YES!!!!!!!! (wasting space sorry but anyway) YES!!!!!!!!

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saurons PC is finally and utterly fixed big grin

the virus was destroyed yes

aha ush get your finger of the clicky close button!! this relates to lotr hehehe

it was soo good because i played my pellenor fields music in the background and sent out a total virus killer and the virus tried to hide and when they were dying i dwnloaded a newer onternet version and they tried to attack it...but i 'fortified' it with virus killers big grinbig grin

hehehe so strategic big grinbig grin

all thanks to raz!! he halped moi big grin thanks dude your the man!!

this doesnt really realte to lotr i just dont want it closed...yet no

way to destroy those things.....I love it when a virus has been whiped from the PC,

Discos - was sauron at the Pellenor Fields, NO so don't dare play that music again you evil thing! shifty

hem hem i dont remember seeing YOU there bird boy! stick out tonguestick out tongue

he was their in the hearts and minds of all his adoring orcs big grin

well, "steve" went over to take a look and he saw the massacre, he came back and told us of what tragedy was happening but by the time we got their, the battle was over and there was a sign on the door of the Kingdom saying "away to Black gate, suppers in the furness Faramir"

so thats when we shot off to the black gate and destroyed your minions....btw I saw some of your eye looked "real scary"

Discos - sacrastic sort of mood tonght

well you wouldnt be too bothered about looking menacing when your one souce of survival is in the one place it can be destroyed!

and your a boout to fall 50000 fett onto some jagged rocks

A.D. Skinner
Now should no better by posting a thread like this. As soon as Kit sees it, it will be closed down and then what will you have ? Nothing but a distant memory.

Isn't it you and I talk about the needless additions of all the pointless threads here ? laughing out loud

( shaking head in disbelief )

yes but....i just thought.....that i would......

*sobs and runs out*

*is found three hours later hung by his socks*

*with note*

Dear Kmc Members.....i apologise for this...but i was made to feel ashamed....i will not say any names but i will say IT WAS AD SKINNER!!!!!!

that is all

yes, now seeing sauron is gone from a top spot in the KMC LOTR forum ladder, I shall be moving up a space now!

Discos - takes step #99 now....gosh its getting high now...

A.D. Skinner
Black labeled again ! ( smacks head in disbelief for 2nd time )

Unties Sauron, trying not to smell the smell of the socks that he was hung by...

...does anyone know CPR ???

( takes a deep breath.... )

*sees ADs gonna givce CPR*


*pretends to be dead*

stick out tongue lol im joking bring that mouth any closer i will have to chop it off stick out tonguestick out tonguestick out tongue

sauron- stealing disco's thing...and wondering how you chop a mouth off....

whoa...sauron, is dead.........hmm...

what a waste of space...

A.D. Skinner
Slaps Sauron across the face***you brut !

Walks away disgustedly

NO AD!!!

come back! is it me! i can change! i promise! take me back!

A.D. Skinner
*wonders if Sauron is going to change himself into a 14 year old girl*
(inside joke people )

Dude ! You had me scared...why did you hang yourself ??? And why with smelling socks ????

so if my neck didnt break...and i wasnt strangled i would still die of fumigation stick out tonguestick out tongue

14 year old girl...hey you desreved that lol you were only 13!

she was cute though stick out tongue stick out tongue

A.D. Skinner
Uggh ! Picking up the socks, running to the top of Mount Doom and tossing them into the fire ! ( oh...sorry Frodo...didn't see you standing there )

Cute eh ? Yeah well so was the other one

yeah lol i know her since i was..ooh say about 3 lol, yours was cuter though lol....but im not interested in her i love ...dude nearly wrote the name

(saying dude again!!!!)

A.D. Skinner
Now don't be going something like are gonna totally give it away if you tell everyone who you love love

i'm confused.....sauron if you have a hot relative you best be posting....big grin

well if i tell them of course it would be giving it away

i can see this turning into a who does sauron love investigation thread, hmm mthose edit buttos look ever so tempting

A.D. Skinner be changing the subject now...before the others get wise to us!
( laughs devilishly)

realy confused...

*sees smoddens confusion*


*maybe me and ad should stop now??*





leave it to Sauron to waste space...

Dirty Vader
Waaaaaaaaa I HaVe ThE ViRuS oN mY cOmPuTeR WaAaAaAaAaAaA!!!!


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