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So what do you think of your parents?

(If you are a parent, then...what do you think of your kids?)
Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

total nettlehead
my dad is cool yes

my mom doesnt like me, and i dont like her no2

my parents are the best parents anyone could have. My dad works his butt off day in and day out to provide for me and my mom will do anything she can to help me when i need it. I love my parents to death...

^he said mine except its my step-mom......i luv my real momlovehug

Umm...I'm adopted...but my adoptive mom is a *bleeeeeeeeeeeep*...and my adoptive dad is okay but sometimes is too overprotective...*coughhe'swackocough*

i hate my parents!

Twin B!tch 1
i don't really get on with my mom but she raised me on her own for almost 15 years now and i love her for that big grin My dad left before i was born, F*CKIN A-HOLE mad


Twin B!tch 1
big grin

i wove u hun big grin

poor Abby

Parents -I hated my parents when I lived with them but love to bits now that they cant interfere in my life.
Kids - They have their moments what more can I say...


hi Baylin! come to the guys night out plzzzzzzzzzz

lol stop harrasing the guy

My dad's a shit... He left when I was two no expression
My mom's brought me up all my life and has always cared for me no matter how hard she's had to struggle, I love and respect her for that smile

Twin B!tch 1
just like me....... *hugs*


Twin B!tch 1
big grin *hugs for korri too*

total nettlehead
you know what always makes me laugh?



nuthing blink

I love my mom but my dad f***ed off when i was 4 my moms got married again but i don't like him.

wacko I despise my parents.

Mr. Bacon
i dont mind mine

They are ok. My mother is cool and she is my friend. I don't get along that much with my father.

Excuse me if I misunderstood that..."going out with him"...?


I fixed it, I was typing something else and I pasted here confused Sorry

s'ok, it just confused me. It happens all the time.

total nettlehead
thumb up

parents think they know everything when they don't miffed

no parents do they say we had to go through the same things when we were kids but everything has changed

ah shutup jones your parents are cool folks

I get along okay with my mom, we clash a lot but I still respect her a lot. I hate my father though...loooong story that I don't want to go into. Thankfully he left when I was 8 so I don't have to put up with him if I don't want to.

steely balls
i love my parents, but it all depends on how i see it. i generally understand why my parents get angry, sometimes it has to do with the stupidest crap. But thats generally if they have a bad day. But my parents are cool as hell.

basically, i love my parents simply because i know that i would never put up with the Sh!t i put them thru, n they're cool through any crap i give em...
n they buy me crap all the time...
but they're pretty good parents anyway...yeah, ok, i luv em jus cuz

I like my mom and dad...even though sometimes they could piss me the hell off

I still luv em!

My dad is the greatest thing that has walked this earth. I cant say the same for my mother thoughsmile

my parents are ok, but they are way over protective

Fallen Jedi
mine are pretty cool.

I wish Xena fan's parents could see the shit she's writing about everyone, maybe they could convince her to shut her freckin mouth.

my father.......
lets just say to me i rather have no parents...

my mom .......grrrr she bugs dad is cool expect when he is favoring my stooopid little eight year old being first born suxs !!!

i slayed buffy
ther ok i guess

my mom is controling and trys too hard but i still love dad is just lovelly

my parent's divorced. but it was for the best

My parents divorced when I was 18, my Dad married a girl 6 months older than me. I love my Mum to pieces and I love my kids to the moon and back.

Tired Hiker
Do you have space suits? confused

Yes of course, doesn't everyone?

Tired Hiker
I'm waiting for the prices to go down.

I think you'll find that space suits go up before they go down.

Tired Hiker
depends on whose wearing it and if they're willing to go down . .. .erm

chicken fish
well my dad gives me no encouragement in anything i like to do....only things he finds interesting and my mum is good to talk to. plus she can cook

Space suits still need gold don't they? confused

Tired Hiker
depends on if it's for a space pimp.

I love my mom to death, she works her butt off for me and my brother! angel My dad's a pimp

All these pics are annoying. Anyway, my mom thinks she is Hitler, for she wants us to do what she says how she says and do what she wants. And I'm like "Forget you " and she's like "your not going to succeed in life" which is a lie since I have a 3.5 GPA and a scholarship to several colleges and i'm still in highschool.

my dad is long gone. hasnt been in my life since a lil after i turned 7 (sum of u know y) my mom hates me we used ta fite all da time but den she kicked me out and now i live wit my cuzin and her finacee and they r kick a$$ ta live wit so if i can call them my parents they're f*ckin awesome but if we're takin real parents yea ummmm yuck

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