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I've just had my first driving lesson big grin

You'll be glad to know I didn't crash stick out tongue

I am glad you don't live near me...we don't need no crazy drivers here.

i passed my driver's test with less than 2 hours of driving experience

sad god i have had a year +months worth of driving lessons and they havent put me in for ym test...

I'm still working on mine

Silver Stardust
I've got my license!!!!

I've only had it since April, though....mad

Driving's fun happy

Agent Elrond
damn, in NY, u need 20 hours of certified driving before u can get ur liscene, that sucks

this guy i know (hesistate to refer to him as a friend) is 22 and he still doesn't have his license.

I find it hard to believe there are people in Southern California without a license. even if he doesn't have a car to use....

yay..go you...i get my license in about 7 months...i cant wait..

i have to wait another year cause my birthday wasnt before the cut off for drivers ed. sad

I got my license a while back.....a year...or so.

I can't wait until I move up from provisional license to normal evil face

I startd driving about a month ago after i got my permit...it's the best, now my parents let me drive everywhere and i'm pretty damn good smile if i must say so myself. I can't wait to get my first car (2005 ford mustang in red)...and i can't wait to go to motorcycle driving school and get myself a kawasaki Ninja...woohoo!

Yeh, driving rocks. big grin People give shit to P plate drivers in Aus though, and cops are biast. :9

I really don't like driving. I take my drivers test next year

next year im gonna do mine next april

I've had my license for about a month and a half now.

I took my permit test and 2 weeks later I got my license. big grin

smile my parents wont put me on the liecence til i have past my test .... apparently its not that they dont trust me driving it is cheaper whenur a valid driver... god it sux

how old are u now

Thats great hun!

Let me know when the next one is so I can stay indoors! stick out tongue

How'd you get on?

good for you hug

Mighty Yoda
well done

It's next monday stick out tongue

I got on OK, stalled once doing a kinda U-turn, and stayed abit close to the hedges. 1st lesson and I have to drive down a back road roll eyes (sarcastic)

Mighty Yoda
i don't drive yet

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