Top 5 reasons life sucks

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Mr. Bacon
top five reasons why your life sucks at the moment

- school
-lack of money
-lack of a car

Crash Overload
And the point Of This is....?

wait till you get to college, Its fun, Yet you want to shoot yourself.

LAck of money? hers a thought, stop sitting your ass in front of the comp and WORK

-monty in general
-nukes stick out tongue

Mr. Bacon
yeah well im workin on getting a job but i have a college in my town adn they take all the jobs

That was harsh erm

People work their whole lives and complain about lack of money roll eyes (sarcastic)
I have a job, and don't have money *shrugs*

No money
School Sucks
Home Sucks
I'm sick
Havent seen my friends in 3 months

Crash Overload
No that isn't harsh, harsh is me wearniog my felt hat, and a 6 year old sying to his mother "Look he is dumb, look at his hat, he's stupid" and the mother lauighing, then me going up to them, Your saying I look ugly with that aht? Well shows yuo did not look in a mirrior latly." He cried, then i laughed. THAT is harsh,. anotehr example, have 3 hours of slep every day of your lfe (eccept weekends and fridays, when there is no college) Now, how about letting go of the complaining, and accepting life is unfaire, and hard. And if you are not up to it, well jsut live with your perents untill your 32, or married, liek that you wan't have to worry about money6, taxes or whatever.

Oh and for futur reference, if you report this, then you a have problem.

there are places for rambling on on how your lfie sucks, my life is worst then yours, you don't hear me saying anything about it.

And if your looking for pity, good luck.

Crash Overload
No i really meaning it good luck.

be happy you have life unlike an aborted fetus

yea i know that was harsh

I agree w/ this statement smile

top 5 reasons life sucks

-9-5 job
-the belief in working hard

Dario Argento
How did you know that?? What the f**k?

-lack of driving license
-my own stupidity.

and that's all at the moment stick out tongue

only 5 things?? hmm.. i will grt back to when i have narrowed down the list

Mighty Yoda
having holidays

- Parents
-lack of money
-lack of driving license
-parents stick out tongue

1. parents
2. school
3. friends

3??? eek! only 3 things?? saadu has improved my life, by making the minor things in my life not matter anymore droolio im so happy lately!

-People that complain too much.
-Cry babies
-Spoiled people
-The people that like point out the obvious.

Life is too short to be sour grape.

People, People CHEER UP!!!! We all know life sucks, but i like to think otherwise :-P

Yeah those are the top five reasons if you're in highschool and unemployed... wink

Now take someone (a non european for say) who lived in Africa under apartheid top five reasons life sucks...survey says:

-oppresive brutal government
-rampant poverty
-exploitation of your people and native lands resources
-severe inhuman punishments for political protests
-oppresive brutal government

and i will post five top things why life's beautiful and i love it

- they cut all our lessons and i have to spend shorter time in school
-it's our exam year but i won some crappy contest and i don't have to write it, i automatically get the mex score
-i've fot loads of great music at my house i can listen to it whenever i want
-i'm loved by my mates and i love them
-i'm going to birmingham and i'll see abby

life's a beauty happy

Mr Parker
1.politicians get away with crimes we cant.
2.accidental deaths
4.job turn downs.
5.over population.

1. not having any money wanting everything
2. people shout out you
3. people die, when you dont want them to die
4. school
5. being fat

YOURE NOT FAT mad mad mad chair

life doesnt suck, if you have an attitude about life like that of course it will twist towards that direction, and reasons of why it sucks just makes it worst for one who believes life sucks, youre going to be miserable your whole life if you think life sucks, life is a journey one whole long journey that if you dont charish every moment even ones that seem horrible now, you will have realized that life has just passed you by in a blink, dont have that attitude towards life it just makes it all the more negative for you

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