I got a job today!

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Today I got a job!

It took 5 1/2 hours to get through 28 damn ****ing people eek!

But it paid off in the endcool

So I will not be on KMC as much as I used to sad

Pablo G
Hey ur the gay dude right ?

Anyway, what's ur job ?

I will be taking telephone interviews over the phone

And yes I am the gay dude

COngrats kid!

Thanks CaPtaInCLaUdiA smile

Pablo G
Do you like doing that stuff ?

lil bitchiness
Wow congradulations!! eek!

Im so happy for you shoukan!! hug

Good luck, and we will miss you!

Oh you poor bastard, welcome to the workforce.

Pablo G
Hehehe work sucks, but I'm in school for the moment, but I work in the summer, and it sucks.

Eh it is the money I wantbig grin..As long as I get a pay check I will do fine

Thanks lil b hug

winkI will miss you too

PAblo his name is Shoukan not the gay dude. ok

and Congrats Shoukan I tell u what i wish i was working instead of at school but i would miss all my friends so i do have it pretty good. and god telephone interviews do u know how much patiences u need for that job i would flip out on prolly every other call

wooooot big grin

Good job man thumbup
Wish you only the best, and make lots of money!! hug

and give it to me and irene evil face

then we could run away to an island together naughty

laughing out loud okay I gotta run to school wavey ciao big grin


Well Ill be on in lets see 13 more hours cause thats when i get home from school cause baseball tryouts run to 7 pm

I need a job... dammit sad
Good luck @ tryouts DeNiro smile

Congrats, I don't know you but congrats all the same. I have telephone interviews btw.

Oh so THAT's why you took offense to my use of the word "***."

Well in that case Shoukan...my sincerest apologies. I didn't mean it in a derogitory way...and i truly hope there aren't any hard feelings...

So how's the new job working out? How's the pay? any benefits?

Today I start training...The pay is $6.50 an hour---plus $9.75 an hour when I work on my days off. I do not know about benefits yet..but I will have to look into it since in June I will have to start paying for heath insurance.

good ole' 3 month. So are you working full time? That's kinda low pay...in California, that's like a $1 less than minimum wage. But everything here is super expensive.

How do you like the people you work with?

This agency is mostly of people aged 16-20 years old...So I guess that is a good thing. Minimum wage here is $5.25--and they are going to raise it soon.


that's really cool. Atleast you'll be around people your own age. I'm the youngest person at my company by 6 years....it sucks. They call me the "baby" miffed But i don't care because i make bank...

Where do you work>?

I start on the phones tomorrow for reals...yay finally! Happy Dance

Congrates Sexy! eek!

Miss and love ya love *hugs* xx

thanks saucybird007wink

mmmm its time i got a job instead of being lazy at uni wink
Oh well another year to finsih Bar school then i will be a lawyer then i will sue everyone devil

I work for an internet company in Manhattan Beach, California. We process auto mobile claims between body shops and insurance companies.

www.processclaims.com is the name of the site we run...but it's kinda worthless unless you have a log on ID and PW.

I need a job...

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