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So, how many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had in your lifetime. Sorry but uhhhh... my number is 0. stick out tongue

1, for the past 2 years

2. I dated one for 3 years and was engaged, but broke it off. Now I've been dating a different guy seriously for about 4 months, but I've known him for almost a year.

Royal Knight
10..i am will someone now so yeah---i hope it lastssmile

dude i went out with some guy and found out he was goin out with 4 other girls at the same time mad stupid mother ducker ...... yes i said ducker huh confused

I hate duckers

maybe about 15..but only about 5 went somewhwere an donly 1 was love



i had 1 and two thirds.....haha, dont ask why!
stick out tongue

4 boyfriends total . the last one i married .

big gay kirk
well, my first was when I was eighteen... she was sixteen, and we were together a year and a bit, then she ran off with my cousin... I then almost went out with a girl at college, and almost went out with a girl from down south... then me and my first got back together, got married, had a son, were together about twelve years or so, and got divorced when she left me and our son and ran off with a taxi driver... then i went with an 18 yera old girl for two weeks, had an off-on (mainly off) with a lafdy i worked with that didn't get anywhere, and now I'm good friends with another lady I worked with... she's a divorced single parent too....

2 Girlfriends, last one i hope gets hit by sattalite........long story

Agent Phillips
2. 1 whole one (who is now gay), and 2 halves (one I barely ever saw, and the other was never official)

I dunno how many but alot

Agent Phillips
show off roll eyes (sarcastic)


Sarah Malfoy
none! yet

Am not. Just answering the question buddy

Agent Phillips
Ya gotta have hope man wink

Agent Phillips
Calm down mate I was only joking stick out tongue


1st was pretty standard young relationship, not much happened and ended thru boredom lol.
2nd i went out with for about a year, was rough at times but lasted until we had a huge argument and split, we're both still friends now tho
3rd ended about a month ago, lasted about 4months, was the best of the 3 for me... and her im told lol, everything went to hell in 2 days haha, something happened and both of us confused things, and i still dont know whats happening here... i know she still has strong feelings, and so do i but because of what happened we're both confused and reluctant lol....messed

*yawn* boring stuff haha

I never had the guts to ask the boy i like out....confused

steely balls
1 real relationship, it lasted for 3 months i think, maybe less, but then she got busy, lets leave it there, but i'm looking damn it, even though i'm gonna be way to busy myself

Silver Stardust
I've had one boyfriend, I was 13 at the time and we went out for a week. So I'd say that doesn't really count...

3 guys.... the first one i met at a concert and we went out for like 9 months and then i found out he slept with some ho and i broke up with him... the other two only lasted for about 2-3 weeks because the first guy was always trying to get me back and they'd get tired of it and break up with me to avoid the drama

free dirt twice
7 girlfriends (no joke)

Umm....Interesting story. Is this real?

I know what ya mean. But you'll find that someone, just be bold and go for it! Besides, all he can say is "no". You'll be hurt at first but ya won't e drooling over someone who has absolutely no interest in you.

1 not serious and 1 serious...the first one ended in rage...the second one in depression

Sun Ce
never had a gf, which is sooo weird, but well thats it i guess....sad

never had a girlfriend, although not sure why...oh, wait, yeah, i know...its because i'm so freaking shy.

1 real bf (1,5 year), 2 or 3 we spend a few weeks togehter and many guys I dated but I can't say they were my boyfriends.

2, including my current one.

well, ive had quite a lot which lasted no more than 4 weeks, so i dont really count them, so ive had one, which lasted 4 months, which i was really proud of at the time, but now i think of it, its not that long erm

i have a boyfriend now, after one year, and i think this one is going to last in_love

Flying High a loser stick out tongue

doesnt mean your a loser no2
just means that you wont ever regret going out with someone who you now think is a loser stick out tongue

what's a boyfriend? eek!

does that got anything to do with alcohol and parties?

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