The Shawshank Redemption

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I think this is one of the BEST movies ever. I had to have seen it over 10 times and everytime i still get chills during the quotes at the end of the movie. Its just amazing.

Just wish TNT and FX woundn't air it every other night sad

I love the movie but its always on tv.

Kinda like TBS showing The Beastmaster in the early-mid 90's like every freakin day.

Yeah, it's always on, kinda lessens the movie a little.

Its a fantastic movie.

It's always on, but I'll always at least watch a little of it when I come across it.

Red Superfly
I watched this movie on a "there's nothing else on" notion.

Didn't have a clue what it was about - ended up thinking it was one of the coolest films I had ever seen.

I agree, it seriously seems like it is on every night.

Jedi Priestess
There's always the option of not watching it everyday you guys.
but I agree it's simply one of THE best movies around.

I had to study this movie in english class last term. Pure brilliance!

BOPRecruit 16
i saw this movie over the weekend a couple times over, and i totally loved the story, cinmeatography, and characters. since stephen king has writing credit to this movie, is there a novelization version of this movie?

it has one of the best story lines ever and add that to great acting and good production its a classic

Yes 'The Shawshank Redemption' has to be one of my favorite movies. I have also studied it in English. And it's disappointing that it gets over-played on TV.

I have noticed the DVD is always a lot more expensive than other DVDs. Although the current DVD should go down in price as I think a new special edition DVD version is coming out soon.

I feel it's very overrated but still very good, i kind of perfer " The Green Mile" over Shawshank any time even though i wanna get the 2-Disc Shawshank DVD.

The movie wasn't suppose to be an academy award nominee OK, it's suppose to be a CULT movie ok like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, end of story.

The Redeemer
SHAWSHANK is a great film...but why the makers couldn't leave the original Stephen King novella title RITA HAYWARD AND THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION smacks of underestimating the audience's IQ... miffed

great my top 10

I got mine for four pounds. But yes, obviously the ten year anniversary edition will be more expensive!

yeah great film in my top ten lists

i wanna try and get the book

The film keeps the book's line where Red says, "maybe it's because I'm Irish," despite the fact that Morgan Freeman is playing him! big grin

The book its in is called Stephen kings different seasons and the story is called Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank redemption the book also includes The body (the stand) and apt pupil. And the running man is in the bachaman books its called something like the long run.

Top ten flick for sure. If you ever have a dark period in your life, pop this film in - It gives new meaning to the word hope .


i like the is very powerful

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