is speling impourtent?

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do you spell out what you post, or talk like an AOLer?

i alternate between them, but i usually type things out.

how bout u?

I dont really try to spell correctly

And I usually forget about all the .,:' etc

nie, pisownia nie jest wazna

i try not to spell wrong. i hate people who don't care about it, i don't understand them cry

Flying High
i depends who im talking to.....i either write text form or normal without punctuation and like oo insted of ou and stuff....

i don't understand english anyway so i don't care

sometimes i leave out letters to type faster, as i normally type slowly

what -> wat

stuff like that

clov -> stick out tongue



If anybody has to put the EFFORT into typing words like boy, by, sexy, and turning them into boi, bi, sexi, and anything like that, intentionally taking out the 'y' for an 'i', then they are completely and udderly retarted. Not only does it NOT look cool, but it makes everyone want to severely injure you.

i see no point in changing letters like that, i just leave some out so it dosent take me so long to type

Some people experience pain as pleasure

*hug* erm

Good. Irrational use of "x", "z", and "i" are beyond annoying and is one of my extreme peeves.

Tari Ringeril
I am so used to being proper.....makes me a big English dork.

i'm putting spaces kinda randomnly and later correcting them erm

I try and use grammar/english correctly... Dunno why(excpet for words like dunno)

i couldnt spell to save my life, so i dont really care, but i prefer to spell words out, even f i dont know how to spell them, ill give it a try, cause i hate when people say "m8" instaed of mate, and stuff

what is cheech's last name!?

i like to spell correctly.

so yes spelling is important.

its good.
but i don't really like spelling things out.

M8 is okay in my book

I like to spell correctly alot yes I will leave out punctuation when talking fast (like on MSN or something) or texting, and maybe letters to words but I try to type out properly yes

Silver Stardust
It drives me crazy when people don't bother to spell words out or use correct punctuation. I almost always do, even when I'm on AIM or MSN.

Spelling is important; capitalization, not so much; but what pisses me off most is when people just forget punctuation and make a huge run-on sentence a page long.

Yeah, exectement ^^^

Agent Elrond
there is a spell check here. If u misspell big words, but it's still understandable, then it's OK. typo's are ok, as long as they're not too bad. I switch between using u and you, are and r.

d same big grin

Precisely yes
It's not that difficult to put a period at the end roll eyes (sarcastic)
At least then it's readable erm

Royal Knight
sometimes it is important to spell right

MC Mike
I hate those people that forget about the period, use more than three exclamation points, don't put a space after the comma, or use inappropriately placed letters, like JKozzy said, "boi" or "lolz". erm

I dont on the internet as much, because I'm typing fast. Plus I'm talking to a lot of people at once, so its hard to bother with spelling/grammer

Same here. yes That's one of the things that annoys me the most. I hate it when people say something like "u" instead of "you," or "nvm" instead of "nevermind," or "g2g" instead of "got to go." Even if you're a slow typer, that gives you no excuse. stick out tongue I always use proper grammar and spell words correctly and use the right punctuation and everything. But, then again, I type really fast. My average is around 90 words per minute. My slowest is 82 and my fastest is 150 or higher. roll eyes (sarcastic) So, compared to most people I know, I type about three to four times their speed. laughing out loud I've always been like that. But even if I was a slow typer, I'd still take the time to spell the words out and such. It just bugs me when people don't do that...Even on this forum, they do it. confused You're not in an IM and you have an edit button, for Christ's sake! stick out tongue

A little bit of both.

it pisses me off when people don't take the time to spell correctly, and especially when they use the wrong homonym, like they say "there cat" instead of "their cat"...Spelling and grammar are very important, and i view anyone that doesn't care to make sure they do it right as not caring about their language.

I try to type out stuff correctly but on my aol instant messages i can never be bothered

on MSN i cant be bothered with spelling

If I read a message and I understand it in one read, then its okay

i think it is some ppl*cough*Monkeynipples*cough*
but i know what pp are talking about even if is not spelt right.

its a wlel konwn fcat taht spleilng inst vrey ipronmtat alsnog as the frsit and lsat ltteres are in the rghit pacles, bceuase the mnid olny raeds the frist and lsat ltteers of a wrod, not the wlhoe thnig!

you should be able to read that at full speed...

is aslong one word? Serious question

ive always used it as one word...but i dont actually think it is, haha!

Well, thats the only word I couldnt read at normal speed

yea, i think its 2 words...sorry, but you get the idea haha wink


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