Deadly Viper Assassination Squad...who are they?

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Does nobody think about the characters past?

Yeah we all know O-ren parents were killed by the Yakuza and that she eventually became Bill's assassin..but what about the others? How did they learn about Bill?

Vernita Green Codename Copperhead

You could tell a lot about a person the way he/she talks...So i'm guessing Vernita came from Eaglewood or LA or other words the GHETTO. She was a part of a gang,probably BLOODS. It was there she taught how to fight with a knife (as gangmembers do a lot of knife fights...). So i suppose one day,Vernita was hanging in a club where a rival gangmember was hitting on "her man". She kicked the shit out of her and was thrown out by the bouncers. But what Vernita didn't know that there was a charming man in the club following her every move. Outside Vernita killed both bouncers with her famous knife technique. So Bill saw that and approached her and convinced her a life beyond her dreams...That's when Vernita became Copperhead.

Beatrix Kiddo

As we know Kiddo doesn't "have any family". We also known that she was taught in the Tiger-crane Style. So where do people go when they want to learn it?= Southern China!! But how did she get there? Well i think Bill was Beatrix lover...Well "lover" is a strong word. I quess she came from Allabama (it you think about he uses that place a lot: Reservoir Dogs,True Romance,...) Because i think Beatrix was the innocent type of girl that was easy to seduce and to manipulate of course. So Beatrix told her family that she was leaving with her lover to China...But what wait a minute she didn't have any family right? WELL,i quess she had two choices: To stay with her family and to leave BILL or to go with BILL and loose her family that's what happened. Beatrix flew to China to be taught in the Tiger Crane Style and...the teachings of Pai Mei of course!!! As for her skills,she was feared by many and gained respect from the crew.

Elle Driver

Elle was the last to join..and was kind of a pain in the ass. Now this is my theory: She was the girlfriend of BUDD before she joined the crew and it was BUDD who introduced her. After Beatrix was put in a coma,Elle hooked up with BILL. THAT's WHY BUDD is pissed and hates BILL and ELLE. He's heart was broken...So Elle's past isn't hard to figure out.


Budd is Bill's brother,they were raised by a single mother in mexico.


Bill aka Snake Charmer,THE MAN!!! I always wondered how the hell he became a student of Hattori Hanzo and trained with the best.....???? Still don't knowsmile

These are no facts..but merely a theory of mine.

That's really well-worked out! It makes a lot of sense - I never thought about it before. They MUST have backgrounds - Tarantino always works things out in meticulous detail


Alabama was a name in RD and TR...the girl Alabama (Patricia Arquette) was from Florida.

If I had to guess, I'd say Bill took on Beatrix as his ward when she was a feral orphan running around in the streets of...well, it could be anywhere in America or Europe. When Uma got to be about 16 or 17, Bill decided he wanted her to be his "main squeeze" as well as his protogee'.

I think that out of all the DVAS O-ren has the most tragic life. But then again, she was a cold assasin, so I don't pitty her much.

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