The Matrix Has You

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An online story by

Slasher Punk 18

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Chapter 1

Click,click,click.Jake's fingers glided rapidly over the keyboard.
"Access Denied."said the computer mockingly.
"C'mon......"muttered Jake.
"Access Denied."
Jake Jones had been sitting in front of his computer for hours.But this wasn't different from any other night.This was his routine.He was a junior hacker,and an unsuccesful one at that.
Jake put his head in his hands.
'Please,not now..."
It was his mother calling for him with that annoying shriek that she had.
"WHAT?!" Jake yelled back.
"We need milk!"
He sat there.Looking from his computer screen to the stairs that led down to the kitchen where his mom was yelling from.
He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where his mother was yelling at him.She looked at him with suspicion.
"What do do up there anyway?You've been up there since 5!"
"Nothing." he muttered in reply.
She kept eying him.
'Well,anyway,we do need milk."
"I guess you want me to get it,right?"
"Don't get smart with me."
He sighed and(after putting on his jacket) went outside to his motorcycle and was on his way downtown.he squinted to see as he drove in the poring rain on this dark night.He looked behind him.He could have sworn that he'd seen a black car following him.It had been a strange day.While he had been at school,he could have sworn that he had seen what looked like FBI guys in dark shades and suits following him.He finally got to the store and got off his bike.It only took a couple of minutes to get what he needed.When he walked out of the store,his suspicions were confirmed.
It was the black car and sure enough,there were th FBI guys getting out of the car.His brain told him to run but his feet were planted.One of the men took off his shades and approached him.
"Jake Jones?"
Jake hesitated."Yeah."
It felt like slow-motion as one of the agents pulled out a gun and pointed it at Jake's head.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.