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Hey the new movie hitch from will smith looks pretty good.

i just watched a trailer for this yesterday.. it may be kinda funny.. but i doubt itll be too good, it takes a lot from a romantic comedy for me to like it... looks like a renter

it could be good, just depends on how they do it. I think Will could do a good job. And Eva is hot anyways...

could be funny . . .

yeah it could be, I just hope they don't make it to unbelievable

Norma Jean
Man, I thought it was great. I've seen it twice now. I love Will Smith. smile

Awesome movie

rajah kalantiaw
it was cool. the pace kinda slowed down in the middle and towards the end though. funny sh!t never-the-less.

gonna see it saturday its great to see will smith do somthing else besides action movies

haven't seen it...saw some trailers though

Saw the trailer for this one last night, I really want to see it, looks like a good watch.

I want to see this movie but I don't know if I will ever get the chance.

what's this movie even about???

I hate Will Smith, therefore Im not seeing it.

^ why do u hate will smith, i think he's pretty cool

Ill see what i can remember form the trailer:

Will smith play this date counselor dude named hitch (suprised eh?), and he helps lots of men get dates, until he meets this one woman (cant remember the actress), and he finds that all his techniques he teaches others dont work on her.

its something like that, someone else could probably explain it better!

Has anyone been to see it yet, Im thinking about going on Thur? Is it any good?

I saw it and it is awesome. Loved every minute of it.

jnr hiphop
I watched it.. it wasnt as good as i expected.. but it was pretty good..

I am still yet to see this movie, i really want to, got to see the big willie style in action.

I think it comes out on DVD this month

sweet, now only if i had money...

jnr hiphop
coming out this month? is that in america?

yeah, i just saw a commercial for it....

main reason to see this? eva mendes. wow.

jnr hiphop
LoL.. guess it will take long for it to come out here.. in Australia..

I'm seeing this film tonight. Is it good or bad?

jnr hiphop
Did you like it?

It was fairly good overall.

comes out on June 14th, I am gonna get it!

Will Smith is Jive Turkey and i refuse to spend 8-10 bucks to watch him frolic like a focking idiot macking on girls and getting lumps on his face. I'll save my money for Beef JERKAY!

jnr hiphop

i went to see this movie with a guy who liked me so we started makin out and i klinda missed the movie... but what i did see i guess it was good... not the best though

definitely not the best. I absolutely love Will Smith, and really liked his other movies, like Men in Black and Independence Day, but man, Hitch was terrible.

Good movie to watch if you want to make out, though, since you're not missing anything. ;D

BOPRecruit 16
i loved hitch. great, strong, plot and characters. best comedy movie that i have ever seen. rarely do i see a comedy movie done this well. i gave it five stars on my xanga. gonna get this on dvd for sure! eek!

jnr hiphop
Wow. You really thought it was the best comedy youve ever seen?

Looks like it's going to be really good

I saw Hitch, I thought it was funny. Will has some hot moves!

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