I'm disgusting.

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Tired Hiker
I was lighting my farts at a bar the other night. People were cracking up like crazy. I'm not proud though. sad

Ur right...u are disgusting messed
Although that is quite funny

Tired Hiker
It's actually not disgusting when you think about it. If you light your farts, they don't smell. See?

sickley in lurv
OMG!!! Gotta try that!!! It is sorta disgusting, but at least ur friedns don't shove HP wands up their nose as far as it goes (2.7 Inches!!! Thats' rong) ur perfectly normal compared to my life

blink are you ok preston?

hmmm im not really interested

Agent Elrond
that's wierd


Agent Elrond
very messed sick

I know someone who did that, he lit is arse on fire. that had to hurt

lol, now that would be entertainment laughing out loud

nice messed

So what kind of flame do you get from that?

It's not exactly like in dumb and dumber....is it?

oh, and you're a hairy freak! didn't you singe your butt hair?

Agent Elrond
i think it's a quick, small flame. i never seen anyone did, luckily

laughing that reminded me of a story my father-in-told me once . when he was in the coast guard he and some buddies where doing the same thing to fight boredom...

well somehow , never heard of this before , his friend who was in position went fart and instead his butt sucked in air instead of blowing out air... messed

well you can imagine what came next.....he didnt do that anymore wink

Phoenix Song
laughing out loud

Disgusting, TH? roll eyes (sarcastic)

anyone who is into Harry Potter is--as you say it--"rong".

hmm, lighting farts? is that safe, because in south park, when kenny lit a fart, he blew up into flames and died

Fallen Jedi
laughing that reminds me of someone...

sort of. laughing

Conan O Brien is the greatest show...

And TH man, that's awesome. I seriously need to try it.

Tired Hiker
Be careful if you light your farts! I do it, but I don't condone it. erm (disclaimer wink )

That's ****ing awesome.

Tired Hiker
smile It's an art, you know. wink

TH I'm proud of you.

Mighty Yoda
well done

bring back dukes777 and gorilamanx

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