I hate those stupid Hobbits from LOTR

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Dom and billy or w/e they did a horrible job... i say they are overated.

You got that right bro, totaly OVERRATED specialy dom HE SUCKS!

Darth Revan
They didn't do a HORRIBLE job... But yes, they are overrated. And I'm getting very sick of all these teenage girls going "OMGOMGOMG Billy adnD om!!! R teh ohttest ppl on earth!!!!". Come on, they're what, 5'2? roll eyes (sarcastic)

Dom did a HORRIBLE job

THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS THREAD. Dom and Billy are the ugliest and most overrated actors ever. These girls who think they're hot seriously need to get their eyes checked.


Mr Zero
I think they are both super hot... even tho they are midgets.

Darth Revan
Again... I wouldn't go so far as to say they're horrible, but they are VERY average actors. There is nothing special about them at all.


Okay...well...I don't think their is anything truely special about any actor. Well...maybe Tom Hanks...I love that guy. Anyways... I do love Dom and Billy...but you guys think way too much on it.
It's just a silly little crush that I enjoy having in my free time. Most girls have these crushes from one time to another. It's not so big a deal.
Why don't you make a thread that says... I hate the f*cking Elf from LOTR?
Why do you have to pick on the hobbits? We aren't nearly as bad as the Legolas fans.
I happen to think that they are all (Elijah, Dom, Billy, Sean) good actors. They certainly aren't horrible actors...
But...say what you must. I don't ***** about other people's interests... please show a tiny bit of consideration to ours.
It's not like I post about them all over creation. I tend to stick to the threads relating to them.
If another thread pops up asking whos' your fav actor...duh. I'm gonna put Dom or Billy...cuz they are actors and I really like them. They may not be my number one choice as an actor, but they are in there.
And please...other than this forum....where are they overrated?
I would love to know so I can go join those in overrating them. stick out tongue

And maybe for the shallow ones in the world...it's all about looks, but I did not find either attractive until I learned about their personalities and interests. I don't look at a person's face, but their heart.
Don't say that's cheesy or lame... no you can't see everything about a celeb, but then again you can't see everything about anyone now can you?
My gosh...just give us a friggin break and chill. roll eyes (sarcastic)

iu hate hobbits erm

lil bitchiness
There are threads about Billy B and Domanic M.

Please use them.

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