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BOOM!! TINK! TINK! TINK! BOOM!! BOOM! VOOOOW! COVER ME! TINKTINKTINK! AH!! ITS HIM RUN BOOM BOOM WHOOSH! NO.... eek! (back ground gets quiter and a man half dead stares into fears eyes) Man: it wasnt always this way.. there was a time when you could sleep without having to worrie that you wouldnt see tomarrow.. they say he wasnt always this way.. that he once was a man.. i thought they were crazy no monster of this kind could have ever been a man but now i know better. you could look straight into his EYES and see his sarrow, his hatred, the emotions of this beast were human but it itself has not been for some time. sad it all started 10 years ago..... ( the screen goes black and a yonger version of the man hides behind a wall dreesed in a PGA (psi group of america) outfit with a name sowed on it saying Andrew Green with a gun in one hand and sweat driping down his face you relise that the clothing he is wearing the same one ten years from only now its new) mysterious voice: youve got 30 sec. hurrie up Green!
andrew peeks over the wall.. TINK! TINK! TINK! andrew: DAMN!
soldier 1: not on my watch green! CLICK. ( the soldier reloads) laughing out loud andrew:mumble mumble mad mysterious voice: 10 sec. DUMB ASS!
andrew: il do it in five! soldier: roll eyes (sarcastic) (andrew glows bright red and runs out with fire in his eyes) andrew: mad AHHH!!! (fire flys for his arms and sets half the room on fire along with the soldier) soldier: eek!
( andrew walks thought the blaze on fire and steps on a platform lit up with lights pulls out a ciggar) andrew: smokin' $!ht head shoudnt have pushed my buttons a was gonna let him walk away with a bullet in his @$$.

to be continued

umm... so...

what are you talking about?????? What the f**k?

that was weird. next time you write a story, maybe you could actually write sumthing that the readers understand...


i know my friend wanted to make a story so i let him and this is how it turned out

oh so this isnt ur story rite??

ok, i see



Stealth Agent
f'real your to embaressed to admit it is a lie otherwise if it was a friends story you would atleast wrote that at the beggining of the story

i liked the concept though. Like hot man sauce man said you should describe the beggining like whats hapenning. Also edit it for errors.

Hmmm, an interesting concept, but it needs to be a little more polished..... stick at it.

Captain REX
That's pretty odd...

dude i diddnt write this crapshit

this story fukeng sucks

sorry if this comes out uncensored because im expieramenting

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