just 2 questions

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1.who would win in a six man match with having
beatrix, vernita, and o-ren vs budd, elle, bill

2. and was vernita o-ren and beatirx the least dangerous of the six

The first one to fall is BUDD,because he neglicted his training for years....second is Vernita Green,third elle and then O-ren...

Beatrix and Bill are the best warriors in the arena,so they will end up facing eachother...NOW Bill is very strong and would probably kicked the shit out of Beatrix,BUT Beatrix knows the five palm technique..So it's a tough call. Well Bill wins after all (hehehhe)

If Bill had known that Beatrix had been taught the five-point-palm-exploding-heart-technique, he might well have kept his distance and tried to team up with the others to take her out early.

Seeing as how Beatrix single-handedly fought approximately 40 skilled fighters at once, though, they still wouldn't have had much of a chance, especially with two toughies like O-ren and Vernita watching her back.

Dude, budd just grabs his shotgun

*blast, blast, blast*

And Bill's swordfighting is actually better then Bea's.

Add to this a couple of venemous snakes brought by elle, and I think the match is pretty much settled

i would such a match to elle.

first thing is first, everyone would team up against beatrix. one down.

then they would after the next strongest which would be bill. all in all i thing elle would win because she is very sneaky and knows how to play both sides of the game to stay alive. deception is the key!

but was vernita her only friend back then. i could for some reason see them as close freinds

Well,Beatrix was in the deadly Viper Assassination Squad..and the first recruit was O-REN and second Beatrix,so they were actually good friends (when they say the thing "Trix are for kids" that's something they used to say) and in the final battle look at both characters...They express real emotions because in the past they were good friends..and one of them is going to die. Third member was Vernita..she was the cool type,you knowsmile the only rogue was Elle i think.


I'm thinking Budd was the first member, by virtue of being Bill's younger brother.

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