The Matrix Online- Having fun? Or playing soldier?

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Well, I am definetly getting this game and I will definetly be hooked to it. But, there are two aspects to the game. To continue the plot and keep the truce going between humans and machines. Or, it is just an endless sprwal to explore, and meet other people. Then there are jokers....which I will eventually do sometime...who will just screw around...

Have any of you seen Red Vs. Blue, where they make a plot out of the Blood Gulch multiplayer level from Halo? I was thinking about doing something like that for Matrix Online.

I'm trying to enlist people who want to join in

no expression??

Red Vs Blue is HILARIOUS...but i don't think TxO will be as funny...maybe, but i dunno.

RvB kicks ass stick out tongue although I have yet to see all of them erm

the matrix online will fail miserably...too big of an undertaking w/o the limits that should have been set, like no admittance w/o a high speed (100k+) internet connection...

actually, they are trying to make it so that even dial up users will be able to use it. I don't know if they will be able to do it, but they are basically trying to make the packets smaller to be more efficient.

dont u have to pay a monthly fee for matrix online?

yes you do...

well i might buy this game but untill i get unaddicted 2 diablo lod im not taking any chances on wasting my money

Can't wait...

when is it coming out ?

january i think

can someone post a link to this red vs. blue thing? it is a movie, right?

I am in beta and the game seems to be doing fine as far as lag issues go compared to other games that I have played that are supposed to run on dial-up connections. Plus the combat and alot of other things are better than alot of the other MMO's on the market.


i think that is correct.

i heard the monthly fee is going to be $30 for the first few months. Anyone else know about the fee? I mean i would probably pay $10 and that is pushing it, but $30 DAMN

Where did you hear that, I heard it was 15 dollars and I think that is the standard price for MMO's monthly nowadays.

yeah...they wouldnt make it 30, anyways i decided early on not to do the beta.....when i begin, i want it to be the first live, clean version...

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