Mission Impossible 3 : Does it Excites You

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Does the Movie Excites U .

I just read Tom Cruise Interview about Mission Impossible 3

wasnt MI2 a shitty enough movie for peopl? not to mention a disgrace on woo's name.

I loved "M:1 2", saw nothing wrong with it. In the U.S., John Woo is a joke. The only other foreign flick of his that anyone here has heard of would be "Hard Boiled". I don't see anyone honestly refuting what I just said.

I dont like the Mission Impossible movies.

I agree tottaly with you that john woo's American films are a joke. Especially MI2. the best American flicks that represent woo's Asian cinema are Face/Off and Broken Arrow. I mean heroe's shed no tears, A better tomorrow,to hell with the Devil and a bullet in the head have some of the best God damn action in all of action Cinema. Yeah the writing and stories are fairly bad, but the action and violence make them jaw dropping to watch. to bad he turned his back on this style.

I thought the motorcycle scene in Mi2 and the knife scene were cool, but thats it.. the film was totally devoid of a plot. Maybe Mi3 could change.. maybe they should get Yuen wo ping for the choreography :P

Mr Zero

C'mon CA - i'm quite sure I'm not the only Woo aficionado on KMC - blanket statements like this do you a disservice.

Mr Zero
Bullet in the Head ? The first and second act of the film had little to no suspense, very slow paced character introduction and crappy scene build up. I found the last half hour useless.

Ok I'm kiding - I love this movie. kickass!

I would also like to add that John Woo's other known film here is The Killer. Which is astounding as Hard Boiled. As for M1 and there were films utterly lame. So, I, wont be looking forward to a third movie.

lil bitchiness
Obviously mission impossible isnt impossible if they made 3 movies about it being impossible...huh silly movie.

Mission Possible: Tom Cruise tries to impress...and fails...again 3.

I thought MI:2 was terrible, much much worse than the original. In my mind, MI:3 will only continue this downward slide, until the franchise has drained every possible cent.

Just seems appropriate, given the clientele, again.

well JJ Abrams (alias) is making his debuet as a director on MI:3 and Carry Anne Moss(matrix) is in it as well

I'd like the movie series pay homage to the tv series better than either movie did.

I thought MI:1 betrayed fans of the tv series, but served up secret ops very well. I thought Mi:2 brought too much stylistic cinimea to the franchise than it should have. But I won't complain much since it gave new life or new direction (so to speak) to the franchise.

If style, ops, and homage are there, I'm on board.

The first one was a great movie. The second was a complete utter, shitty failure. I lost some respect for Woo, when he chose to do a flick with van damme,then this shitty unbleviable shit ass movie, then the shit horse of paycheck, i was surprised that Feme fatale, and exks Vs sver werent john woo movies, because they sure enough look and feel like all of his other american flicks. If tom Cruise is involved it wil defaintly blow, so yeah it's gonna blow.

I completely agree, the first one was great, the second one was a piece of crap and totally ruined the M:I series, but I do think the third one will be good, I mean name one Tom Cruise film lately that hasn't been good or gotten good reviews. Only one I can think of is Vanilla Sky but that was three years ago, and MI2.

I dont know man, it;s just somthing about ol tommy boy.After he became the golden boy, his character in his films always seem to be Tom cruise and not the person he is playing. do you know what i mean?

Yeah I see what you mean, but did you see Collateral? He did an excellent job in that and did a good job convincing you he was an actual hit man. Also the Last Samurai he did a good job in that, but it's just been recently that he'd done this, up until then I'd agree he basically played himself in every movie.

Yeah, i do think he did a nice job in Last Samuri, even though i think the story was weak in substance. I am not saying that he doesnt have the ability to be a good actor, but it's alsways as if he is having to much fun in his movies. you know? Like collateral. I just saw it as tom letting lose and playin a bad guy havin a good time. I would have liked to see him push his lmists and actually touch a darker side of humanity.Most good actors who play hitmen can pull this off in an impactfull way. I think collateral was a failure for him, considering what he could have done with the character. I'm sure he'll come into his own again when he gets older, but i think we have quite a few more tom cruise playing TOM CRUISE MOVIES comming our way before then smile

no its doesnt

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