The Brown Bunny

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Waggy the Dog
Quoted from the "Trivia" section of IMDB:

"In particular, Roger Ebert called the film "the worst in the history of Cannes" to which Vincent Gallo responded that Ebert was a "fat pig with the physique of a slave trader". Ebert paraphrased a remark of 'Winston Churchill' 's and responded that "although I am fat, one day I will be thin, but Mr. Gallo will still have been the director of 'Brown Bunny'". Gallo then put a "hex" on Ebert's colon, to which Ebert responded that "even my colonoscopy was more entertaining than his film"."

As quoted from above, the film was portrayed in a cut, which apparently was unbearable for the audience. The newly cut version has 20 or so minutes taken out....and....I finally saw it.
AND WOW! this was as "okay" a film as an "okay" film can come these days. it isn't bad and it isn't good. it is the most "okay"-ist movie I have ever seen. And I still don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. it is something, however.

...I was just wondering, has anyone else seen or heard of this movie?

I am looking forwards to it, loved Buffalo 66.

Neo_Version 7
isn't there like an intense blow-job scene in this movie?

I'll watch it when it becomes available.

Waggy the Dog
there is a fellatio sequence in the movie. I am not quite sure if it was "intense" though.

I just read some stuff, I guess that scene is actually real.

Waggy the Dog
well, it is labeled as a "hardcore", "explicit sex" scene by IMDB.

And if it's available on the internet, it's been hiding exceptionally well (so I'm told).

Saw it last night.

What I can say? it's tooooo loooooonnng....

There is a tremendous lack of dialogue and story telling. A guy is running in a bike race...packs his bike into his van...and drives to California to be his first love....that's it. He makes a few stops kisses some strange lonely women and drives back on the road to California.

I'm like...what the hell? What is been told here? There really is nothing interesting...heck! you would expect some narrative from the main character as to why is he depress. The bj scene was straight out of a porn flick. Nothing was building up for the climax.

The ending...didn't explain anything. It's just ends...and the audience goes home.

Not one of the worst independent films of all time. But it certainly one of the most looooongest and pointless.

2 out of 5

I've heard from several of my friends that they would have a better time paying taxes than to watch this movie.

It's worth the watch at least once, the salt lands(can't remember the name of the place right now) scenes where he rides his motorbike are beautiful to watch.

It's nowhere near as good as Gallo's Buffalo 66 though. But I don't mind watching a whole film with Gallo mostly just driving smile

The blow job scene was ugly though.

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