Access Codes to Zion?

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The entire plot around The Matrix was that the Agents needed the Access codes to Zion. In Reloaded, the Architect tells Neo that the MAchines basically have always known how to get to Zion. Doesent this basically make the plot of the first Matrix worthless? I mean, Agent Smith was going crazy about getting the codes, but he never really needed them. If Smith did get the codes, would Zion be destroyed?

I think it's the same deal as in Reloaded with the key maker. Neo needed to get the keymaker in order to reach the source and meet the architect in order to reload the matrix as the machines wanted. But then why were the agents going after the key maker and trying to capture him and prevent Neo from reaching the source. I think it is an allusion to make it seem to the humans as if they are fighting and making a difference, when in reality they are just doing everything the Architect had planned for and the Agents are just pawns of the Architect that are given orders but don't really have any knowledge of behind the orders or think on their own. That's why Agent Smith was so different he had a personality and thought on his own, different than all the other agents.

It takes away the threat that the Agents held in the first one. ..

Yeah it does, but the mystique of the One was also kinda taken away after we learned that there were already 5 previous "ones"

i think of the agents trying to get the codes to Zion as kinda like a safeguard, a way for the machines to make sure the humans don't get too complacent in their safety. The Agents trying to get the codes is like the Sword of Damocles.


The agents were wasted, they seemed to have no threat at all, everybodies cat and dog could've taken on an agent in the sequels.

Not quite, they still are very dangerous and can kill people, forget about Trinity in Reloaded? They are very powerful still, but we just didn't know in the first one that they weren't that knowledgeable.

me and jedi had a whole deal about this. the access codes, IMO, did exist and smith was trying to get them. jedi said that the codes exist although worthless.

Look guys, it seems fairly simple to me. If I'm wrong, fair enough, but I don't see why there is all this fuss about Zion codes if I'm right.
As the machines had destroyed Zion before, and very clearly had the fire-power to do it, they did not need the codes at all, as they would only have to destroy Zion after the matrix had been "Reset." I think that agents were created only to govern the Matrix, and are part of it, and if I am right, then they too would be "Reset" along with the Matrix itself. This would mean that Smith had no knowledge of Zion being destroyed before, and would only have his programing to go on. If the Agents are programs, they need a primary objective to survive, so if the Arcitect thought that he wanted to keep the whole thing abnout reseting the Matrix a secret, he would have to make sure that the agents acted as though getting the codes to Zion's mainframe was the ONLY way to destroy Zion, so that the Humans wouldn't be prepared for the final attack. As the Agents are not very important, the easiest way for him to do this was to make them belive that the codes were the only way, that way he could be sure they acted like it.

my head hurts

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