pointless but funny.

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I'm sorry for wasting space but I have to tell my story:

Ok I was in the school canteen and as per usual my mate and I were talking about Orlando bloom, Johnny depp, lotr and potc over dinner.

We then got into the Johnny depp catagory and someone mentioned Vanessa Paradis, so I smiled for the sake of my frined who is the johnny lover -me loving johnny but being the one famous for loving orlando- and said "what kind of name is that?" suddenly my friend sat up and banged her fist hard on the table "it's a fools name" she declared , I just looked at her and we both started laughing, she was just amusingly angry.

the end.

lol, sounds like me and my friend. me being obsessive over orli and her over johnny. good times

i have no idea what that was about!! no laughing out loud laughing rolling on floor laughing

Captian Rogue
ok, i think i am the ONLY person in my whole entire school that totally loves POTC...HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! most of the ppl say, "who the hell is Jahnny Depp" AHHHHHHHHHH HELPP MEEEEEE!!!!!

you poor soul.

are you serious???????????? wow, that must be kinda wierd

good luck!!!!!!!

hahahahaha nobody knew who Johnny was until i came, i announced it over the P.A. system... got my point across dang nabbit (best phrase) I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD AT YOUR STORY!!!! I THOUGHT IT WAS SO FUNNY! and random AND FUNNY!

well she actually said "tis a fools name I tell you"

lmao,me and my friend are so hyper sometimes we think weve got drunk on polos. (the mints) the vener machines at school are filled with polos,so we buy loads of them,and eat them in class. we then just turn so stupid!? messed we saw this really fit guy on a bus once, and weve named him BOB short for Boy On Bus, lol. were crazy!

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