Anyone here a Satanist?

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darkcrown expression

no, are you? no expression

I don't discucc my religion on the internet. no expression

I'm a fatalist, if anyone cares eek!

..didn't think so.

Sorry, discuss. Anywho, I'm a "Buddi-Antibiblicist"

i have never heard of that

It means that I belive in the teachings of Buddha along with the teachings of the bible but I'm Anti Biblicist meaning I belive what I truly think happened and somtimes not what it says in the bible. I also belive that Hell and Satan aren't real people. They are symbols of human suffering and greed.

no.....but they have cool looking hoods.

Lord Soth
I'm an agnostic nihilist

MC Mike
I believe in "MC Mike kicks ass"-ism

no expression You do that

same here

i like fire

fire is good specially when it is on little animals laughing

Darth Revan
Buddhism is the path of those who are righteous. closedeyes

No, I'm not a satanist, but I like their music eek! devil2

Buddism zhah whol lil naut'kyn stick out tongue

Royal Knight

im quite gothic and love heavy music n stuff but i wouldn't go so far as to call myself a satanist. im just your friendly neighbourhood random goth big grin

Gory Game Lover
I follow every religion exept satanism. wink I think all religions are what they believe,and God is our lord. smile

Darth Revan
Yo Oreb, xuat telanth d' vel'bol dos h'ros kampi'un
Ka dos tried ulu screa d' Buddhism, dos orn'la probably frin'kla dosst adrenal gland
Dos fridj natha blindfolded sheep following l' herd
Y'all xuat rytho'le ulu telanth d' religion, xuat morfeth uns'aa sic ussta raptorial suru

no expression

big grin i understand it well stick out tongue duhhhh meditation... stick out tongue

the cycle is never ending though and peace found in endless perfection is rather limited sad

Darth Revan
No, that's Hinduism. Shakyamuni was born Hindu, and he wanted to break the endless cycle of death and rebirth. If you understood Buddhism, you would know that it's not for the blind, it's quite the opposite... Anybody can see the logic in it. That's why I like it, you don't have to have "faith" to see that there is truth in it. You don't have to believe everything about it, that's a big part of it... I don't. I don't believe in reincarnation, and I don't believe that there is such a thing as "right thought". And also, you can be both Buddhist and some other religion.

Prayer does essentially the same thing as meditation. It calms your mind. Seriously dude, next time you decide to diss another religion, at least learn about what it entails.

doh srry i got hindu and buddism mixed up sad sorry about that messed the two reilgion differ a bit and hindu is rather tetious

I am Christian and everything you said is true smile

lil bitchiness
Buddhism is the greatest philosophy of life....ever droolio

Darth Revan
Yeah droolio

mc pee pants
i'm not a satanist. but i'll show you my new smiliepeepantsflash

Darth Revan
shocking That should be illegal

mc pee pants
this one should be illegal hoover

I just had a seizure droolio

Darth Revan
No, 'cos if you're epileptic the rainbow one could kill you droolio

mc pee pants

have another one droolio


shiney droolio

Yes, I'm a satanist. And by that I mean - No I'm not a satanist. Why the hell would you start a thread asking for other peoples religion if you aren't willing to discuss your own?

Tired Hiker
I like songs about satan.

I never seen the God named MC Mike kick ass so i dont belive in it no expression

Then againk you've never seen any God.

i dont worship anything.

I'm a scary Satanist.

I voted for that one...but in all actuality I am athiest.


omg thats so true.....cry

This is a ****ed up thread.

Mr Zero
I've taken part in some rituals that some people would describe as Satanist and still observe some traditions that you also find in Satanisms creed. I'd no more call myself a "Satanist" because of that than i would describe myself as a "voter" because i vote in elections.

For a start you have to be more specific about what you mean by Satanist - it covers a lot of ground. Mostly these days it refers to Anton LaVeys brand of Satanism which has nothing whatsoever to do with the Christian idea of the devil and mostly concerns itself with pre-christian nature worship.

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