have our own little thoughts and we can't change that.


Sayin' 'f*ck yah' didn't favor me at all because I don't think that one liner did any good to the debate.

@Slonik: So really? Why is RotK the target of your hate? Because a movie better then PotC won more awards? The fact that PotC was nominated for that movie was a treat. For some of the nominations, I was surprised that PotC got nominated for, but I was happy, didn't expect them to win but I was happy. So why can't you grasp the fact that maybe PotC wasn't good enough in the movie business?

WOW! You're mean!
OK. How many times do I have to tell you this?
Just cause you like LOTR better than POTC dosen't, it dosen't mean that you could just freak out, and start this big problem. Once again, I belive that I have my own thoughts and you have yours just cause I like POTC more, and you like LOTR more it dosen't mean that I can't have my own thaughts about movies.
I was beaing nice and man, you're mean!
Oh and about the movie business, YOU tell me!
Why isin't POTC good enough in thr movie business???
And please stop being mean!
I still think that LOTR is an artistic film, and I like how they shot it.

If you think it's an 'artistic' film then why the hell are you bashing it?
Your actions and your thoughts do not make sense what-so-ever!
As long as I remember, comedic films are rarely nominated for anything and PotC has made a big development in that. And I think it's a great achievement for them. I'm not bashing PotC so you shouldn't be bashing LotR like so you did in your first few posts.
I agree that everyone has their own opinion but when they have an opinion they need to back it up.

I think its awesome that LOTR one all 11 oscars they were nominated for. I mean, i luv potc but they r gonna make like 2 more of them and so they will oviously win sumtime! plus im not 2 mad that potc didnt win anything cuz lotr is cool and plus it was the last time they were all gonna c eachother (even though orli wasnt there) and like elijah and the others said it was a great way to rap up the film, i think thats so sweet-and plus if you think about it its soooooo sad, i mean they were together for 3 years and they got really close and all of a sudden its over. and rotk waz really sad to at the end sad srry 2 make anyone else sad but ive already cried my eyes out since the first time i saw it and i think its really sad that there are not gonna be anymore lotr movies sad but anyway the point is potc will win something when the sequels come out! but the thing that gets me really mad is that johnny didnt win best actor mad sad mad THAT IS SOOOOOOO NOT COOL!!!!!!!! but he did look really hott with his hair shorter eek! god hes so sexy rolling on floor laughing and the return of the host-that waz sooooo funni laughing ok this is really long-lol

I'm not bashing LOTR! And hey, Finding Nemo was nominated, and much much other funny movies (cartoons)! Remember?
Yes you're right. Why would I be bashing LOTR if I think it's artistic? Maybe because I'm not!

Maybe you should find the meaning of 'bashing'.

Yes Finding Nemo won and that's an animation, usually animations are funny and Finding Nemo having what? Two nominations is good. Natural Comedic films are rarely nominated for anything, so PotC getting nominated is a good development, like I said!

Don't try to question what I know!

oops I didn't mean to star another argument, sorry.
I absoloutly love potc I have the piano bool, soundtrack, dvd poster etc I dunno I guess lotr just but a little bit beats it, but it doesn't mean that lotr fans hate potc, and saying that you hate lotr does seem like bashing it, you should have added (jk) or lol to the end of it to let ppl know it was a joke.

and kit, glad to see my name is still rolling under your sig.

oh ye and i think potc is good enough for the movie business, but ppl sed that lotr could never be done and pj came back with this masterpiece and everyone says it's cinema history so you can't say farer than that.
but potc was the summer smasher so again you can't say farer.
but lotr is done so potc will be hopefully the next hot favourite with it's sequels like LOTR. -gasp

Lotr RotK deserved all the awards they got but yeh johnny should have won best actor sad but anyway potc won a BAFTA for best make up so they didn't lose out completely with the awards. maybe at the oscars but they have won some!

OK. LOTR won, get over it. You cant change it and no amount of bashing will change the fact that it was a better movie that POTC and it won more. POTC is still a awesome movie, its just LOTR deserved more. Oh and Johnny did awesome just getting nominated and i believe that next year he wll definatly get nominated again for his upcoming work and him competition might suck and he will get it. So everyone stop complaining and be happy already. They were nominated and thats a HUGE honor. HAPPY PEOPLE, HAPPYsmilesmilesmile

Good point, whether you guys whine or shout or scream about how it's unfair it won't change smack.

and hey, there's always next year, whch I think will be succesful, hey and the uear after that.

Yeah, the sequels have a good chance, I think. Is this debate over yet? *hides*

did you see johnny's reaction when sean penn won tho? he was totally, genuinely happy for him. made me hate sean that tiiiny bit less lol!

Like I mentioned.

I was rooting for Johnny but I wasn't surprised when Sean won the award....

A.D. Skinner
*has anyone else noticed the growing number of LOTR fans coming into the POTC threads ???*

Just asking...

Yes I find it funny, because alot of LotR fans are also PotC fans as well, and seeing something like this, may trigger anger management.

they are both great films, most lotr fans have potc as their second fave film - after lotr and vice versa.

ppl plz do not judge this POTC vs LOTR thing.....
ROTK EE is gonna own the cinema/theatrical version
i know this cause ive seen some footage of EE and it looks awesome...

as i have seen both EE of the first 2 films fotr/2T+some rotk EE footage i can honestly say LOTR RULES OVER POTC bigtime...

sayin that thou POTC still owns too............
just not LOTR no way

11 oscars was inevitable
u cannot compare its power ROTK OWNS U

oh wait u like XXX(lmao)
no even worse...harry potter??
starwars episode 1 hahaahhhahhahahahaahhaaaha rolling on floor laughing

rotk visual effects looked fake...


ummm looked fake but twice as good as potc itleast.
u havnt a clue

from the charging mumuks,to the flyin fellbeast.....
to the mouth of sauron!!!!!!!!!

who is mouth??!! u say

well i havnt seen him yet either, hes gonna be in EE,i dont know if its affects or costumeor wat!!!!

gonna own cinema rotk and potc yup

LOL @ starwars fans
rolling on floor laughing

i dont see why u pple are mad. LOTR was *gulp* clearly a better movie

then LOTR. it had more of a story, more action. and still had good lookin

people. so it didnt have ur precious johnny depp and admit it, he was

mainly the reason most girls went to see it. but guess what? LOTR

would still have mass audiences w/o orlando bloom , elijah wood. so as much as i love POTC LOTR was still better

then POTC

i woudl like to say for the record tho that i fell in love with POTC and am i no way dissing it. just saying facts

LOTR is *gulp* better than LOTR? riiiiighterm

heh heh..whoops. LOTR is btter then POTC

bumping and renaming - fun debate! big grin

see......hard.....NOT!!! POTC!!!!!

I cant belive they got that mny awardseek

god, i shouldn't be here! I'm addicted to both!
*runs away before she gets dragged into a vicious debate to which she cannot take sides* fear


okay potc should have won some Oscars awards i mean lotr stop hoging
them all!!!!!!!!!!! but i do like lotr mad laughing

LOTR did not stop POTC getting any oscars, its a fact that it is a bigger production and definately deserved to get ALL 11 oscars that it was nominated for but I agree J.D should have got Best Actor cause obviously, LOTR wasn't nominated for that as there is no one good actor.
So yea that would have been the icing on the cake.

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