Freddy's Return: The New Nightmare

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I decided to create a different one then my other story.

Nine-teen year old Evan was lost in a vast room full of thick leaky pipes and pounding machinery. It was a boiler room, similiar to the one at school except unbelievebly large, and Evan was wearing nothing but the same things he had gone to bed in, a pair of boxing shorts and a red T-shirt. Dispite the steam that pervaded the stifiling air Evan felt unbelievebly cold, chilled to the bone infact. He wandered aimlessly through the iron doors and down the metal ladders and along ramps that always seemed to lead to nowhere. He knew something horrible was after him. The sound of knives on the pipes filled the room like nails on a chalk board, sending a chill down Evans spine. He heard the high, cold sound of laughter which seemed to be the mark of evil itself, as his heart pounded in his chest he became aware of something frightfully close to him. As he heard a ripping a tearing sound he turned to his left and saw some man rip a dull-grey curtain from its' hanger with his razor blades. The blades were scary and seemed to be part of some sick and twisted glove. Evan could not see this mans face, shadows seemed to mask it, but Evan knew it was not normal, from what he had seen it looked burnt and blistered beyond regonition. He let out a squeak of fear and ran down the nearest ramp only to find himself trapped in a dead end. Once again the laughter echoed all around him. He opened his mouth and let out a petrified yell which was followed by an eerie silence. He wondered weither he should go out and see if the creep was still loitering. But something grabbed him from behind which made the teenager almost jump out of his skin, it spun him around and took a swipe at him with its' razors of death. Evan thrashed his arms infront only to find himself back in his bedroom, safe and sound. But he didn't fell safe, his heart was still racing furiously and he was drenched in cold sweat, he rubbed his shoulder which the madman had taken a swipe and expected to feel nothing, but to his surprise his fingers were covered in a warm liquid. He switched on his bedside light and saw crimson red blood oozing from four fresh wounds in his shoulder and dripped onto his fingers. With the nightmare still fresh in his head he began to wonder if his parents had heard his screams of terror, or his two sisters which were ages six and fourteen. But the house was silent....The four scars which were fresh on his shoulder disturbed him deeply, after all, marks like that don't just come out of thin air.......or do they?

Evan and his family had only recently moved to Elm Street, but ever since they moved into 1428 every night Evan had been plagued with the horrifying nightmares in which nobody seemed to care about and ignored him whenever he bought up the topic. His fourteen year old sister Paige believed and listened to everything he had told her. But she didn't take the matter seriously.

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"And his finger razors! he screeched them along pipes and things" it was a sunny lunchtime at Springwood High, Evan was explaining to his seven friends about the dream he had had the night before. He imitated the sound the blades made, pulling his fingers down through thin air. "Also that horrible song those little girls sung. It went one, two Freddy's coming for you."
"Sounds like a regular boogey man" Tasha said, riggling her fingers like the knives that had plagued Evan's head all day long. "His was horribly burned....." hearing enough about Evan's night terrors, the group decided to head off to class.

Evan didn't sleep well that night, for one, a dull screeching sound came from downstairs somewhere, it reminded him of the night stalker he had encountered whenever his mind wandered into a dream. "That's it!" Evan yanked on his slippers and left his room. "Paige if that's you I'm gonna pound your ass!" he yelled, descending the stairs at brake-neck speed. It suddenly occured to him that the noise was coming from outside. He felt his heart leapt up into the reign of his Adam's apple, but he knew he had to be strong and investigate. The hallway was lined with the most bizzare and disturbing paintings Evan had ever laid his eyes upon. A lot of them were of people being hacked to pieces or sliced by razors. Evan shivered as he walked out into the midnight air, it was dark and gloomy and the last place Evan wanted to be right now. A bone chilling whisper reached his ears. "Evan........." the disembodeyed voice whispered. The alleyway, thought Evan. That's where the whispers were coming from. Nobdy seemed to be lurking in the alleyway, but it struck Evan as odd that an alleyway was in his backyard, did he even have a backyard? CHING! a frightful object cluttered to the ground from behind. He truned on his heel to find the lid of a trash can lying in the middle of the alley. The shadow of a man's head reflected off the garage, the figure seemed to be wearing a hat. Slowly and cackling, the man lurched fourth from behind the garage. "Shit" Evan muttered, this creep again. He walked towards Evan, dragging his razors along the side of the house, giving off the same sound it made with the pipes in the boiler room. A dull light illuminated his face, bearing the horrible burnt, moist skin of a man who was more then human but less then a monster."Oh god!" Evan cried.
"This!,' the man yelled, riggling his razored hand, 'is God'
Evan screamed and ran as fast as his legs would carry him, he could hear the deadly scream of the madman from behind. He reached the backdoor and pulled it open. But one big problem stood in his way, the door was locked..........

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"Mom! Paige! Dad! open the f*cking door!" Evan pounded on it with his fists. Unfourtunatly it was too little too late. The dream stalker caught him and yelled 'You family can't help you now! they're still awake!"
Evan fell to the concret ground, wrestling with the man. Only now he caught a full sight of the man. It was the most horrible, sick and twisted face ever imaginable. Beneath the dark brown fedora sat two eyes, the pupils were as red as the fires of hell. The teeth, the teeth were sharper then butcher knives, razored and jaggered. The skin was mangeled, burnt and horribly blistered. It wasn't a normal skin colour either, instead of flesh-pink the skin was the colour of blood. "Freddy's got you now......" he growled, saliva oozing from his mouth. Evan's hands scanned the ground for anything that might be of use as a weapon. His hands were lucky enought to stumble upon a piece of timber. With all his teenage might, Evan struck the mans face as bits of teeth and blood sprayed everywhere, he feel to the ground clutching his face beneath his hands. Evan shattered the glass door and fiddled with the lock which clicked open. "Yes!" he roared in triumph. He headed for the basement door, he knew his father had stored an axe down there somewhere. As he descended the steps he saw the basement disolve into a world of hot, steamy pipes and gigantic boilers. A red glow filled the room. He was in the boiler room again. Unable to see because of the blinding steam, he searched through the iron doors and ramps using his fingers, scalding them occasionally on a pipe. After several minutes of wandering aimlessly through the boiler room he stopped for some recollection of where he might be. He rubbed his eyes as his vision slowly came back to him. It appeared that he was in the heart of the boiler room. Evan was standing on a small iron field, sorrounded by ladders and pipes. A yard ahead of him stood the biggest, meanest boiler of them all. SSSSSCCCCCCRRRRRREEEEECCCHHHHH! The horrible sound came from behind. Evan wheeled around and stood face to face with the horrible disfigured man. "Elm Street's newest brat....farewell" he said in a low, rasping voice which was chilling to the bone. "W-w-who are y-y-you!?" Evan stuttered.
"Your worst nightmare." the man replied. From behind Evan, the lid to the boiler blew off followed by fire and bits of iron and mental. The scarred man lifted the nineteen year old high above his head. "Now nobody sleeps!" he cackeled. Freddy tossed Evan through the air and into the boiler. The water was boiling and the surface was full of firey red flames. It scaled Evan's skin which sizzeled like bacon, he opened his mouth and screamed in pain. His skin now as mageled as Freddy's. 'Just let me die......death is nothing compared to this' Evan thought. The last moments of Evan's life were filled with the laugh of Freddy Krueger, the horrible dream demon. The adolescent mess floated beneath the water of the boiler, death having been wiped from his body.

Evan's mother Mrs Connors was in for a big surpise the next morning. Thinking of going into Evan's room to wake her son up she let out a petrified scream. Her son which use to look ordinary now looked like a burnt roast, his skin was now charcoal black. Mrs Connor's screams echoed throughout the house and Elm Street.......

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Paige hadn't taken the news of her brother's death very well. The instant the words of her parents cries reached her ears she collapsed motionless on the floor. When she came to she prayed that it was just a dream, but unfortunatly for her it was reality. The police had ruled the death suicide instead of murder, as nobody could have broken in since the hatch on the window had no finger prints on it. The youngest sibling, five year-old Kayleigh didn't understand death, she knew she wouldn't see her brother again, but she just didn't know why. The funeral was three days later and was held at Springwood cemetary, a lot of relatives and close friends attended. Paige sat on a seat at the front, wearing her finest black dress and vivid black glasses. Tears leaked slowly down her cheeks from underneath her glasses. She didn't really want to pay attention to the minister, it was too painful. She wanted to day-dream like she always did, Paige was a girl who usually had her head stuck in the clouds. She began to nod off as usual, the words of the minister were only 'blahs' and 'bleehs' to her. The lid to the mahogany casket opened with a bang. 'Wass Up!' Evan cried. He clambered out and walked up to Paige with a grin spread across his face. "I love this!,' he said,'they really think I'm dead don't they!?" he nodded in the direction of thier parents. Paige took off her glasses and stared Evan in the eyes, even day-dreaming of Evan was too painful. Lucky her consiounce had made his skin normal instead of horribly burnt like the coroner had described. Evan noticed Paige's blood-shot eyes and the tears trickling down her face. "Hey......what's with the tears?" he asked kindly. "You know I would never leave you, it was just a joke!"
Paige shook her head sadly, day-dreaming of Evan didn't cheer her up. She knew now she had to grow up. "No more daydreams......" she annouced in a whisper. "Well......" said Evan. "I better get going." He hopped back into his casket with the last word 'I love you' then closed the lid.

The next few days were awkward. The Connors family weren't their usual selves. Paige usually took refuge in her room. She had been going through in her head Evan's last few words. The nightmares he had metioned slowly came back to her. Some guy named Freddy, slowly and quietly, Paige got up and headed for her brothers room. When she entered, she closed the door gently and searched the sleves for a journal or something, something that might help her get a better grasp of the situation. A small red notebook lay on Evan's desk. She picked it up and flicked through it. In here were some Beautiful drawings of nature and wild-life. After a few pages things began to change drastically. The pictures were no long lovely, they were horrible disgusting drawings of mutilated bodys. She flicked through the pages and almost vomited. Her eyes fell upon one of her brother, a detailed black-and-white sketch of a man in a striped sweater with a funny looking hat, she noticed a horrible glove on his hand with razors for fingers, his skin looked burnt. Lying next to him on the floor was Evan's mutilated corpse engulfed in flames. Red liquid begun to appear within the pages. Not just red liquid........blood! Paige dropped the book instantly and backed away until she was back-to-back with the door. The room and the door began to melt rapidly into something else. Evans door became an old and rotten door, was this the door to Paiges house? Blood began to seep from the gap between the frame, it began to pour down, to flow, her door was behind a sheet of red blood.
"One, two Freddy's comming for you."
Where the hell was she!? this was her home, she was sure of it. But it looked all different, older, dirty and decrepit and all boarded up.
"Three, four better lock your door." She twirled around to find her front lawn covered with tombstones, old and mossy.
"Five, six grab your crucifix."
That song..........she looked infront of her to see three girls in thier finest white party dresses. Two girls held opposite ends of a skipping rope and twirled it over and over while the third jumped rope. But all three of them sang that bone-chilling song.
"Seven, eight better stay up late."
Paige walked down her porch steps and along the stone path towards the girls, she was shaking like mad.
"Nine, ten never sleep again." and they began to repeat it.
Something tapped Paige on the shoulder, a razored finger. She spun around and stood face to face with the man from the drawing, his brown hat, red and green sweater, red eyes, burnt skin, and his horrible glove. "Welcome home!" he laughed. Paige opened her mouth and screamed.
She awoke with a jolt back in bed. It was a dream, but it definetly didn't feel like a dream, it felt real. She knew that man was Evan's murderer, but now he was after her..........

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Paige sat up in a puddle of sweat, the visions of her nightmare still lingered in her head. She got up and went to her body-sized mirror, staring at her complection and whipping the sweat from her fore-head. Her mirror image began to stir and shake, the image grew larger and morphed into Freddy, he opened his mouth and laughed, baring his razor-sharp teeth. Paige shook her head and cried 'Leave me alone!" she picked up a paper-weight from her desk and hurled it at the mirror, shards of glass fell everywhere. She sat on her knees and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. She looked at the back board of the mirror and gasped, two hands (Freddy's) blasted through the oak wood and grabbed one wrists and twisted it around so it faced the ceiling. Freddys head then emerged from the wood and smiled, Paige screamed. He snapped his fingers and instantly Paige's fingers were controling themselves at Freddy's command. Her fingers picked up a long shard of glass and slashed it violently across her wrist. Blood sprayed everywhere as the teenage girl screamed in a mix of pain and fear. Paige woke up in bed, again, this time really awake. Her bedroom door bursted open as her parents ran in. Paige was going to breathe a sigh of relief when she looked down and gapped in horror. In her left hand sat a bloody pocket-kinfe which she kept in her drawers, and spraying from his wrist was a fountain of crimson blood. "Ma.......Dad.........." she fell to the ground, fainting from blood-loss.

An ambulance arrived and took Paige and her parents to hospital. After she had been stitched up she sat in an isolated room, across from her sat the sturdy police sheriff. He asked her a lot of difficult questions like why she tried to commit suicide and how she reacted after the death of her brother. "It was the man from my dreams!" Paige cried.
"What man?" the sheriff asked. He seemed extremly interested. Paige told him everything about her nightmare, including the burnt-faced man. She also told him that the man had slit her wrist and made it look like suicide. Once he had all the facts, The Sheriff left the room.
"It's another one he's after." The Sheriff told the deputy.
"Westin Hills is too full......we'll have to send her to a hospital outside of Springwood."
"With the others?" asked the deputy. The Sheriff nodded.

After a number of days Paige was sent to Roaming Meadows Institution. She hated it there, she didn't know why she was here, but her parents had it explained it to them by the police, the couldn't believe what was going on. Paige sat in the councelers office, her arms around her legs, The counceler explained to her that the man in her dreams wasn't real, but they both knew better. She started rocking backwards and fowards, anger siethed in her. "One, two Freddy's comming for you."
"Paige what are you doing!?" the counceler yelled. She was the only patient in this hospital that had had Freddy nightmares, and the last thing the staff needed was for this 'virus*' to spread.
"Three, four better lock your door."
"Cut it out now!"
But Paige continued.
"Five, six grab your crucifix. Seven, eight better stay up late."
"God damnit! I will lock you up if you don't stop!" he threatened. He stood up and exited the room.
"Nine, Ten never.........n-never" Paige began to sob, tears welling in her eyes, "Never-"
"Never sleep again." An adolescent voice echoed from the hallway. Paige stood up to investigate, baffeled that someone else knew that song. A boy around her age stood beyond the glass, he knew about that song. "Where'd you hear that rhyme?" he asked.

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Paige reviewed the information she had just taken in over and over. Her head ached and her brain seemed tight and cranky. Her and the fourteen year-old boy Sean sat in the entertainment room exchanging nightmares and other such useful information. Sean was very helpful. It turned out this dream stalker's name was Freddy Krueger. He was child killer before he died freed on a technicality. But after he died, he became something much, much worse. The un-happy parents of Elm Street tracked him down and found him in one of his old, abondoned boiler room's where he use to take his kids. They through cocktail's set alite through the dusty and grimy windows. Then they watched the rusted hell-hole go up in flames, while hearing the screams of the sick and twisted murderer. But in order to get his revenge Freddy came back in the dreams of teenagers. It was meant to be the children of the parents that killed him, but those little [email protected] were all dead now. So to have his fun Freddy just went after any horny, pimple-faced teenager who had too much dream-time on thier hands. "Where'd you learn all of this?" Paige asked.
"I told him." answered a voice. The voice bellonged to another teenage girl around the same age as Paige and Sean. She had long jet-black hair with jade-green eyes. "Paige, this is Jade." Sean introduced them both. Weather Jade's real name was Jade or just a nickname Paige didn't know.

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Paige was introduced to more of Springwood's troubled teens. There was Sean, Eric, Kyle and Selena, all of which suffered the same terrible dreams. They sat in the corner of the entertainment room exchanging their nightmares. "He killed my brothers and sisters!" piped in Kyle.
"He killed my brother then got me in here by making it look like I tried to commit suicide!" Paige cried in outrage. Darkness soon fell and the patients of Roaming Meadows Institute were all intructed to see the Medicine desk. They all formed a line and were given something one by one. When it was Paige's turn she identified it as a small blue pill with the words 'Hypnocil' etched along the side. "Don't swallow it." Eric whispered from behind. Paige took her small cup of water, stuck the pill in her mouth and gulped it down, making sure the pill stayed in her mouth. She left the line and spat her pill into the bin when no one was looking.

Nobody talked much as the evening progressed. All of Paige's new friends look exhausted. They had explained to her thier theory that those pills were dangerous and also that they couldn't fall asleep or they may not wake up. When it was time for bed Sean issued the words "Whatever you do, don't fall asleep." he said slowly. It was very difficult for the young girl, Paige lay in her nice soft, comfy institute bed sketching on her drawing block. With the artistic talent she had been given, she had drew the old Elm Street house she saw in her nightmares, all boarded up and creepy looking. Her eye lids began to grow extremly heavy, but she tried her best to stay awake. "Mustn't fall asleep..." she whispered to herself peacefully. A playful giggle echoed out in the hallway. Paige bolted up in bed, she entered the hallway and saw right at the very end of it a girl no older then five. She was dressed in her finest white satin party dress. No girls dressed like this anymore, it looked like something out of a photograph. In her little fingertips she carried a bright, round ball. She giggled more and scrambeled from sight. "Wait, little girl!" Paige cried. She sprinted down the halls looking for the strange little girl. It suddenly dawned on her that the hallways had become old and decrepit. She reached and old wooden door with two narrow windows to the side of it. She realised where she was instantly. She spun around and saw the old staircase and the entrance to the living room. Paige was surely in the old Elm Street house. "Hehe...." a soft voice giggled some more from the door to the basement. "It's okay, relax......" Paige told herself as she descended the stairs. She reached the bottom and found the little girl bouncing her ball next to an old, rusty, iron furnace. The old room traced Paige's eyes to a dark hallway, it reminded her of something from a midevil castle. "One, two Freddy's coming for you...." the girl sang. The sound of footsteps sunk through the floor and down to the basement. "Run." the girl instructed. A shadow loomed over the face of the girl, Paige twirled around. "Krueger!" she screamed. But it wasn't the Freddy she knew. He had morphed himself into a great, big, burnt spider. It's drolling fangs ready to pierce Paige's skin. She spun around, the girl was gone. The Freddy-Spider crawled after her, Paige screamed and ran as fast as she could, the scuttiling sound of the spider drawing nearer..........

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Paige sprinted bare feet through the neverending tunnel. It was dark, damp and very rocky, but she didn't dare slow down. She could hear Freddy's snarls and all of his eight legs from not far behind. Just when Paige was about to give up hope she reached a small opening in the wall. Without hesitating, the young girl clambered in through the opening. It was very dark and small, but Paige keeped shuffling as far away from the nightmarish-spider as she could. A bubbling sound echoed through the opening, Paige turned and saw the Freddy-spider melting! no, not melting, morphing! his skin bubbled and dripped like candle wax, his legs evaperated and his many eyes gurgled into two narrow eyes with red slits for the pupil. Using his possesive power power, Freddy had turned himself into a gigantic, long, burnt snake. Spikes had erupted from it's blistered back and giant fangs had slipped out from it's gums. Slowly and sleekly, the snake squeezed itself into the opening. Paige screamed and carried on, she could hear the dirty great brute slithering along behind her. After a couple of seconds Paige reached another opening. A dull moonlight filtered the inclosed tunnel. Paige peeked her head out and her jaw dropped open. She must be millions of feet up high. All Paige could see was a few puffy clouds, and a dull, muddy ground far below which seemed to stretch out for all enternity. Paige looked back and saw the snake closing in, she made her choice. She jumped out and plumeted thousands of feet, the wind howled in her ears and blew back her long brown hair. She needed help, she shut her eyes tight and opened her mouth wide. "SEAN!!!!!" she screamed. Back in reality, Sean lay snoozing peacefully under his blankets. But the mattress gave way and he fell right into Paiges nightmare. The two teenagers fell side-by-side. Paige reached out and grabbed Eric's hand. Both were reaching the ground with increasing speed. Far below them, giant spikes emerged from the ground, Freddy stood between them smiling, his sharp, yellow teeth bared. "Paige if you pulled me in then pull us both out now!" Sean commanded. Paige shut her eyes once more and concentrated on her room. Both Paige and Sean disintigrated in a whisp of smoke, right as a pike pierced Sean's skin by a millimeter. "Noooooo!" Freddy cried. "They're mine! I had them both! it's not fair!" he howled. Sean woke up back in his hospital bed, shaking and covered in sweat. He examined his stomach and saw a small bloody spot were the spike had pierced it back in the nightmare.

"Have you done that before? called somebody into your dreams?" Sean sat down next to Paige in the cafeteria. In was a sunny morning and both the two had refused to get back to sleep after last night's events. "When I was a little girl, around six, whenever I had a nightmare I would pull in my Dad and get him to help me......"
"You did!?" asked Sean, shocked that this was real, but then again, someone trying to kill him in his dreams wasn't any weirder. "Yeah, but then my Dad died and my Mom re-married." Paige said, this was true, the Dad at her home on Elm Street was only her step-father. "That's really amazing." Sean complemented.
"Thanks, but what are we going to do about Freddy?" she asked.
"I have a plan, but I warn you, it's quiet dangerous." Sean warned...........

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It turned out that Sean's plan wasn't as spectacular as Paige had hoped. Infact, it seemed like quiet a stupid and dangerous idea. He recommended Paige going to sleep then try and pull everybody else into her dream. "Someone could get really hurt!" Paige yelled.
"Hey calm down! you can pull us out, remember!?" Sean replied.
"What's the point of going in anyway?"
"To defeat him!"
Paige sighed. There was just no getting through to Sean, in her few days at Roaming Meadows Institute Paige had come to the conculsion that Sean was the most stubborn of the lot. But without hesitation, Kyle, Eric, Jade and Selena had agreed. They were all fasinated when they found out that Paige could pull people into her dreams.
That night Paige headed off to bed earlier then the others. The plan was that she was first to head off, then pull in the others regardless of if they were awake or not. "Just remember,' Sean said to Paige as she headed to her room, 'pull us in as soon as your dream begins."
"But I haven't been able to do that since I was a little girl." Paige warned. "You can do this, you did it last night." Sean tried to comfort her.

Paige snuggled down in her bed, the sheets so warm and comfy. She hated the fact that her dreams were now putting her in physical danger. She loved to dream, well at least she use to anyway.......DRIP, DRIP
It seemed there was a dripping pipe somewhere near Paige. She sat up in bed to listen more closely. Hang on, she wasn't in bed anymore. She laid on a stone-cold metal ramp. Leaky pipes and pounding machinary surrounded the poor girl. It was the boiler room again. Paige slowly descended the ladder close to hear, she kept an ear open for any sign or movement. She found herself quickly infront of a giant, iron door. SSSSSCCCCCRRRREEEEEEEEECCCCCCHHHHH!! this was it. Paige focused on all of her friends and shouted thier name's one by one. "Sean! Eric! Kyle! Selena! Jade! help me please!" It seemed these new 'dream warriors' had not entered Paige's dream like they thought they would. Most of them crashed through rusty pipes or spilled out of boilers. "Owe, my ass......" Kyle joked.
"Sh! he's behind this door." Paige pointed.
"Lets open it." Jade ordered. They all worked together and pushed as hard as they could. The rusty door opened slowly as bits of rust fell off. The doors gave way and showed them a gigantic stadium-sized chamber. It had pillars which had been carved into demon-like faces which rose to support a ceiling lost in darkness. Great big puddles littered the ground. In the middle sat a huge murky pool, the water stirred and throthed. Paige could tell from the look on Sean's face that he regreted the plan he had formulated. A long figure erupted from the waters, making all of the teenagers jump. The creature bared it's razor fangs and roared. It wasn't a normal Freddy. Once again he had transformed himself into a gigantic snake, he had bulging spikes on his back and the top of his head, burnt marks were scattered all over his horrible snout. "It's time to finish what he started." Eric said.
The kids gritted thier teeth, determination was spread over all of thier faces.

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The five teenagers stood thier ground, ready to attack. Freddy swished his massive tail, ready to let them make the first move. "On my signal.'
Sean whispered. "3........2...........-"
"I'm sorry!" Jade cried. She ran towards the wall and sat down, tears streaming from her eyes, her head in her hands. "COWARD!" Selena roared. Unfortunatly none of them were paying any attention to what Freddy was doing. He took his chance and swiped his tail towards the end of the row. His tail collided with Selena's rib, the momentum sent her hurtling into Eric who went flying into the next person. Like dominos, they were all thrown to the cold ground. Paige leaped up and ran at Freddy, she dug her finger-nails into his skin, hacking and slashing violently, burnt flesh clung to her finger-nails. The monster roared in horrible pain, the little brat had damaged one of his eyes and blinded him. Blood poured out of the wound and splashed onto Paige. Now she was going to pay, Freddy swished his tail once more and sent the young girl flying into the wall, rendering her unconcious. "Paige!!" Sean cried. Freddy slithered towards the remaining threesome. Sean acted with the stupidest decision yet, he ran towards Freddy and crawled up on his back, grabbing onto the dirty spikes which flooded his back. Selena covered her ears with her hands, blocking out the cries that surrounded her. This was all just a dream, just a horrible dream. All she wanted to do was wake up back in her bed, safe and sound. Freddy did everything he could to get Sean off his back, but this little $hit was obviously the strongest of the bunch. "Help me!" Sean cried, pulling spikes from Freddy's back and throwing them to the ground far below, blood dribbled everywhere. Eric didn't hesitate, he ran fourth flailing his fists madly into Freddy's body. Eric fought tooth, nail, fists and legs. Freddy howled his beastial rage, trying desperatly to beat these new dream-teens who were actually stupid enough to think they could beat him. "If you can't stand the heat, get off my back!" he laughed. Sean's hands began to tingle, to burn. Steam issued from the demons back. Sean cried in pain and gave up, he fell towards the ground with increasing speed, when him and the ground met the chamber echoed with a sickening crunch. Sean lay, gasping for breath. Eric still did all he could to hold up against Freddy. But Freddy had been doing this sought of thing for a long time, he had killed many strong teenagers before and none of these ones were any different. Even if they did manage to beat him he would find a way back from Hell. He was contagious, like a virus, there was no getting rid of him. Sure he came across a few exceptions every now and then, some kid who had mastered the techniques of Freddy's world, but everytime some smart-mouth b!tch did kill him, he always found a way back. The evil snake picked a screaming Eric up in his mouth, drool covered the poor boy as he became lodge in Freddy's razor fangs, only to match were the blades that sat on the 'normal' Freddy's blistered fingers. The teeth pierced the teenagers skin, warm blood oozed down Freddy's throat. Just as he began devouring the boy something surprisingly heavy collided with side of Freddy's snout, the object fell to the floor and crumbeled into countless pieces. It was a rock. "Hey! ugly!" it seemed that Paige was up and kicking, aswell as sporting a few wounds. Freddy knew who he wanted, the girl, she was the ring-leader, bring one down, bring em' all down. He dropped Eric from his mouth, he fell to the floor covered in blood and as motionless as death, a giant tooth which had un-lodged itself from Freddy's gums lay beside him. Freddy slithered towards Paige, his fangs bared and ready to attack. She braced herself, thinking up a back-up plan incase anything went wrong. Any second now, her plan would come into action.........he was getting closer........closer.......NOW! Paige withdrew two spikes from behind her back and through them like spears at the sick, dream freak. Her aim was perfect, the spikes jabbed thier way through his skin, blood covered the rocky ground, the room was filled with his cries. But it wasn't over yet. Freddy began to take on a form easier to use. His snake image began to shrink until he was finally the man they all knew, the disfigured man with a dark-brown hat, red and green sweater and razor-fingers. "Ahhhh.......that's better." he grumbeled. He snapped his fingers and room melted into something just as familiar, the boiler room. Sean grabbed an abandoned pipe which lay near a boiler, he snuck up behind him ready to attack. With all his might, Sean swung the pipe like a baseball bat. Freddy spun around with perfect timing and grabbed the pipe in his hands. "I've been in this game a long time a$$hole!" he smacked Sean across the face with his ordinary hand, Sean went flying up against the wall, blood trickling down his forehead. "No!!" Paige cried. In a whisp of smoke, Freddy evaporated and re-appeared behind her. He grabbed her by her night-shirt and through her into Sean, both of them lay together on the floor. " sweet" he mocked. His shadow looming over them, he raised his deadly glove. Just when he was ready to bring it down on them he was impaled with a rusty old spike. He turned his neck ever so slightly and saw the other girl.......Jade. "Thank you Jade.........." Paige whispered. "Don't try b!tch!" Freddy swore. He grabbed the spike which ran through his back and out the other end and yanked it out. Jade was next, his knives cut into her stomach like butter, blood poured from her pyajamas. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Paige cried. Selena gasped for air until she vanished into a puff of smoke, she was dead. The rest of the four woke up back in bed with a jolt. "Jade, no!" Paige yelled throughout the darkness of her room. Selena, Sean, and Paige were afraid of what the nurses would find when they went to wake up Jade. Eric was hopefully okay.

More later.

You did a great job capturing Freddy's attitude!

Thanks, sorry I haven't posted anything in like a month, I thought you had stopped reading. I'll try and add some more as soon as I can, I just have exams but they end in a couple of days, so I'll post it then.

hey,i'm back.Sorry it's been a while since we talked.Can't wait for the next bit!

Woah! a lot of this has slipped my mind and I've forgot about it! It's the holidays down here and I'm at my cousins house in the South Island (I live in the North Island). I'll post some when I go back home in a couple of days, I'll post the movie poster too! wink

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