Resevoir Dogs Mixups

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Okay Ive been reading these threads and some of you people have your facts mixed up.

Nice Guy Eddie. Mr. White shot him. First shot Joe, then shot Eddie before Eddie shot him. Joe never fired a shot.

Mr. Pink. You hear him get gunned down outside. So he doesnt get away with the diamonds.

Mr. Brown. Shot by the fuzz. Mr. White personally saw it happen, says so in the movie.

Mr. Orange. Is actually talking to those cops in the bathroom. Someone said he wasnt. Blah blah blah.

Not that I care or would make a big deal about it......

1) Joe did fire a shot at Mr. Orange. Whether it hit him or not is moot, since Mr. White shot Mr. Orange a few minutes later anyway. We know Mr. White shot Eddie with his second shot (technically), but that it's difficult to tell because Chris Penn's squib went off prematurely.

2) We don't see what happens to Mr. Pink, but we do hear the cops telling him to freeze and put his hands up, etc, and Mr. Pink saying "Don't shoot".

3) Mr. Orange is NOT talking to the cops in the bathroom during his flashback. He is narrating the story in the setting of his own (constructed) memory. Remember, he couldn't have really been talking to the cops because THAT STORY NEVER HAPPENED!

4) Yeah, we know Mr. Brown was shot by the cops. Mr. Blue was killed too, according to Joe.

5) If anyone on these boards said something that wasn't accurate about what happened in any film (or any other discrepancy you find), DEAL WITH IT! You've been here for one day, and you can't seem to stop bitching at people for liking Tarantino too much or Leone too little. There are lots of great directors who don't have their own sections here. If you have that much of a problem with it, go somewhere else.

Diverse opinions are welcome here, but in the words of Sgt. Hulka, "Lighten up, Francis!"

Darth Sauron
If you listen really hard, or put subtitles on, the police, who at first start shouting aggresively, begin to talk more calmly to mr orange, as if he is co-operating, after all, there are no shots fired after orange is told to 'drop the gun' so im assuming, that is all, that he is co-operating with the police and disarming, the poor guy probably got the blame for the deaths in the warehouse too.

Darth Sauron
I beg to differ

Read my explanation.

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